Transcendence Tier 3

Reminder: Avoid claiming your BT tokens from the Rewards menu, they do NOT expire! Simply wait until there is a BT you want to claim!

For general information on Transcendence, please read our Transcendence FAQ!

You do not need to complete prior Transcendence stages to attempt this stage!

Transcendence #3 Left Crucible vs 3x Ancestor

Orb Timeline:

-1 count per ally action, -2 count per enemy turn
  • Appears @ 79% HP (20 count)

Launch target: +5 count

Yellow Crystal required in party

Key Character Examples

Boss Notes

  • Absorbs Dark

  • Turn Count is 70 to get through 16.5 million HP

  • Frequent AoE BRV + HP attacks - prep a healer if allowing boss turns!

  • Single target Kick++ will delay you

Key Character Notes

Required (all):

  • Yellow Crystal: Layle is absolutely tailored for this stage. Other launching yellow crystals include Tifa (single target only on EX), Ramza/Keiss (may be locked in T1 though). Plenty of other yellows with Y'shtola, Bartz, Yang, Balthier, Basch, Desch, Noel.

  • Launcher:

    • In party: Layle, Ramza, Keiss, Tifa are the popular options

    • Calls only: Teams that opted to just use launch calls (Ramza and/or Cloud) absolutely needed to damage race, generally using Strago (with 3 enemies he obliterates the stage, or Squall (similar fashion to Strago).

Layle is excellent here, as he can non-stop launch enemies, allow party members to launch them faster, and also deal high damage thanks to the full party always being included in his launches.

Ramza with just his LD is enough here as the only launcher, and you may not even need a BT in party (Ramza Porom Kurasame is rumored to work, unfortunately the video was made private)... please do not try to min/max... if you have a BT, just bring it!

Tifa has incredibly high single target damage, and her instant turns into EX allow her to work as your only launcher, but it's good to bring along Cloud/Ramza call for on demand access to calls.

Keiss is likely locked in Tier 1 if you have his LD, so only unlock him if you are somehow missing LD's on all 3 above! His frequent launching & damage amplification is excellent here, just make sure to Hero Support an AoE attacker so that all enemies become launchable.

Strago & Squall eat this stage for breakfast. 3 enemies versus their 100% AoE basic attacks have no chance, they can end the stage in under 25 turns.

Kurasame is a massive enabler, with his huge HP damage up, he is a key if a damage race is needed and you're just using launch calls.

With 3 enemies, off-turn damage is king, so Galuf is great, but careful of the turn when his LD buff falls off, as their AoE HP attacks are magic, so he may not be able to dodge them. Gau is also a good option, as these enemies were from his event, and he can help keep your party healthy and keep enemies shaved despite their delays.

If you are giving the enemy turns, expect that you will need an adept healer like Basch or Desch. Plenty of other options work fine.

Transcendence #3 Right Crucible vs 2x King Behemoth

Orb Timeline:

-1 count per ally action, -2 count per enemy turn
  • Appears @ Battle Start (20 count)

Reduce HP DMG taken: +6 count

White Crystal required in party

Key Character Examples

(many more in key char notes)

Boss Notes

  • Turn count is 80 to get through 20 million HP

  • Bosses must take turns in order for you to meet the orb condition!

  • All AoE attacks are AoE HP attacks, one of them has a BRV gain into HP, while the other has a BRV hit into HP

  • At various times, the boss will apply 6 generic buffs for 3T, one of them... is HP Regen :) The boss will recover 100,000 HP per turn.

    • You can certainly plow through this with a normal team and not worry, 300k HP, or even 600k HP, only adds a few turns to most teams, and the turn count is generous at 80.

    • Apply 4 framed debuffs to the enemies to prevent the HP Regen buff from being applied, or to push it off

Key Character Notes

Required (all):

  • White Crystal: Warrior of Light & Porom are perfect for the stage. Other white crystals that reduce HP damage include Nine & Guy. Other potential choices for white crystal include Gau & Emperor.

  • HP Damage Reduction:

    • We have an entire section of our site dedicated to this for a reason, but WoL, Porom, Galuf, & Celes all reduce the party's HP damage taken as shown above.

    • Golbez is special, as his Shadow Dragon buff reduces his own HP damage, the frequent enemy ALL attacks ensure that he can handle the orb single handedly!


Transcendence #3 Reckoning vs 2x Spineclad, 2 Snake Pod

Orb Timeline:

-1 count per ally action, -2 count per enemy turn

Wave 1 (no orb)

Wave 2

  • Appears @ 79% HP (8 count)

Recover HP via Regen: +2 count

Key Character Examples

(characters are listed by wave where they are potentially most needed)

Boss Notes

  • Snake Pods absorb Water

  • Turn count is 100 to get through 24 million HP

Wave 1

  • Every few turns they will target themselves and do a 65k+ BRV gain. Their next turn is an AoE BRV + HP attack that bypasses BRV shields, but does not bypass HP DMG reduction effects.

  • At 49% HP, they will do a BRV gain + a massive BRV DMG reduction. You must launch them in order to remove this BRV DMG reduction aura.

Wave 2

  • At 79% HP and 49% HP, they will delay themselves, lock their turns, and gain a BRV DMG reduction aura until their next turn.

    • On their next turn, they will gain 60k+ BRV and do an AoE HP attack

Key Character Notes

Required (all numbered bullets):

  1. Launch (1 for each boss in wave 1 at 49% HP)

    • Layle & Tifa are excellent, just note Tifa will need to use S2 to recharge her EX again for an additional launch

    • Calls: Cloud & Ramza work very well, and allow you to skip using a launcher in party

  2. HP Regen (for orb in wave 2)

    • Easiest thing to do is give someone on the team a Porom or Rosa sphere, even RF is fine

    • Porom, Galuf, Ashe, & Ignis cover HP Regen otherwise

Nice to have (pick any):

  1. Protection against large AoE HP attacks

      1. Warrior of Light & Porom specialize in reducing HP damage, with WoL basically trivializing the stage

      2. Galuf & Hope can also reduce incoming HP damage (Hope on AA)

  2. Battery to counteract BRV DMG reductions

Creative & Unique Runs

  • We are linking some noteworthy videos that utilize unexpected team comps. We thank these players for their creative efforts :)

    • If you have a run that you believe is noteworthy, please message inkwelder#4907 (discord) or inkwelder_ (reddit) !!!

  • If you are looking for creative runs on the GL side of the game, please do check

fict hanaji using Squall BT, Hope LD, Ignis LD (Calls: Kurasame, Cloud, Setzer)

  • Only video that did not use Warrior of Light, Porom, or Galuf