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Words aren't the only thing that tell people what they're thinking...

so use your gems!

Tifa gets a BURST in power to FORCE rewards into your pocket! Bartz runs away with his head in the clouds, Eight's fancy footwork gets an update and Jack learns a new trade as they all get C90 and reworks!

Transcendence Guides

Brothers Spiritus Appears!

Learn how to leverage Tifa, Jack & Leo then Tifa, Selphie & Bartz for fast Farming and why!

If you want to do it with just one team, opt for Tifa, Kurasame and Relm

(Kura and Relm are not on banners)

(See: Board Farming and Summon Hub for more info)

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No Divine Synergy

Check our Timeline to see when we expect it to return!

(See: Board Farming and Summon Hub for more info)

Force Weapons and Shinryu difficulty!

Read up on the new gacha weapons and a brief introduction to the difficulty here:

FR Guide & Shinryu Studies

How to Read Infographics

Expand to break apart the information presented in the Infographics!

  • Overloaded as a new player? See basic priorities for yourself, what to do, and more importantly, what not to do!

  • Understand how to effectively strengthen your roster!

  • Check out the Glossary for the game's fundamental mechanics, community terminology and how/where to find certain materials!

  • View all expected banners from now until 8 months from now!

  • See upcoming weapons and reworks for each character on it!

  • Get details on upcoming additions to the game, such as new difficulties, characters, weapons and event formats!

  • Access a resource planner to plan all of your pulls & realizations!

  • Ongoing research project covering all Lufenia+ difficulty stages ever released

  • Helpful boss notes & key characters for every Lufenia & Lufenia+ stages, gathered with extensive collaboration across both GL & JP

  • See the blessing that each summon grants your party and when you might want to use them!

  • View board passive recommendations, and elemental attackers that have different priorities!

  • Centralized place to see all sphere details broken out by letters, conditions and boosts they offer

  • Perfectly tailor your spheres by searching by condition page to help you find very specific spheres such as ones that activate on breaking a target or after dealing weakness damage

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