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It's time to BREAK some wind!

Fujin gets her FR that will blow you away! Caius gets his C90 to see with his special eyes!

New Force Weapons and Shinryu difficulty!

Read up on the new gacha weapons and a brief introduction to the difficulty here:

FR Guide & Shinryu Studies

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Site Last Updated: August 8, 2022

Divine Odin Synergy with Gabranth BT/FR Debut!

Make sure to bring Gabranth, Layle, Sazh, Paine, Steiner or Rude to farm!

  • Fastest and "budget" time: ~58s with Tidus 5/5 UW & FR, 2 synergy

    • Unequip Tidus' BT finisher, S2 and EX skills

    • (Sacrifice 1 synergy slot for more runs, but faster clears)

  • Least runs time: ~1m 37s

    • (Gabranth FR + Layle + Rude/Paine/Steiner, Comfy Auto+)

*Both equipped with UW 5/5 swords, passives, allies, armors and loading times may vary your personal clear times

Transcendence Guides

How to Read Infographics

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  • Overloaded as a new player? See basic priorities for yourself, what to do, and more importantly, what not to do!

  • Understand how to effectively strengthen your roster!

  • Check out the Glossary for the game's fundamental mechanics, community terminology and how/where to find certain materials!

  • View all expected banners from now until 8 months from now!

  • See upcoming weapons and reworks for each character on it!

  • Get details on upcoming additions to the game, such as new difficulties, characters, weapons and event formats!

  • Access a resource planner to plan all of your pulls & realizations!

  • Ongoing research project covering all Lufenia+ difficulty stages ever released

  • Helpful boss notes & key characters for every Lufenia & Lufenia+ stages, gathered with extensive collaboration across both GL & JP

  • See the blessing that each summon grants your party and when you might want to use them!

  • View board passive recommendations, and elemental attackers that have different priorities!

  • Centralized place to see all sphere details broken out by letters, conditions and boosts they offer

  • Perfectly tailor your spheres by searching by condition page to help you find very specific spheres such as ones that activate on breaking a target or after dealing weakness damage

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