Ultima Weapons & C90

Here's our quick rundown of Ultima Weapons! For more info on their stats and other buffs C90 characters get, refer to Rem's C90 and Ultima Weapon guide of their own!

Perfect up to DE: Entropy 5 to unlock Ultima Missions to collect/use Ultima Cores!


  • C90 Upgrades both EX and C65 (AA):

    • You must have EX+ 3/3 for the EX Upgrade portion in full

    • You must have the unit's Bloom Stone Passive for the C65 (AA) portion

  • C90 unlocks the ability to wield Ultima Weapons!

  • There will be enough Crystals from missions/shops to C90 all units that are featured!

  • Wondering what UW to focus on first? It depends on your roster and who you plan to pull and play! [Only 3 characters are on the field for most fights and the refund is only once per month!]

  • For Lufenia mission cores (see picture) clearing any Lufenia or Lufenia+ with a character capable of becoming C90 will grant you 5 cores from the unit's Cores Missions section

    • Each Lufenia can grant this mission for 3 characters MAX

    • Once a character is locked into a mission, you cannot replace them

    • Don't overthink planning and prioritize time limited Lufenia fights and everything will be ok