Entropy 2

Dimensions End: Entropy - Tier 2. This tier has the enemies Resistant to Physical Damage. Enemies has frequent HP Attacks. They also have debuffs such as confuse, charm and paralyze. The recommended roles are AoE DPT and Healers. The bosses' total HP is 4,685,000. The turn requirement is 115. The DPT you need is 39K.

  • Wave 1 (Boss Wave)
    One Lunatic Coeurl and One Lunatic Skull Wizard. This first wave is the gatelock of this tier. Not only are they tanky but can wiped out your party. You can opt to burst down one or kill them closely. The Skull Wizard's dreaded attack is Candle in the Wind where it changes its own BRV based on ATK then delivers an HP Attack. It targets the unit with the highest HP so you can use this to your advantage by bringing last stand characters or an ATK down debuffer. The Coerul is not as threatening but as it can inflict Poison, Confuse and Paralyze. Keep them broken, heal up, deal damage and you should be able to get through this.

  • Wave 2-4 (Trash Waves)
    Wave 2: Two Lunatic Miniature Magitec Armor and One Lunatic Chaser.
    Wave 3: Two Lunatic Sweepers and One Lunatic Miniature Magitec Armor.
    Wave 4: Two Lunatic Chasers.
    They are all weak to Thunder so you can use this to your advantage. Try to conserve skills as much as possible.

  • Wave 5 (Final Boss Wave)
    One Lunatic Accel Turbo and One Lunatic Griffin. The real threat here is the Griffin as it has frequent HP attacks both when airborne and grounded. It has a low chance of inflicting charm as well. The Accel Turbo has ST HP attacks as well. You want to kill these guys as fast as possible. Keep them broken at all times, heal up and burst them down in summon.

Most Used Units. Ace is the most used unit with his high DPT. Sherlotta having base EX only comes next with her excellent BRV shaving, HP regen, and burst damage. Krile follows with her amazing battery and support. Kuja with his DPT. Deuce with her support. Ultimecia with her monstrous DPT can be used in almost any tier but have found better use in other tiers. Celes just cheeses this tier a she absorbs their magic BRV attacks. Rem with her unique swapping ability and support. Vaan with his great DPT. Lastly Serah with her amazing debuffs, battery and AoE DPT.

EX Only Units. This shows how amazing Sherlotta is having only base EX but thriving in entropy tiers. Serah with her great offensive support. Aerith also works with her burst healing and party mBRV overflows. Relm is can also be used with her base EX.

Summons Used. Having frequent HP Attacks, Shiva helps a lot as you don't lose the ATK aura she grants on top of the speed aura.

Top Unit. Ace is the top unit for this tier. His magic AoE DPT works wonders here. He does have auras that are randomly granted and has different effects based on the color of the aura but one should think of this as only bonus not really rely on them. Build around him with aura and support units such as Deuce, Krile, Rem, Serah, Sherlotta and Yshtola. You can also opt another DPT like Kuja.

Dimension's End: Entropy GL team comps