Beginner Priorities

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  1. Crystal Level, ALL Summon Boards, at least LD and LDCA extensions aquired from Character Boards and regular level.

    • Force Enhancements can go to units you plan to use in endgame. More details about budgeting on our Enhancement Points page!

  2. Upgrade and Equip your best weapon!

UW > BT+ 3/3 > FR > BT > EX+ 3/3

    • This equipment priority is based on the weapon's stats and CP it gives the character (more CP = more room for passives)

  1. Armor gives minor stat boosts, but is really about increasing your max CP (Seen in Passive Abilities)

    • HA and HA+ also boost BRV & HP DMG Limits.

  2. Make sure all abilities are equipped including Call Abilities which can provide useful auras or debuffs to keep you going or keep you safe!

  3. If you don't see an ability showing up, check if it's toggled in the Passive Abilities section. Maxing a piece of equipment (Weapon, Armor, Bloom Stone, Board, etc) will grant you a passive that you can equip in this section.

DFFOO Player Priorities

  • Backup your account from the Settings page! You get free materials for doing so!

  • Complete Novice Missions INCLUDING the Cloud focused missions!

~Much of the game is locked out until you finish all of these.

  • Complete Mog's Gym (found in Quests > Events) to help max some of your character's crystal levels to 70.

  • Wondering which character to summon/pull on?

    • You should be prioritizing characters that have their LD available on the banner. Check our roles page and see if they cover staple roles that you are missing. Once your staples are covered, you can start to expand into Specialty roles!

    • Check the infographic to see when the character was last updated, READ their Help! section. If you see things you don't like, that might be a reason to skip. If you see things you don't understand, you can always ask us or someone else for help!

    • LOCK YOUR WEAPONS WHEN YOU PULL THEM! SQEX can only recover one weapon as a grace option.

  • Daily to do! Do your Daily Hunt (found from the Hunt button at the bottom of the Quests map), claim rewards, and use SP in World of Illusions as it refreshes!

    • Enhancement Points are limited! Make sure you max out your character board points per current event (easy to check the Events page). You can rerun any related quests to get more points, even normal quests from the related Lost Chapter or Story! Not sure what to look for? The icon for character boards can be found in our glossary!

    • Get to Rank 200 as soon as possible by doing Lost Chapters and Story to unlock as many characters as possible. Once they join, they will be instantly leveled to level 70 which increases your rank and awards you with gems and stamina potions to use for Ultima, Divine and eventually Spiritus Summon board farming!

  • Complete Chocobo Panel Missions!

  • Play the game at your leisure, there's no rush!

    • Focus on Story & Lost Chapters to gain precious gems too (you'll need lots of characters to cover different roles, check out our Teambuilding Basics and Roles pages for more info)! Characters are mostly useless without their weapons, so don't worry about which Lost Chapter or area to do first. If you had to pick though:

      • It's easiest to clear through content quickly with an AoE damage dealer. Kain is extremely budget, just needing his 15cp to farm, but Palom, Yuffie or Vanille are also a great options!

      • For a list of farming units, see Auto+ Farming!

    • Use your bells for Group quests, and choose to Host. Players can help you clear the quest and earn shop tokens!

    • Make sure to use shop tokens to claim limited items inside of the Token Exchange for new Events!

  • Head over to - it is a player-run tracker for your roster. It does not access DFFOO data or your account, and is safe to use. You need to manually enter your characters' weapons, but it will be a godsend for when you need to...

    • Ask for help on Discord specifically, people will be kind and helpful, there are people assigned as Helpers to guide you at all hours of the day in all timezones! Just be ready to share your roster!

  • Farm your summon boards! Ultimate Summon boards have stat boosts for individual characters and both Ultimate and Divine summon boards have lots of loot (Gems, Tickets, tokens, nuggets, etc). See our Board Farming page for farming strategies and more info!

  • Unlock characters from Story and Lost Chapters! Unlocking a unit instantly levels them to level 70 which will grant rank up rewards of gems and potions! Lost Chapters up to the character and then grinding Story to grab characters is the quickest way to grab goodies!

  • Take a look at How to Read Infographics to better understand new/returning units and determine if you should pull!

  • Seriously, make sure to read and understand our Beginner's Guide's explanations :)

TL;DR of the TL;DR

  • Backup your account,

  • Mog's Gym to understand basic mechanics

  • Tackle whatever time-limited stuff you can for Enhancement Points.

  • Finish Act 1 of the story ASAP to unlock newer story chapters which may have time-limited Enhancement points.


    • So many stats, passives and resources are in these. Check out

  • Get Characters from Lost Chapters/Story for quick and easy Gems. Finish the Lost Chapters/Story once a few units are built.

    • Auto Farming has tips on quickly getting through nodes.

    • Lufenia Research/Archive have older fights for more stuff you'll need. (Probably start looking at getting Ultima Weapons once you get comfy enough to fight lufenias. You need to beat Dimension's End: Entropy 5. More info on our Ultima Weapon page)

  • Refer to the Glossary, Summon Hub and ask questions. Look at our other visual guides for character information, weapon/armor leveling, selling and equipping.

  • Have fun~ (you better >:c )

DFFOO Mistakes


  • Don't sell 5 or higher weapons until they have a red check mark in the lower left corner of the weapon. Gold weapons turn blue when they are Max Limit Broken MLB & Max Level.

    • At blue, for CP15, 35, & 90 (LD) - the weapon passive will be permanently unlocked, then you can sell.

    • You can sell duplicate EX+ 0/3 weapons now, but it's only recommended if you already have the same EX+ at 3/3.

    • Follow best equipping practices with our infographics at the bottom!

  • Don't stress about newer Lufenia or Lufenia+ (Lv200 - 250) until you have a strong team with maxed weapons, summon boards and an ok understanding of the game. This can take days to weeks to months depending on player and don't be afraid to ask if your team can handle a fight!

  • Don't "spread your gems" around on multiple banners, pick a goal and focus on it.

    • Make sure you have 75k gems for an LD. 125k for a BT. 200k for both. Pulling with less is gambling!

    • It takes on average 300 tickets to get an LD with a reasonable chance. Would you rather spend 100 on 3 banners and maybe get 1 of them? Or save 300 for 1 banner and have a much more reliable chance of getting that one weapon? Up to you!

    • Don't ticket first and gem second unless you luck a BT and want to go back to guarantee the character's LD

    • Breaking any of these is likely to cause stress & frustration, potentially in real life. It is not worth it! :)

    • Check our Pull Strategies page for detailed practices when pulling.

  • Don't use powerstones on a weapon until you are done pulling the banner that has that weapon on it.

  • Don't use ingots on EX+ weapons unless you have their 15cp, 35cp, and LD weapons ALL Max Limit Broken

  • Don't give into hype and don't treat any tier list as gospel!

  • Don't lose your Player ID! Write it down or join Discord and store it in MateriaBot so that you can find new friends to help you through the game!

Weapon and Armor Equipping