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Glimpse of freedom from Astos shackles

Note about HP DMG Limit Snapshotting (Late Luf/Early Shirnyu)

Yes it's working as intended; when you get a higher HP DMG Limit than normal, you keep it until you go below it. It wasnt until we could get really high OF values and raised HP DMG Limits to even see it (in summons and how kain can maintain it while in the air) and then BRV retain units like Jecht and Locke showed off being able to do it reliably for an HP attack or 2

Destroth and Theologica (and others I probably don't know about) tested if raising Laguna's HP DMG Limit through similar means and it does indeed allow his Desperado debuff to hit higher than "normal" on 3 enemy fights and lots of HP DMG taken up debuffs so huge shoutouts to them for that discovery.

As for who makes the most use of Snow's BT effect (the BRVgains), anyone can! Especially those without ways to maintain their BRV after HP attacks (so no gains, no retain, no brv gain on crits and such). However, units that DO HAVE BRV Retain, BRV gain and  BTs (or FRs) make the most use of Snow as they cut down some of the work needed to setup and have a raised HP DMG Limit to abuse consistently with the right setup.

A big counter to Snow abuse is HP shields and the Harden mechanic as the brv gains are based on HP DMG and if you hit for 0 because of these mechanics, you will dump your BRV and return to normal until you can raise your HP DMG Limit again!

Snowverflow Setup

This is a case of it being fairly simple to achieve if you have the right pieces. You'll need:

In-depth guide on the "Snowverflow" technique

Snow BT+ Demonstration on various BT+ units by Knightningale90 

(JP Spoilers) Simple demonstration of setup by our own Cel!

Note the specific pieces used in the video aren't the important part, the values they provide are the important part (listed in the description.

Another setup demonstration in 90% reductions in GL environment (Also made by Cel)

Thelogica demonstrating Snowverflow on 2 BT characters at once

Cel showing 2 units in Snowverflow reliably as well