Transcendence Tier 4

Reminder: Avoid claiming your BT tokens from the Rewards menu, they do NOT expire! Simply wait until there is a BT you want to claim!

For general information on Transcendence, please read our Transcendence FAQ!

You do not need to complete prior Transcendence stages to attempt this stage!

Left Crucible vs Flan Medley & 2x Small Flan Medley

Orb Timeline:

-1 count per ally action, -2 count per enemy turn
  • Appears @ Battle Start (20 count)

Cleanse a debuff: +8 count (per debuff)

White Crystal required in party

Key Characters Pick One:

Boss Notes

  • 65T fight. Orb is +8T per debuff cleansed. Bosses are immune to their own Burns debuff.

    • Enemies rotate resistance to Thunder/Wind and Ice, and start resistant to Thunder/Wind

  • Enemies are HP attack happy, and have high speed, pumping out relentless attacks, many are BRV + HP or BRV gain + HP. If they do a BRV only attack, be sure to break them quickly, as you'll notice their turns are quite frequent.

  • The adds recast is Acid +. They recover from break, gain BRV and do a guaranteed hit AoE HP atk. They deal extra HP dmg to debuffed party members. The recast also inflicts Blind and Hex debuffs.

  • The boss will do the Generate Body on himself if the adds are dead, gaining a large amount of BRV DMG reduction. Break the enemy to force him to resummon the adds using High Split and drop the BRV DMG reduction. High split will raise his ATK / mBRV and get BRV regen. The main boss will raise his stats throughout the fight, as well as gain high BRV dmg reduction (75%-80%) and reduce party BRV gains (20%-30%)

  • While in Fire mode (thunder/wind resist), look out for their Burns debuff which is a 10% mHP poison. They also have both ST/AoE versions of BRV + HP attacks.

  • While in Water Mode (ice resist), look out for a poison debuff, and again, relentless ST/AoE HP attacks.

Key Character Notes

Required (all):

  • White Crystal: Yuna is ready to send these flans to the Farplane. Other recent white crystals that may be helpful on this stage are: Penelo, Porom, Queen, Serah, & Deuce. Other potentially helpful white crystals are Warrior of Light, Arciela, and Hope, but you may have them in another tier already.

  • Cleanser:

    • In party: Yuna, Yuffie, Penelo, Mog, Balthier, Ceodore are all options

    • Some useful calls are Yuna, Mog, Penelo, Ceodore.

Single target damage dealer is highly recommended

Tank is helpful, but most did not use one

Yuna will keep the orb in check, in cleansing the party, she will also heal the party and deal AoE BRV dmg as well as battery everyone. She's a great unit to have and her being a white crystal unit makes this even more so. We currently do not have a single T4-1 video clear without Yuna, but there is screenshot evidence with others such as Penelo, Mog, & Ceodore.

Tifa is used to deal massive ST BRV damage to the main boss. Once again, her instant turns, free turns and intense damage comes in quite handy if you didn't use her already.

Vaan is used to deal massive ST BRV damage to the main boss while also blinding the enemies for additional safety. This is particularily useful to not have the adds die and be revived every so often. He needs a white crystal character and a cleanser.

Yuffie works to maintain the orb and her EX debuff completely neutralizes the enemy recasts. Keep in mind she does self cleanse and removes 1 party debuff. If you don't have Yuna with her, you might have to compensate with cleansing calls (like Ceodore LDCA) or additional healing

Setzer will make sure the party will deal max BRV damage as well as seal their BRV damage. He needs a white crystal character, a cleanser and a DPS.

Gladio will protect the party as the enemy attacks are mostly ST BRV. He will be able to keep everyone mostly safe and batteried.

While she is resisted in Fire mode, Ashe is interesting for her paralyze and overall good party utility. Combine her with Queen and a party cleanser for great results. Celes has also seen a few runs even if she is resisted in Water mode. Her LD follow up attack keeps the enemy brv low. Porom works well as a white crystal character if you didn't use her in T3.

Right Crucible vs 2x Ferrum Scorpion

Orb Timeline:

-1 count per ally action, -2 count per enemy turn
  • Appears @ 79% HP (8 count)

Deal Ranged BRV Damage: +2 count

Red Crystal required in party

Key Character Examples

(many more in key char notes)

Boss Notes

  • 75T fight. Orb is +2T when target takes ranged BRV dmg. MAX 8T on the orb. The boss is highly resistant to melee damage and will instant KO any melee attacker.

  • Enemies have a lot of BRV gain based attacks and are known for having instant turns to watch out for. They also have attacks that have high turn rate if they break you.

  • When a boss hits the 79% and 49% HP threshold, he will automatically do Acid Splash followed by Concentrate. If you don't break them, you're in for a world of hurt.

    • Acid Splash puts the Corrosion debuff on the team for 5T. This debuff raises BRV dmg and HP dmg taken by 30%.

    • Concentrating (blue aura) is a buff that will raise boss BRV (around 70k) and defense, the bosses become immune to instant break and the party cannot recover BRV. Deal critical damage in 2 of your turns before theirs to cancel the aura. The boss will do Ferrum Laser+ on the next turn (100% Full attack). Break the enemy or stop their BRV gain. If you break the enemy, the boss will do Ferrum Laser (non+, split attack) as its next attack.

Key Character Notes

Required (all):

  • Red Crystal: Yuffie is perfect for the stage and Barret is also good. Other red crystals that are ranged... well that's Seifer. Other reds that might be useful here include Vaan & Aerith.

  • Ranged Damage:

    • Yuffie removes much of the danger of this stage by using her EX debuff to stop BRV gains, which the enemies do frequently.

    • Setzer stops their BRV gains as well with his Freeze debuff, and his rainbow enchant will help the team to shave down enemy BRV if they aren't frozen.

    • Trey absolutely obliterates the orb, procing the ranged damage condition continuously. His off turn damage will constantly shave them, and will help save you from the Concentraing aura.

    • Barret has a 100% crit aura & Aranea's Vitalcrusher debuff will guarantee the team has critical hits to bypass the Concentrating aura.

    • Seifer will delay the bosses and his debuffs will hurt their damage.

    • Eald'narche can also be of good use for this stage to lock out the bosses and keep them from attacking the party.

You don't need a healer if you can reliably block out all their BRV gains/attacks. But healing calls can do the job.

Reckoning vs 2x White Qilin & 2x Grand Rock

Orb Timeline:

-1 count per ally action, -2 count per enemy turn

Wave 1

  • Appears @ Battle Start (8 count)

  • Disappears @ 79% HP

  • Appears @ 49% HP

Party has 12+ buffs: +2 count

Wave 2

  • Appears @ Battle Start (10 count)

  • DIsappears @ 79% HP

  • Appears @ 59% HP

  • Disappears @ 39% HP

Take critical BRV DMG: +2 count

Key Character Examples

Most strategies utilize 2 supports and 1 attacker!

Boss Notes

  • 70T fight to truck through 28 million HP, 400k DPT

Wave 1

  • Watch out for Storm's Calling, which they do after they take a turn, which will cleanse generics, and let them act twice. This won't go away until their ALL attack White Light Black Thunder, which is an AoE BRV attack, into a BRV gain, into an AoE BRV + HP attack which can kill without reductions/mitigations.

  • If you take 10 consecutive turns without the enemy acting, they will reduce all BRV & HP DMG to 1 & 0 until you let them act. This is indicated by yellow streaks. You can paralyze or let them act to remove the streaks.

Wave 2

  • BRV gains at 79%, 49%, & 29% HP

  • 150k BRV shield at 59% HP which can potentially stop you from dealing critical damage for the orb. They will also delay themselves for 3T, be careful to let them play, as if you go 10T without them acting, they will also reduce BRV/HP DMG to 1 until they go.

  • Will do AoE BRV attacks that delay your entire party 1T and single target attacks which delay 3T. Also has a single target attack with splash damage but if you're healthy it won't be an issue.

  • The boss has Curaga in its move pool, but we have no video evidence of these enemies ever HP healing themselves, even in strategies that involve off-turn damage and having them take significant turns.

Key Character Notes

Most Important Aspect of the Fight:

Enemies skyrocketing DEF & BRV Damage Reduction make having 2 supports on the team very helpful!

    • Setzer, Yuna, Queen, Porom, Agrias, Yuffie are very popular across the stage to enable nearly any third character, while also enabling each other.

      • Setzer enables characters with a lot of BRV hits like Yuna, Agrias, & Queen.

      • Agrias & Porom have BRV gain up to enable each other, or enable Yuna or the big damage dealers listed above. Note that these two play completely differently, with Porom being more battery & defensive, while Agrias is more disruptive with paralyzes.

      • Queen has possibly the strongest auras in the entire game, and her free turn damage considerably helps with the tight turn count.

      • Yuffie removes much of the danger in the last wave, stopping the BRV gains that the enemies have after each turn.


  1. Overpower (most popular)

    • Vaan & Tifa have high damage ceilings, along with large BRV gains built into their kit, allowing the team to hit under the 70 turn allowance. Make sure to support them, as red bar in the 2nd wave will likely drop your BRV damage off the side of a cliff. These two appreciate Porom & Agrias for the BRV gain, as well as Setzer, Yuna, and Queen for their auras & HP DMG up.

  2. Ignore their crap

    • Just run 3 of the supports listed above, being mindful of how they enable each other. Yuna and Queen are pseudo damage dealers when well supported. Setzer, Yuffie, Porom, & Agrias play a more disruptive game while also supporting the party.

  3. Off-Turn Damage

    • Gladio can run with 2 battery supports and no BT in party (seen below) and maintain his LD buff nearly the entire fight thanks to the second wave constantly delaying him

    • Calls: Get your buff extension calls ready from Yuna, Hope, & Sazh

  4. Launch

    • Noctis & Layle both have completed runs listed below as being notable. With such a support and battery heavy tier, it's no surprise that launchers are capable of thriving here.

Creative & Unique Runs of the Reckoning stage from JP players

  • We are linking some noteworthy videos that utilize unexpected team comps. We thank these players for their creative efforts :)

    • If you have a run that you believe is noteworthy, please message inkwelder#4907 (discord) or inkwelder_ (reddit) !!!

  • If you are looking for creative runs on the GL side of the game, please do check

ほたてん using Layle BT, Queen & Rosa LDs, with calls to Faris, Hope, & Keiss

    • Showcase of a primary launch strategy

にくまきアスパラ using Tifa, Porom, and Agrias LDs, with calls to Reno, Kurasame, & Seifer

    • Showcase of stacking BRV gain ups to ignore high defenses