E Spheres

Other Spheres:

The Usuals

About E Spheres

Role Expansion E spheres

These can be helpful for very specific Lufenia orb conditions which require this activity to occur

Remove 1 buff from enemy when inflicting BREAK

6T ST Poison aura (30% iBRV) when HP max & critical hit

6T AoE Poison aura (30% iBRV) when weak DMG

Only AoE debuff application sphere

Aura E spheres

Excellent for supports, Paine is the best match for any support that deals weakness damage.

Party ATK +5% & Enemy ATK -10% aura

3T weak DMG

Party BRV Regen

(10% iBRV)
3T debuffing

Party mBRV +5%

6T debuffing

ATK & mBRV E spheres

These are very useful, depending on the character. Seymour is the clear best for an attacker, with Auron, Kefka, & Irvine being nearly equivalent if the attacker's attack types match their sphere. Yuffie & Emperor come right after, being great choices. Eald'narche & Serah only belong on debuffing supports that specifically care about the mBRV stat.

ATK +15%

3% (x5) debuffing

Melee ATK +15%

6T debuffing

Ranged ATK +15%

6T debuffing

Magic ATK +15%

6T debuffing

ATK & mBRV +10%

3T debuffing

ATK +10%

6T debuffing

mBRV +15%

+3% (x5) debuffing

mBRV +10%

6T debuffing

Debuff Aura E spheres

These spheres are situationally very useful. Faris for Poison/Sap Lufenia orbs, and the other 3 being useful for characters that have an E slot but don't inflict a debuff

6T 10% AoE Speed Down aura when HP max & critical hit

3T 15% Phys ATK Down aura when inflicting BREAK

Debuff Inflicting E spheres

These are undeniably the worst spheres in the game. Ultimecia sphere is interesting on Kadaj, and that's about it. These spheres were useful in the CHAOS era, but with the advent of Lufenia & LD weapons, characters have many more important debuffs than these generic effects.

Inflict 6T 30% ATK Down

HP max & crit
HP max & broken

Inflict 30% DEF Down

6T crit & HP max
3T weak DMG

Inflict 30% mBRV Down

6T broken & HP max
AoE 3T AoE crit

Inflict 6T 20% SPD Down

HP max & broken
HP max & crit
on weak DMG