Calls FAQ

What are calls?

  • There are 2 types.

    1. The basic call is unlocked at Crystal 75, it allows other Crystal 75 characters (caller) to call another character into battle for one turn to do a special attack which just resembles their skill 1 or skill 2.

    2. The LD call is unlocked from a character's Enhancement Board (character board), specifically on the LD branch. You must have the character's LD weapon Max Limit Broken to acquire the LD Call.

  • Each call can only be used once in battle

  • Each Crystal 75+ character can only equip one character's call (and that character can't in the main party, or be used as a call for another party member).

  • After the call, there may be temporary special effects that appear under the caller with a (C), similar to an AA or Burst effect. These caller effects are always notated on the character's infographic.

Do I need the 15cp or 35cp weapon passives to strengthen the basic call?

  • No, weapon passives do not affect the call as it is a special attack that only resembles skill 1 or 2

How do I strengthen calls then?

  • Because the call is bringing your character into battle, passives that are equipped (including character boards), artifacts, & equipped weapon all affect the strength of the call. This includes effects that cause buffs to be present at buff start!

Is it a free turn?

  • Yes, it won't use a turn, but it will count toward the Lufenia counter and use a turn inside of Summon.

  • It is an instant turn rate

Can I use the call repeatedly if my character has free skill uses?

  • No, the call is excluded from free skill uses, though if you use a call while you have a free skill, you will still have access to use a free skill after the call is completed

Will Noctis with his BT effect follow-up attack if I use a call?

  • Yes! BT effects like Noctis & Sephiroth will trigger after the call, as will other effects like Yang's LD follow-up (if it's an attack), further maximizing their damage/utility!

If my caller is synergy, will any call they use also be synergy?

  • No, whoever you are calling will only be synergy if they are synergy for that event

  • Example: Kam'lanaut (synergy) calls Zack (not synergy), the call ability will not be boosted since Zack is not synergy.

  • Example: Lightning (synergy) calls Reno (synergy), the call ability will be boosted since Reno is synergy.

Can Lightning call an ally to break an enemy and get a free turn because of her EX passive?

  • No, any effects that come from the caller's (Lightning's) buffs won't trigger based on the call's attack.

If the caller has a free turn, can I use a call to reset my free turn, let the call happen, and then try to gain access to another free turn?

  • No, calls are different than AA skills. When your caller returns to the battlefield, their free turn will still be active, and will not allow them to get another free turn immediately after no matter what.

Can I use a call to help pull an enemy out of break (enemies recover from break 5 turns after being broken)?

  • Yes, using a call will count as a turn toward the 5 turn break recovery that enemies have.