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Tonberry's Gym! Common Terms and Explanations

With the addition of Shinryu Era, OO provides a list of "Traits" a character has which can be seen as roles they fill. However some of the wording may be weird so we'll translate some of them here and the Roles Page! (Disclaimer: not every trait listed in OO has a dedicated role section on the Roles Page)

DFFOO Traits Translated!

Enchant All =
Party Enchant

BRV Heal All = BRV Battery

BRV Save All = BRV gain based on BRV/HP Damage

BRV Reprieve = mBRV Floor

Preserve = Can't die/Zombie/HP cannot go below 0

Consecutive Attacks = Self follow-ups

Other Triggered = Party follow-ups (Cissnei, Yang, Noctis, CoD)

Break = Force BREAK

Break Cancel = unBREAK

Knock Back = Launcher

Knock Back Support = Launch Support

Enemy-Turn Manipulation = Delay

Cut in Turn = Warp/Sketch/Tactical Switch/Shelke

Proportional BRV Attack = Gravity BRV Shave

BRV Guard = BRV DMG taken down/BRV DMG Mitigation

HP Guard = HP DMG taken down/HP DMG Mitigation

HP Consumption = HP Drain (Galuf, Vivi, Llyud, Queen, Jack)

Cancel Debuff = Cleanse/Remove Ally Debuffs

Elude = Debuff Evasion

Cancel Buff = Dispel/Remove Enemy Buffs

BRV Gain Interference = Prevent BRV Gains (Kadaj, Arciela, Edgar, Yuffie, Freezes)

Main Stats

Almost all characters want ATK or BRV DMG up for stealing BRV, both are very effective!

  • BRV DMG if they commonly ignore enemy defense

  • ATK is best if enemies have a high defense stat or if you plan to run them with enchanters & supports. It really depends on the enemy, so a mix of ATK/BRV DMG is universally ok

  • Other variations of ATK (Magic ATK, Melee ATK, Ranged ATK, Physical ATK all boost ATK for ATK vs DEF calculations, but have no effect on battery based on ATK or HP poison based on HP; only raw ATK boost the latter 2)

  • These affect how much BRV DMG your units deal (white/yellow if critical) to enemies when getting up close and personal to steal their BRV. Stealing BRV from a broken target will always result in Critical DMG!

Max BRV (mBRV) and Overflow (OF) is useful for units that deal split AoE HP DMG or if a unit batteries based on mBRV.

  • Overflow is how much higher above a unit's mBRV they can go, but it is still subject to HP DMG Limit (refered to as "held bravery, HP DMG dealt" in game). Without any HP DMG Limit modifiers, the default max HP DMG a unit can hit is 99,999.

      • There are two common ways of generating BRV for your characters. The main way is by attacking them and stealing their BRV. The other method is by gaining BRV via a skill or effect. Battery refers to a party wide gain of BRV. This BRV gain always shows up in green numbers on top of your allies!

      • This is an important role as you can generate BRV via battery without needing to attack the enemy, so you can bypass defenses, shields, etc to continue to deal damage!

Delay & Break Order

    • Delay refers to moving an enemy's turn in the turn order back by one or more turns. This allows the ally/enemy(ies) with a turn after to steal the delayed enemy's turn. Look at screenshots below which have an example.

    • Breaking an enemy moves the enemies turn back one.

    • Deleting an enemy turn (Ami LD, Zidane with LD on break, Ulti BT effect) removes the enemies next turn.

    • Some enemies are immune to either Delay, BREAK delay, and/or turn deletion and will usually be stated in the enemy description.

    • Enemies can show they are immune to turn deletion if they frame their turn in the turn order bar (A & B in the turn order pictures below)

    • Some units can manipulate the turn order for themselves or an ally making them valuable in case you can't deny enemy boss turns or bringing up a slower unit up to help them hit harder more often. See our Infographics by Roles to learn more about turn manipulators, BREAK manipulators, etc.

Notice the turn order, B is being targeted by Aranea, and Rem has the turn after B.

As you can see, Aranea's delay/break skill pushes B back one turn, allowing Rem to steal B's turn spot!

Delay & Break Order (continued)

    • In the example above, if you targeted A, the delay would be inefficient because B would steal A's turn, giving your team no noticeable advantage!

    • These examples are true for breaking an enemy. Always target the last enemy shown in the turn order when possible.

    • In situations when enemies are very fast, you may see turn orders like: A B A or B A B A. These situations aren't ideal, so if you can break or delay all enemies at once with an AoE attack, you can make this situation much more tolerable.

Enchant & Imperil (Weak Damage)

    • Imperil refers to when you are able to drop an enemy's resistance to an element or type of attack by 1 level. Levels are:

        • Absorb (all attacks of that element give the enemy BRV gains and you do not steal BRV while hitting them)

        • Null (all attacks of that element/type will do 0 BRV DMG

        • Heavy Resist (BRV DMG reduced by 90%)

        • Resist (BRV DMG reduced by 50%)

        • Normal (BRV DMG 100%)

        • Weak (BRV DMG 150%)

      1. Imperil for an element/type do not stack; you cannot drop their resistance by 2 levels.

      2. Type imperil (melee/ranged/magic weak) does stack with element imperil. Type imperil add +50% BRV DMG to any matching attack.

    • Enchant refers to adding/imbuing/augmenting an ally's attack, or the entire party's attacks with a specific element.

    • When an ally uses an attack with an element that an enemy is weak to, they will ALWAYS hit for weakness! Some rules for Elemental Imperil/Enchanting

      1. If an enemy is weak to an element, but resists a weapon type (melee/magic/ranged) - the element weakness will override the type resistance and deal weakness damage. This is *not* true for the reverse (hitting weapon type weakness while enemy resists/nulls/absorbs the element will hit for weapon type weakness, but still resist/null/absorb the element).

      2. On attacks with multiple elements, if an enemy absorbs/resists one element, but is weak to another, that attack that has multiple elements will deal weakness damage

      3. You cannot enchant a different element on an attack that already has an elemental base.

      4. Enchanting an elemental skill with the same element base stacks and adds 20% additional damage per enchant. If an attack has no element, it can be enchanted with multiple elements, but the effects will not stack.

  • As you venture on and tackle harder difficulties such as Shinryu and Spiritus, they will introduce new Element Mechanics that contradict what you may have known prior.

  • If you deal any element besides the explicitly-stated elements your unit will deal 1 BRV DMG as their BRV damage will be reduced heavily. These other elements are then "Locked out" hence the term "Lockout Era."

  • Pictured nearby is the "Red Comet" enemies who ask for either non-elemental or holy damage or BRV DMG is reduced. If you use Ashe LDCA to enchant the party with Holy & Thunder YOU WILL STILL DO 1s! Thunder is not listed as ok despite dealing holy damage alongside it so be careful using units with multiple enchanting elements in fights like these.

Launch AKA Knock Back/Chase

    • After an enemy is attacked a certain number of times, a launch icon will flash over the enemy on your turn. Attacking that enemy will allow that enemy to be launched in the air, and for any teammates with turns after yours, but before the enemies, join in the launch. The phase of joining the launch is also sometimes referred to as Chase or Chain Attack.

    • Launch is a way of inflicting additional damage. A launch will deal 10% extra BRV & HP damage when the launch is completed and the enemy hits the wall. For every ally that joins the launch, an additional 5% is added, maximizing at 20% free damage from the launch!

    • Some attacks guarantee launch on enemies (that don't resist launch). If those skills have AoE BRV or HP components (including splash) they will make non-targets launchable (that don't resist launch) on the next turn!

    • Some characters are able to more quickly generate launches with their skills, and can be found by clicking the Launch link above.

    • Bonus note, if you launch on the turn you call forth your summon, the summon's damage will be added into the launch damage and wall calculation to get up to a 20% wall damage bonus. This is incredibly powerful with level 50 summons. Check out a simple example on our Summon Hub page!

BRV Retain and mBRV Floor (Community terms)

  • BRV Retain is holding onto a percentage of BRV after doing an HP attack. It only looks at the BRV used for the HP attack and not the HP DMG itself.

    • (i.e. with 20% BRV Retain using 100k BRV but doing 130k HP DMG will have the character hold onto 20k BRV after the HP attack)

    • BRV Retain also has the added benefit to work with special large HP dumps like BT finishers. If after the final HP attack of the finisher, you have retained more BRV than your normal HP DMG Limit the next HP attack will do the BT's HP DMG Limit

  • mBRV Floor is when a unit's held BRV CANNOT go below a certain percentage

    • (i.e. with 20% mBRV Floor and a unit with 50k mBRV, the unit can never go below 10k BRV including forced BREAK mechanics

  • Each respective effect WILL work with it's own effect from multiple sources.

    • (e.g. Ursula gives party 20% mBRV floor, Vaan gives himself 20% mBRV floor and with both effects up Vaan will have 40% mBRV floor! For BRV Retain, Iroha provides party with 20% BRV Retain, Locke gives himself 40% BRV Retain and with both effects up Locke will have 60% BRV Retain!)

  • These effects work extremely well for units who do not have BRV Gains (green text) between multiple HP attacks (Prompto, Cid, Strago, etc) however they don't work very well when put together.

Items, where to find them and how to use them


Main commodity in the game for acquiring weapons via Multi Draw on Banners. Can also be used to purchase 2x books (Items, Gil or EXP), Gear Slots (up to 900) and 4* Armor.

  • 75,000 worth guarantees an LD weapon via G-Tokens.

  • 100,000 worth guarantees an FR Weapon

  • 125,000 worth guarantees a BT weapon (not recommended unless #1 favorite).

  • Location: Complete general Story, Lost Chapter, Events content as well as summon boards. Over 1.5 MILLION available permanently & ~75,000 more monthly (all free).

    • Tied to any kind of paid bundle (Ingots, costumes, Mog Pass, Weapon Gloss, etc.) These are distinguished as "Paid Gems" and will be the last gems to be used while there are free "Aquired Gems" remaining.

  • Gold/Silver nodes give 100 gems on full completion, bronze nodes give 50 gems on full completion. See our Auto Farming page for more info on comfy farming/clearing.

Multi-Draw Ticket

Substitute for 5000 Gems to be used when pulling on banners. Provides 10 pulls +1 extra item with increased rates on Gold and above rarity items.

  • 15 Multi-Draw tickets guarantee pity for EX or LD (300G-Tokens)

  • 20 of them guarantee FR pity (400G-Tokens)

  • 25 guarantee BT pity (500G-Tokens).

    • Implemented due to paid-gem cap (300K paid gems) so people above it can lower their gem counts to continue to purchase things.

  • Location: Draw/Shops -> Item Shop. Exchanve 5000 Gems for 1 Multi-Draw Ticket.


Item used to do a single pull on a Draw Banner to acquire weapons. No guarantees, yet is an effective way to acquire weapons.

  • Location: Complete Chocoboards, Lost Chapters, Event Ticket Exchange, and significant numbers in Ultimate Summon boards (Summons Lv20+). Over 2000 available permanently & ~200 more monthly (all free)

G Token

20 acquired per Multi Draw on a Draw Banner. 300 guarantees that you can obtain your choice of EX weapon or LD weapon on that banner. Does not transfer between Draw Banners. 200 can be exchanged for a Book of Ruin's Mysteries, 100 for a powerstone. Take advantage of their power & rarity. If you accumulate 100 G Tokens and walk away without a weapon, you are wasting those tokens. Expect to accumulate 300 G Tokens whenever doing Multi Draws, and only leave early when you get the weapon that you wanted!

Enhancement Points

Used to upgrade character's skills, notably the skill from their LD weapon. 5,000 are needed for skill 1, skill 2, and EX+ combined, while the LD skill takes 3,000 to improve. (LD is always the priority). Force Enhancement Passives will require 15K Enhancement points to fully max out for a character; the budget option is to only upgrade to passive 23 and only get the straight line down LD board.

  • Location: Acquired from running / rerunning any quests related to a current event, check the Events list to make sure you max your acquisition of these!

    • 5,000 per event as Free-to-Play

    • 15,000 with basic Mog Pass ($5 USD)

    • 30,000 with premium Mog Pass ($37 USD)

  • For an in-depth explanation and budgeting options see Enhancement Points!

Burst Power Token

50 tokens allows the purchase of any previously released BT weapon from the BT Token exchange. These are some of the rarest items in the game and should be used very wisely.

  • Location: 1 is given for completing Event challenges (Lv180 difficulty) with only synergy characters and no friends.

  • They also come from Dimension's End Transcendence (Lv200 difficulty) in batches of 3.

  • Tokens can also be acquired by exchanging Moogle Medals, which are given alongside the Premium Moogle Pass ($36.99 monthly subscription)

EX Power Token

10 tokens allows the purchase of any protagonist's EX weapon from the EX Power Token exchange. These are rare tokens earned from Dimension's End: Order or via very special campaigns, use wisely.

Power Token

Also called Weapon Tokens (WT), one of the rarer items. Allows you to purchase 515cp (10 tokens) and 35cp (25 tokens) weapons for any character ever released from the Power Token Exchange in the Tokens Exchange menu. It is recommended to only use WT to buy your first copy of a weapon (and only if you already have that character's LD & EX). Expect to have ~100+ WT saved before using them to buy duplicate weapons.

  • Location: Can be obtained via daily login (3 per 8 days), some co-op shops, special mission dungeons, chocobo panel missions, and other special campaigns.

Armor Token

Referred to as AT, much more common than Power Tokens. Allows you to purchase 5armor for any character ever released from the Armor Token Exchange in the Tokens Exchange menu. Remember that Lost Chapters and Character Events give 2 armors for free, saving 10 armor tokens!

  • Location: Can be obtained via co-op shops, Lost Chapters hard mode, Ultimate Summon rewards, special mission dungeons, chocobo panel missions, and other special campaigns.

High Guard Armor Token

20 tokens allows the purchase of any High Guard Armor, duplicates are not needed. There are 5 types of armor, and the best possible advice is: If you are using a character frequently for Lv200+ content, then you should buy their High Guard Armor.

  • 20 Tokens are earned from completing Lv 200 difficulty fights starting at Eight's Lost Chapter or Act 2 Final Chapter.

Power Stone

Referred to as PS or PP (Power Piece). Used to Limit Break a weapon, 4 power stones = 1 Limit Break. You can sell a 5weapon for 1 power stone, but this is only advised if you have a Red Check Mark on the weapon. Non-EX 6weapons (blue background) can be sold for 4 power stones and is a better option as you permanently unlock the weapon's passive so that your character can equip it while wielding a better weapon, like their EX.

  • Location: 1 per week from the Dissidia Shop. Occasionally 1 is in a Co-op Shop or Chocoboard. Predominant method for acquiring is by pulling and selling weapons as stated above.

High Power Stone

Referred to as HPS or HPP (Power Piece). Used to Limit Break a Force Weapon, 4 high power stones = 1 Limit Break, but 1 high power stone = 20 regular power stone.

  • Location: "Refine" tab lets you convert PS into HPS, they will eventually be available as chocoboard rewards.

Power Orbs

with varying levels of strength

4★ and above are best for leveling, red for weapons, and blue for armor. Can be used to level up your weapons.

  • Location: Best farmed via Co-Op. Use Token Exchange to trade tokens for orbs, but there are many other places to also get them, such as Carbuncle's Treasures when it is available.

Ruin's Mysteries: Fragment, Book, Adamantine Nugget, Ingot

20 Fragments = 1 Book & 20 Nuggets = 1 Ingot. Early on, they are very rare, use wisely! Use Books to realize your EX weapons to their + variant, and use Ingots to limit break the EX+ weapon and add significant power to the weapons.

  • Location: Fragments are earned most easily from completing Chocobo Panel Missions. You can earn more from clearing & completing Lv150 COSMOS levels starting at:

    • Fang's Lost Chapter (LC), Fang's of Promise

    • Any Ultimate Summon Lv180 stage

    • Story, Act 2, Chapter 6

  • Location: Nuggets are earned from clearing Lv180 CHAOS levels (same stages as above). You can earn an Ingot from using a Book on an EX weapon. You can earn numerous nuggets from Dimension's End Pathos (last 3) & Entropy stages. You can exchange hunt tokens for 20 nuggets every 20 days. Sometimes panel missions will also give nuggets.

Refuge's Mysteries: Fragment, Book, Adamantine Nugget, Ingot

20 Fragments = 1 Book & 20 Nuggets = 1 Ingot. Early on, they are less rare, but still use wisely! Use Books to realize your HG2 Armors to their + variant, and use ingots to limit break the + armor and basically add more defense & CP space to your character, so that you can equip more passives.

  • Location: Fragments are earned most easily from completing Chocobo Panel Missions. You can earn more from clearing & completing Lv150 COSMOS levels starting at:

    • Fang's Lost Chapter (LC), Fang's of Promise

    • Any Ultimate Summon Lv180 stage

    • Story, Act 2, Chapter 6

  • Location: Nuggets are earned from clearing Lv180 CHAOS levels (same stages as above). You can earn an Ingot from using a Book on an HG2 armor. You can earn nuggets by exchanging co-op refined sphere fragments for 1 of each sphere in the co-op shop (only available 2 event per month). You can earn numerous nuggets from Dimension's End Pathos (last 3) & Entropy stages.

Refuge's Miracles: Fragment, Book, Adamantine Nugget, Ingot

20 Fragments = 1 Book & 20 Nuggets = 1 Ingot. VERY rare, use wisely! Use Books to realize your High Guard Armors (aka Lufenia Armor or HA, purchased from the High Guard Token Exchange using the purple tokens) to their + variant, and use ingots to limit break the + HA and basically increase self or party BRV & HP damage limits, as well as add more CP space.

  • Location: Fragments are earned from completing the Lv200 LUFENIA level starting at:

    • Nine's LC, The Power of Action (this one is actually the hardest LUFENIA currently available, so you may want to pick one after Nine)

    • Divine Alexander

    • Story, Act 3, Chapter 3

  • Location: Nuggets are excessively rare. You get 20 from the first 6 character synergy event after the SQEX livestream. Other than that, you get 1 ingot from realizing a HA to HA+.

Ruin's Miracles: Fragment, Book, Adamantine Nugget, Ingot

(See BT+ Guide for more info and where to get "easy" pages)

20 Fragments = 1 Book & 20 Nuggets = 1 Ingot. EXTREMELY rare, use only when *absolutely* certain! Use Books to realize your BT weapons to their + variant, and use ingots to limit break the BT+ to unlock extremely powerful abilities

BT+ 0/3 is fine, as it will give you an ingot to use on another BT weapon. But note:

BT+ 0/3 or BT+ 3/3, NEVER BT+ 1/3 or 2/3. NO EXCEPTIONS

  • Location: Nuggets are earned from completing the Lv250 LUFENIA+ level starting at:

    • Guy's Lost Chapter

    • Divine Pandemonium

    • Story, Act 3, Chapter 5

  • Pages & Books are just as rare, dropping on only a subset of the above listed items

Force Stones and Force Stone Fragments

These are used to unlock Force Enhancement Levels (3 Force Stones OR 60 Force Stone Fragments for all 30 Levels)

  • Force Stones are obtained from Maxing out FR weapons and selling them

  • Force Stone Fragments are obtained from Completing Shinryu fights and from certain Spiritus Chests (New Summon farming method)

Following / Friend icon

Visible via the Friends menu, allows you to see who you are following, who is following you, and who your friends are (both). You can follow people after a co-op quest ends, or random people that appear in your Friend Support list when before starting a quest.

  • If both follow each other and are Friends, both players can leverage the other's support character for 5 turns when selecting them for a quest. This is highly recommended to help tackle all content within the game!

  • When using the support of another player in a quest, if you are not friends, the support will only help for 3 turns.

Link Bell

An item used to host co-op quests by selecting Group from an applicable co-op quest. Regenerates 1 bell every 2 hours.

  • Free Recruit - allows for anyone playing the game to be matched to your quest to help!

  • Just For Fun! - a co-op goal set by the Host indicating that they welcome all characters to the quest

  • Wanted: Boosted Characters - a co-op goal set by the Host indicating that they only want characters that have boosted stats for that specific event because they earn additional rewards. Boosted Characters have a glowing white aura around their portrait.

    • In the image provided, Ramza is Boosted, Tifa & Aranea are not

    • Boosted does NOT mean that your character is strong!

Dissidia Points (DP)

Points which allow the purchase of various items from the Dissidia Shop accessible via the Home Screen. The shop offers the purchase of 1 free powerstone and 1 elite hunt permit weekly, don't miss it!

  • Location: Daily Mission, Events Ticket Exchange, Chocoboards

Hunt Permit

Allows you to fight a special enemy for Hunt Tokens. 1 Elite Hunt Ticket can be purchased from the Dissidia Shop with Dissidia Points weekly. Use Hunt Tokens to buy Adamantite Nuggets (most important), tickets (next most important), or EX tokens (important but only if the others are in healthy supply).


In-game currency with no monetary value. Used for leveling up gear, refining items, etc.

  • Location: Can be farmed best via Events > Co-Op, use Ticket Exchange to buy orbs, and sell the orbs from the Enhancements screen. When rewards are 2x, easily farmable via Events > Cycle Quest - Golden Cactuars

Stamina Potion

Potion which refreshes your Stamina Points (SP) in the World of Illusions. Recommended not to use until you are Rank 200 and have 200 SP.

  • Location: Co-op Shops & you earn one Stamina Potion whenever you rank up (once every 10 character levels).

Chocobo Down / Feather / Tail

Items in increasing order of strength that can be used to grant EXP to your characters (used to quickly level up your characters).

  • Location: Earned from Cycle Quests, Daily Missions, & Co-op shops.

Bloom Token / Fragments

Bloom Tokens can be used in the Bloom Token Exchange to obtain a character's Bloom Stone. 60 Fragments can be used to limit break a Bloom Stone. The Bloom Stone, at max level, powers up your Additional Ability, which is unlocked when your character reaches Crystal Strength 65.

  • Location: Earned via Co-op shops & Chocobo Panel Missions, and other various quests.

Book / Tome of Treasure

Increases the amount of items dropped from quests for 15 minutes. Tomes increase the number by 3x, Books by 2x. Tomes can only be purchased for Gems via the Item Shop. Books can be obtained via daily login.

  • Books: best use is when grinding co-ops, summon trials, etc

  • Tomes: best use is when grinding cosmos co-ops, or World of Illusions: Radiant Artifacts when the rate is boosted 2x already (stacks to 6x rewards).

Book / Tome of Training

Increases the amount of experience and summon board points earned from quests for 15 minutes. Tomes increase the number by 3x, Books by 2x. Tomes can only be purchased for Gems via the Item Shop. Books can be obtained via daily login.

  • Books: best use is when wanting to quickly level a character, or grinding Summon Boards casually

  • Tomes: ONLY use should be when grinding Summon Boards as this can save 20+ hours of grinding. Make sure your characters have 2x EXP already or have a Special Boosted character in party to stack up to 6x Summon Board Points.

Book / Tome of Fortune

Increases the amount of gil dropped from quests for 15 minutes. Tomes increase the number by 3x, Books by 2x. Tomes can only be purchased for Gems via the Item Shop. Books can be obtained via daily login.

  • Books & Tomes: use on Cycle Quest - Golden Cactuars whenever you are low on gil, especially easy to earn 10 million gil within an hour during a 2x drop event.

Gear Slots

Purchasable from the item shop, 5 slots for 100 gems, up to a max of 900 extra slots. One of the best quality of life additions to the game, especially for anyone that does even a little bit of farming! We recommend upgrading to 400 slots and re-evaluating if you need more.

High Eidoja (Artifacts)

Artifact tokens that can be enhanced from Enhancement menu to grant your characters randomly generated stat boosts that can be equipped as Artifact Passives.

  • Location: Can be bought from Co-Op shops using tokens acquired from running Co-Op with a Link Bell or Hosting. High Eidojas can also be traded for in World of Illusions: Radiant Artifacts. This trading is always a temporary mission alongside new banners! Check your Missions > Events menu!

Shard / Crystal / Cluster / High Shard / High Crystal / High Cluster

Various tiers of crystals (each available in all 6 crystal colors).
  • Shards, Crystals, Clusters, High Shards, High Crystals and High Clusters (Tier 1-6) are to raise a character's crystal level up to 80! These can be farmed in Cycle Quests found at the bottom of the Events tab!

  • Mighty Shards (Tier 7) are needed to raise a character's crystal level to 90 and are only available from time-limited event missions or co-op shops. Each event period offers enough to get the synergy units to C90 with 25 extra to spare if you do all missions and clean out the co-op shop.

Summon Materials!

When leveling up Summons, you need the appropriate materials and gil to level them up. Here are the tiers of materials needed and where to farm them!

Anima / Origin Summon Materials & Affinity Spirit

Heatra, Icen, Spark, Aqua, Volatile, Holy, Affinity, Funnel, Draken

Materials to level summons from Level 20 to 50.

  • To level Summons up to Level 30, you will need to farm the Lv100 stage in that summon's Ultimate Trial. Make sure to rotate units around to get points for their summon boards too.

  • To level Summons up to Level 40, you will need to farm the Lv 150 stage (COSMOS) in that summon's Divine Trial. Odin is special and needs you to farm his Lv180 stage (CHAOS).

  • To level Summons up to Level 50, you will need to farm the Lv 180 stage in that summon's Spiritus Trial for Affinity Spirit.

    • Note: You can also farm the previous materials in different nodes in the Spiritus World of Illusion stage for that summon as well.

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