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Summon Board Passive selections:

Additional Weapons

Sphere Recommendations

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How-To-Play Notes

Removable Passives

(if you lack enough CP to equip important passives)

Squall's Synergy Infographic by IndolentLard

In-Depth Analysis of Early Echo Era Damage Dealers

After many questions and requests of whether to chase Vivi, Serah or Squall or if Rinoa can keep up or are Mog and Serah really worth it outside of support, we crunched a few numbers and so did our friends!

Estimates of Expected Damage by Cel

Burst Damage Estimates by Destroth

Quick FAQ

Notes of Pros/Cons of early Echo Era Damage Dealers

REMINDER: All these units are amazing damage dealers and unless fights have specific requirements, they can each heavily overkill content for months