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It's kinda-sorta her time to shine!

Enna Kros comes after giving Omega God a pep talk with her new FR to triple her limits!

Pandemonium Spiritus is Live!

2 Team needed for fastest farming all 9 missions:

1) Raines, Porom & Leila

2) Raines*, Lulu & Xande

*If fully built, Cloud of Darkness can replace Raines in the 2nd team suggestion for more points in Unique / FF 3

No Active Divine Synergy!

Only Divine Odin is left to have his synergy rerun. (Probably late Dec, see our Timeline)

(See: Board Farming and Summon Hub for more info)

ELEMENTAL LOCKOUT! What are they? Why am I doing 1s?

Shinryu Fights for the next few months may have Elemental Lockouts where only specific Elements will be able to do normal BRV DMG and the rest (sometimes even non-elemental damage too) will be reduced 999% (and deal 1 BRV DMG).

Well then how do I do damage then? The easiest way is to obey the asked-for elements, but you can get around that with Rainbows (Cor and Jegran have it for themselves at times, Setzer's LD buff to party can spread it), BRV gains are common as many units have BRV gains based on HP damage in their kit however you can also add Snow or Sherlotta BT effects OR Cait (party) or Alisaie (selfish) LDCAs to units and enable them to do HP damage! Check out our Shinryu Studies for which elements are ok to bring if you want to respect the content or find out if it's ignore mechanics o'clock!

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