Entropy 8

Dimensions End: Entropy - Tier 8. This tier has the enemies Resistant to Range Damage. All the enemies for the 2nd wave are Resistant to all Weapon Types. A special section has been dedicated on how to tackle to the 2nd wave. They have Delay and debuffs including Poison, Paralyze, Blind, SPD Down, Turn Rate/DEF/IBRV/ ATK/MBRV Down. The recommended roles are an Imperiler/Enchanter and Elemental units. The bosses' total HP is 5,750,000. The turn requirement is 120. The DPT you need is 46K.

Wave 2 (Boss Wave)
Double Elemental Behemoths. This wave is the gatekeeper of this Tier. The Elemental Behemoths from Relm’s event are back with a vengeance. They resist all forms of damage (melee, ranged and magic) unless they get hit with the weakness element. After they are hit with said element, all their resistances drop for four (4) turns and you’re free to burst damage.
Eventually, they shift colors and regain resistance, continuing the cycle:
•Cycle 1 - [Blue: Ice resist / Fire weak]: inflicts DEF Down
•Cycle 2 - [Green: Wind resist / Thunder weak]: inflicts INT BRV Down
•Cycle 3 - [Red: Fire resist / Ice weak]: inflicts ATK Down
•Cycle 4 - [Yellow: Thunder resist / Wind weak]: inflicts MAX BRV Down

Most Used Units. Lulu is the most used unit for this tier. With heir party imperil and enchant, she enables the team to bypass the weapon resistances for the entire run. Yuri, OK, Papalymo and Ultimecia follows with their high DPT. WoL with his shields help as well reduce the BRV damage you take. Shantotto is another imperiler you can take. Yshtola with her battery and healing. Zack is another popular tank that can take them on. Sephiroth with his DPT. Penelo which doesn't really care for resistances with her skills. And lastly Edge that helps your party evade deadly HP attacks if timed well. 

EX Only Units. Sherlotta not caring about weapon resistances can be used with her base EX. The same goes with Porom in line with her HP DMG Mitigation.

Summons Used. Shiva is popular here as the last wave boss Lunatic Celestial Tiamat is weak to Ice. If you plan to capitalize the Wave 2 Bosses' weakness to Fire, Ifrit is the way to go.

Top Unit. Lulu's skills to imperil and enchant are highly valuable for this tier. Having her paired with non-elemental units solves your resistance challenges. Alternatively, Onion Knight also enchants the party with his AA for limited turns and imperils the enemies. Type Agnostic (Refers to characters that imperil their own elements allowing them to bypass melee, ranged or magic resist fights) units are Yuri, Papalymo and Shantotto. Tanks you may use are WoL and Edge. One of the best supports currently out is Penelo. 

Dimension's End: Entropy GL team comps