Entropy 14

Dimensions End: Entropy - Tier 14. This tier has the enemies Resistant to Ranged Damage. The enemies have high DEF, very fast and are dangerous due to frequent AoE HP attacks. The recommended roles would be Turn Manipulation Units (SPD/Turn Rate Down, Delay, Delete, Paralyze). The bosses' total HP is 8,900,000. The turn requirement is 105. The DPT you need is 85K.

  • Wave 1 (Boss Wave)
    Guard Scorpion, Eagle Gun (Water & Earth Null).
    Eagle Gun opens with a BRV attack then puts up a BRV Barrier (value around 4-5k, debuff iBRV to lower reduce this) but is not framed so it can be pushed off. Watch out for its AoE Eagleflame (BRV gain + AoE BRV + HP split attack).

    Guard Scorpion is relatively tame until it gets down to 80% health and raises its tail. It significantly speeds up, gains BRV Regen, and attacks over and over with Tail Laser+ (High Turn Rate, BRV Gain + AoE HP Attack).

    Focus down the Guard Scorpion first. Split damage will be less effective as it can out speed you and its AoE attacks can kill you. Making use of turn manipulation units will prevent you from being nuked and gain advantage.

  • Wave 2 (Boss Wave)
    Guardian. Boss has battle programs based on HP threshold.
    1.Kraken (Thunder Weak; BRV Regen) - The first battle program it activates. At this state, it uses high turn rate attacks.
    2. Malboro (Fire Weak; DEF Up; 80-70% HP) - Uses BRV attack then all turns will be using the dreaded Bad Breath - which inflicts Blind. You can avoid this with debuff evasion, pushing debuffs off, or nuking it down.
    3. Ultima Weapon (ATK Up; 40-30% HP) - Uses an AoE BRV attack and gains high turn rate when breaking or attacking a broken unit, so avoid being broken. It will also cycle between Malboro & Ultima Weapon until defeated.
    Debuffs Inflicted: SPD Down, Bad Breath (Blind, SPD Down, Poison)

  • Wave 3 (Final Boss Wave)
    CPU, Attack Node & Defense Node.
    Defense Node: Restores HP, HP Regen
    Attack Node: AoE BRV Attacks, SPD Down, ST HP ATK
    CPU: Has 50% HP Damage Reduction when both Nodes are alive. Its recast ability is a BRV Gain+AoE BRV Attack that triggers a follow-up HP Attack if you get broken or are already broken. Brace for impact when its about to use this making sure no one gets broken or else your team can be wiped out.

Focus on killing first the Defense Node, then CPU, and lastly the Attack Node. Killing the Attack Node causes the CPU to enhance its recast ability. If you prioritize the two nodes, the CPU will enrage enhancing all stats with BRV reduction making the fight very difficult. As such, kill them in the recommended order. Turn manipulation units will make this very manageable.
Debuffs Inflicted: SPD/DEF/mBRV Down

Turn Manipulation is key for this tier. Amidatelion, Quistis, & Garland provide this via their delay based skills as well as SPD Down auras. They also have wide kits, the first two bringing battery & debuffs, while Garland brings huge damage.

Enchanters are also helpful, providing your ranged attackers to hit weakness on this tier, while also boosting the party's BRV damage. Raijin, Garnet, & Desch all provide this, while also keeping your party healthy! Raijin & Desch also help counter the fast bosses with their paralysis.

Aphmau & Sherlotta are examples of powerful supports that battery, heal, and provide great auras to your party. Finally, with the high damage per turn needed, characters like Squall & Alisaie will relentlessly pummel bosses.