Entropy 7

Dimensions End: Entropy - Tier 7. This tier is HP Damage & Debuff Heavy. The enemies an one-shot you if you get broken. Their debuffs are Ability Silence, ATK/MBRV/IBRV/ DEF Down and Poison. The recommended roles are Tanks and Debuff Evasion. The bosses' total HP is 5,105,000. The turn requirement is 105. The DPT you need is 46K.

Most Used Units. Zack leads as the most used unit for this tier. Him being both a great tank and dealing high DPT is amazing. Ignis comes next with his debuff evasion aura, battery and healing. Rosa with her amazing auras and HP healing. Sephiroth, Rinoa, Yuri, Eight and Golbez all for their high DPT. Warrior of Light is an alternative tank for this tier. Eiko with her buffs and frequent HP healing. Tifa with her ST DPT and launch.

EX Only Units. Debuff Evasion is the name of the game and units with such capabilities shine even with their base EX such as Lenna, Aphmau and Selphie. Also throw in there Sherlotta as she is amazing just as she is.

Summons Used. Brothers are popular as you'd want to capitalize on boosting your mBRV with high DPT carries.

Top Unit. Zack is no doubt the top unit for this tier. With him by your side, you almost don't need to worry about your team being wiped with this tanking abilities. He also has great DPT but he does need additional support with the likes of Ignis and Rosa. Additional DPT are also welcome like Sephiroth, Eight and Golbez. An alternative tank is Warrior of Light.

Dimension's End: Entropy GL team comps