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November 2023

Event V: Arciela Heretics

Nov 21 - Dec 5

Arciela Rework BT+FR 

Vaan / Fang / Kain FR only

Kain BT+FR boards

Yang / Paine / Arciela FR only

JP Exclusive

Memeoria Battle #1

(Irvine is a cowboy)

Irvine Rework BT+FR 

Balthier BT+FR

Odin Spiritus

Gladio Rework BT+FR

Beatrix BT+FR

Amarant Lost Chapter

Amarant BT+FR 

Enna Kros BT+FR 

Keiss Raid

Keiss Rework BT+FR 


Ultimecia Campaign

Ultimecia Rework BT+FR / Fujin 

Faris IW

Faris Rework BT+FR 

Gilgamesh Rework BT+FR

Memeoria Battle 2

Cait Sith Rework BT+FR 

Tifa BT+FR 


Act 4 Ch 7 Pt 1

Rufus Rework BT+FR

Irvine BT+FR

Act 4 Ch 7 Pt 2

Rydia Rework BT+FR

Pecil Rework BT+FR

Penelo Heretics

Penelo Rework BT+FR

Kadaj BT+FR

Memeoria Battle 3

Leon Rework BT+FR

Minwu Rework BT + FR

Xezat Lost Chapter

Xezat BT+FR

Vincent BT + FR

Papalymo Raid

Papalymo Rework BT+FR

Ignis BT + FR

Selphie IW

Selphie Rework BT+FR

Wakka / Noel / Celes FR only

Celes Rework BT + FR

Gau / Kurasame / Selphie FR only

Memeoria Battle 4

Sabin Rework BT+FR

Leo / Lion / Ramza FR only

Ramza Rework BT + FR

Shadow / Neon / Sabin FR only

Act 4 Ch 8 Pt 1

Angeal BT + FR

Cait Sith BT + FR

Act 4 Ch 8 Pt 2

Onion Knight Rework

Agrias BT + FR

Eiko Raid

Eiko Rework BT+FR

Sephiroth BT + FR

Final Memeoria Battle

Hope Rework BT+FR

Garland Rework BT + FR