B Spheres


About B Spheres

  • They generally lean toward improving defense capabilities.

  • Keywords for the abbreviations below are referenced at the bottom

  • What is best?

    • Every character is different, but there are some general rules

    • ATK spheres are generally the best options as long as you can trigger the effect, with other stat boosts being useless

    • BRV gain spheres are decent on Encouragement Keystone holders like Warrior of Light, Galuf, Snow, Beatrix, Gladio, and others - but Gladio's sphere is still better for them

    • Lowering party BRV damage & HP damage is better than nothing

The Usuals

  • Gladio/Snow/Basch if character can Lock

  • Gabranth/Celes if character cannot

  • Galuf if unit can evade often

All B spheres

The thing to look for with these spheres is whether your character can inflict the Lock debuff, or can cover your allies from attacks. Take HP Damage is a frequent trigger, and defensive characters that don't Lock/Cover will be forced to choose between Celes, Gabranth, Kimahri, or Warrior of Light spheres.

Party ATK +10%

+2% (5x) take HP DMG

ATK +20%

3T take HP DMG

ATK +10%

6T evade
vs self target

mBRV +15%

+3% (x5) take HP DMG

mBRV +10%

when self target

BRV gain (40% iBRV)

after an ability
vs self target
on evade

Party BRV DMG taken -10%

3T crit

HP DMG taken -10%


BRV DMG taken -10%

HP max
  • Keywords used under character images:

      • crit - when dealing a critical hit

      • take DMG - when taking HP damage (self)

      • on evade - after dodging an attack

      • self target - when attacking an enemy that is targeting that character