FR Guide

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Weapon Equip Order:

UW > BT+ > FR > BT > EX+

Force Weapons, Force Enhancements & Force Gauge Mechanics

(Sorry for so many words)

Rem's Amazing Character list showing FR conditions!

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Shinryu TL;DR

  1. Take turns normally or use a gauge charger

  2. When Gauge is almost full make sure you're setup or setting up AAs, Calls, BT effects

  3. When Gauge is full and buffs/calls/BT effects are in place press the FR skill you'd like to use

  4. During FR phase, fulfill the FR's condition (listed below) as best as possible to get as much damage as possible in the 10T window

    • You can choose to use Burst Phase during Force Time OR rely on strong off-turn damage (counters/traps) as enemy turns will not lower your Force Time turns but can raise certain FR conditions!

Extra Tips:

  • When using BT, save the hardest hitting moves until the end to benefit from the highest Force HP DMG Bonus!

  • Units at FE30 who use non-attacking skills will boost any gauge by 50% along with any conditions they meet!

  • Looking for how to budget your enhancement points with the addition of Force Enhance? Check out Enhancement Points!

FAQ: "How do we get ultima cores now as F2P now that all units have C90?"

A : 6 Warrior quests (100), new releases (15), End of Act 3 (50*), MAAAAYBE a campaign for a few

SQEX's Explanation

For good synergies, look at Compendiums Force Time page!