Entropy 19

Dimensions End: Entropy - Tier 19. This tier has no general enemy resistances, outside of a couple of element resists/absorbs. The enemies have predictable but strong AoE HP Attacks. The recommended roles would be Damage Mitigation, Healing, Damage Dealer, and Dispel. The bosses' total HP is 8,150,000. The turn requirement is 100. The DPT you need is 81.5k.

  • Wave 1 (Boss Wave)

Heritage Golem (2x)

The Heritage Golem grants itself framed buffs after its attacks. They can delay you, giving themselves more turns and more opportunities to break you. Their recast becomes more deadly against a broken target.

Their recast is an AoE BRV + HP Attack which progressively gets stronger. Their framed buffs can be dispelled but is not a necessity.

  • Wave 2 (Boss Wave)

Wyerd (1x) Fire Weak, Ice Resist

Gigantoad (2x) Ice Weak, Water Absorb

The Wyerd can swap BRV with you so make sure you are prepared to shave a large BRV amount before their next turn.

The Gigantoads can inflict poison and frog (making you do 1 BRV DMG for 1 turn). Apart from those debuffs, nothing much to look out for on this wave

Debuffs Inflicted: Poison, Frog

  • Wave 3 (Boss Wave)

Bastion Giant (1x)

The Bastian Giant is immune to the Frog debuff, so you can't use Yuffie to throw the debuff back from the last wave. It can inflict generic status down debuffs and buffs itself with ATK & SPD Up

It turns red for one (1) turn and increases ATK, DEF, & HP DMG dealt. You can handle this with damage reduction, stun/disable it to prevent it from getting a turn, or summon if you want to be absolutely safe. There is no guaranteed HP attack so just ensure you are protected against the attack.

Debuffs Inflicted: ATK/iBRV/DEF/SPD Down

  • Wave 4 (Boss Wave)

Might Eater (1x)

Small Might Eaters (2x)

When the enemies first get a turn, your max HP is lowered. It can buff itself with ATK/iBRV/SPD/DEF Up. It has nasty HP attacks. At certain HP thresholds, it will unleash Absorb Energy, which is a BRV Gain + Absorb all of your BRV + AoE HP attack.

You can handle this with damage mitigation or don't give it turns at all with burst, delay, and summon.

Debuffs Inflicted: Sap

The single most important thing for this tier of Entropy is simply to build a balanced team. This means you'll want a team compromised of a damage dealer, support, & utility. The utility role is covered by a character with the ability to mitigate incoming BRV & HP damage.

Cloud acts a swiss army knife for this tier, handling damage, paralysis, & dispel - but his main role here will certainly be damage dealer. Numerous other options work here, including Xande & Gau. This is the most flexible slot.

Support can be filled with characters like Firion, Rude, Ciaran, Edward, Raijin, etc. These all bring ATK auras and battery, but it is important to be mindful of whether your support is a healer or not. If not, you will want either your damage dealer or your utility to have healing capabilities.

Warrior of Light, Basch, Beatrix, and Reno help with BRV & HP damage. This will help with enemy recast attacks (when their red bar is filled and glowing). Beatrix & Reno also can dispel enemy buffs, and while this isn't important, it will make this tier even easier.

Video walkthrough by Black Nero!