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Infographic (August 2021)

Character Notes & Recommendations

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Summon Board Passive selections:

  • Shiva choose 2 / 5 / 7

  • Ramuh choose 2 / 5 / 7

  • Odin choose 3 / 6 / 7

  • Bahamut choose 4 / 5 / 6

  • Usuals:

    • Ifrit, Brothers 4 / 5 / 7

    • Leviathan, Pandemonium, Diabolos, Alexander 4 / 5 / 6

  • For more details and help with summons, check Summon Hub!

Supplementary Notes to the Infographic Analysis:

The infographic covers the key critical points and should be reviewed prior to delving into the in-depth notes

How-To-Play Notes

  • Always open with Tempest for your King’s Shield buff, and the Royal Guard buff for your allies. This skill is mostly used to maintain your buffs.

  • You’ll have an instant turn from your first Tempest, so generally you’ll want to follow up with Impulse to get Gladio’s counters going. In certain quests, you might want to save Impulses for a specific wave or a set of critical thresholds of the battle. Try to maximize this buff as much as possible, so don’t waste turns of it if you are planning to delay enemies or summon. It’s convenient now that Impulse also activates his cover for allies so that you don’t need to choose in the future.

  • This buff is particularly amazing with Keiss’ basic call. If an ally uses Keiss call targeting Gladio, and before Gladio’s next turn, he counters an enemy attack… The next turn your team takes, you will notice that enemies can now be launched. Once Gladio gets his turn, you’ll be able to set up more launches again!

  • Dawnhammer maintains your Crownsguard’s Pride buff, which is the source of your last stand, so don’t let it fall off. This is otherwise a bit better for BRV shaving than Tempest, and is also the source of your mBRV debuff

  • Maelstrom is an excellent BRV shaving skill, but is single target only. It recharges quite slow, needing 3 skill uses to recharge.

  • Don’t forget your AA if you need to heal him quickly, and this is the main reason why Gladio’s Survival Skills artifact is relatively useless for now.

Team Synergy Notes

  • Extend his LD buff with Hope! Other options of older characters that can also do this include Sazh, Eiko, & Yuna.

Sphere Recommendations

NOTE: The sphere letters below are hyperlinked to our Sphere Hub which lists all available spheres sorted by effect!
  • A sphere: Focus completely on BRV DMG & ATK, nothing else matters. Melee/Physical ATK boosts are fine, but not as good as equivalent ATK boosts since he has BRV gains based on his ATK specifically. Avoid triggers for AoE & evasion since Gladio’s counter is ST with splash, and he never likes to evade since he won’t counter!

  • B sphere: His own sphere is great for him to boost his party aura. The best alternative is Gabranth (or its refined version). Rounding out the rest of okay but not ideal options are Celes, Kimahri, & WoL.

  • C sphere: Given his Encourgement Keystone on his high armor, Paladin Cecil or his RF are 100% the best choice for him. If you simply don’t have these spheres, then focus on ATK. Garnet is best of the rest, with Alphi & Maria also being good.

Removable Passives

NOTE: Passives should generally only be removed if you lack CP space. There are very rare occasions where a character has a bad passive that disrupts their optimal gameplay.
  • Dawnhammer Focused Attack (only relevant against singular enemies on battlefield)

  • Tempest Focused Attack (same, and don’t forget to add these back when you face a single opponent)

  • BRV Attack++ HP Attack++ Up (won’t use these generally)

  • DEF passives