Team Building & Dimenson's End

Climbing the Tower with a limited roster!

This page has been restructured around Team Building as well as beginning Dimension's End!

If you are preparing to tackle Dimension's End, that means that you need to know how to build a good team... and a lot of them to boot.

Team Building Common Questions

  • Do I need this new character? Are they good?

    • This is a roster focused game. You need Damage Dealers (Attackers), Supports, and other important roles covered. Look in the top left of the character's infographic - see what roles they cover, and check out our Roles page to see if you already have those roles covered.

    • Remember to primarily focus on LD characters only. EX+ only characters are useful though in LV180 content and in Dimension's End. Keep in mind that stages continue to get harder, so every so often, you will need to refresh your role coverage.

  • What does a team usually look like?

    • There's no hard rule, but:

      1. A damage dealer to end the fight within the turn count

      2. A support to keep your team hitting hard, maybe also keep them healthy if needed

      3. Anyone that can protect you against what is special about that specific boss

  • Why doesn't my character deal as much damage as someone else's in co-op

    • Make sure your character is max limit broken across ALL of their available weapons (BT is luxury). Check our Fully Powering section of our beginner guide for more details on summon boards, character boards, high armor, bloom stones, and more.

  • I run out of gas in Lufenia, always at the end of the fight

    • It's best to utilize Calls / Friend Support / BT effects in the last 30-50% of the boss' HP bar when their stats are at their highest.

  • I die before I can even run out of gas...

    • In the hardest stages, the most important thing is negating or mitigating the mechanics of the boss. That's more important than anything. Look at our Lufenia Research page, and see what makes a boss special and how you can counter it.

  • Have more questions? Submit a question to the Tonberry Troupe and we'll get back to you! If it's common enough, we'll add it here!

Dimension's End

Dimension's End is considered end game difficult content which you can complete at your own leisure, as there is no time limit or limited rewards available. This approach works for Dimension's End: Order, Pathos, & Entropy.

  • This guide is meant to give you advice on how to approach the tower and use your roster to its maximum capability.

  • These quests have great rewards associated with them! Order gives you a free EX for a protagonist, Pathos gives books to enhance your EX weapons. Each Entropy stage completed gives 2 red ingots for each, which you can use to invest in more characters and work your way up further in the tower.

  • Each quest locks out the characters you used in previous floors of the tower, forcing you to have a diverse roster... There are 5 quests in Order, 7 in Pathos, and 20 in Entropy. Note you can test-attempt a previously completed stage with a new team if you want to!

  • Enemies frequently resist various typed attacks (melee, ranged, magic) or they may resist debuffs or even absorb elements

  • Please make sure you have your character's full weapon set up to EX, all max limit broken (15, 35, EX). Make sure you have their summon boards mastered, and enough armor for CP to hold their important passives.

Step 1: Log your roster at

  • is our best resource for easily keeping track of our characters, and how heavily we invested in them. We can also use the Entropy page to track our own progress or plans, while simultaneously seeing what teams other players used.

  • You can use the Characters tab to indicate your level of investment (note the Actions dropdown with Max Everything). You don't need to hit every character in your inventory, just the EX+, LD, BT are important. If you're wondering who you should invest in, consider checking the EX box on your unmaxed characters.

  • Now you can easily share your roster and Entropy usage with other players! Here's inkwelder's! One of the best Discord servers to ask for help is The Crystal Chronicles Podcast server. Their channel, gl-event-help-strategy is a great place to post your profile and ask for advice! They're very new player friendly also :)

  • If you want to research a specific tier, head to our Entropy page which has general guidance, as well as a video walkthrough done by Black Nero for each floor.

Step 2: Evaluate your budget characters

  • EX only are popular for Order, and EX+ 0/3's are popular choices for Pathos & Entropy 1-10. 11+ requires heavier investments generally. Characters should either be 0/3 or 3/3. It is generally a wasted investment to go to 1/3 or 2/3, and there are no exceptions nowadays.

  • 0/3's are the keys to climbing the tower. They are low investment, netting you an extra ingot that you can give to your EX+ 3/3 characters. These 0/3s are capable of performing their role as long as their teammates can synergize & close the fight in a reasonable amount of time.

  • Boil your 0/3's down to their base roles. Do they provide buffs/auras? Delay? Healing? Note this! Remember that most 0/3's won't be capable of good damage in a general sense, though they may deliver their primary role well enough in Entropy 1-5, which can be done through significant effort with 0 total ingots.

    • Note you can use's Entropy page which has recorded video runs that you can easily search for by character. (Example: Click on Floor 2 on the website and search "deuce ex+0" - you can quickly find confirmed runs with a low investment Deuce but...) DO NOT expect to have the exact same team! You just need to emulate the roles. Is Ace there? Well he deals magic damage, so Strago or Relm would also work great there in his place, along with 20+ other characters.

  • Review the roles that Entropy 1-5 needs by visiting our Entropy page and finding the Recommended Roles. You likely won't have the specific characters on the infographic, which is good - you probably have much better choices! Entropy 1-5 was very hard for many players at release. Thanks to summon boards, stronger kits, and stronger weapons, you should find it much easier.

  • Make sure that each 0/3 has at least one 3/3 EX+ with them for your own sanity. Each floor should have ideally one healer, or two if you need to augment the healing. Each floor should have a support that provides ATK auras, battery, etc.


  • Don't be afraid to use a BT character low in the tower just to get through it, you can always redo that stage with a different team if you need to free them. This doesn't take long.

Step 4: Fill in stages where you have a gap with confirmed Solo Runs (but)

  • Solo runs that are recorded often have high reset counts or show characters that have future weapons that haven't come to GL yet. Make sure to review the notes of the run, and the skills that the character has to ensure you can properly attempt it. You could actually spend more time farming artifacts than just completing the level with a normal team.

  • Don't reset a previous floor with a solo ever. If you need a character on that floor for your current floor, you can now attempt it without reseting your run! If successful, you can go back and solo that stage if you want to.

  • Do not feel the need to maximize this. Just because a character can solo Entropy 9, does not mean you shouldn't use them in Entropy 3 if you struggle or don't have a team for Entropy 3. Remember to focus on the current floor.

  • Thanks to u/Nabil021, you can easily find all of the community's solo & duo runs here

Step 5: Start Climbing the Tower

  • Hopefully you have enough planned to do the first 5 floors. TRY IT OUT! If you spend more time planning, and less time playing... that doesn't sound like a game, it sounds like you're doing homework, chores, or work.

Step 6: Stuck? Tired? Review Time! Time to use your strongest characters

  • Review how far you've gotten once you get tired or hit a wall. If you're struggling, swap 0/3's for 3/3's... or even 3/3's for LD or BT characters.

  • If you've gotten to Entropy 10, great! Make sure that you unload all your EX+ 3/3 and LD/BT characters here on out. No need to save from here on out. These levels can be very difficult, requiring you to have tight gameplay and use strong characters.

  • Remember that Entropy 14 was the first floor after LDs released, so LDs are generally expected at that tier, though EX+ 3/3 only runs are certainly attainable!