Character Boards

What are character boards?

  • A board per character that provides them with small improvements across their entire kit

  • There are 3 sections of the board, one section each tied to Skill 1, Skill 2, & EX

  • To complete the Skill 1 & Skill 2 sections, you are required to have crystal 55 & 60 AND 15cp & 35cp weapon passives respectively.

  • The last 1/3 of each character's board requires EX+ 3/3 to unlock it fully

  • It costs 5,000 Character Board Points to fully complete / master a character's board

How do you earn points for character boards?

  • Each new piece of content (Character Event, new Lost Chapter, campaigns, raids, summon events, story chapters) will let you earn a maximum of 5,000 character board points which can be used on any character's board. Old LCs/content do not apply.

  • Content will show a blue star icon indicating your progress toward the maximum character board point total for that content

  • You can rerun stages in order to reach the maximum point total, if you struggle with the most difficult stages

When do characters gain access to their character board?

  • The first wave of boards are for all protagonists in the Entropy Order EX Shop that already have their EX+

  • New character boards are released when their EX+ realization is released or reruns (only as part of a new character event)

  • Infographics will note at the bottom if a character's board is included, otherwise their board summary will be at the top of their page with a link to DissidiaDb to see the entire details of a board.

Below is a list of only the initial character boards released, so you can easily decide where you may want to spend your points early on.

Special thank you to Rem & DissidiaDb for all of the information below!

Character Board Details by Toku Bap#1503

  • Do note that characters have their character board improvements included in their infographics since July 2020

Character Boards