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Character Notes & Recommendations

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Summon Board Passive selections:

Sphere Recommendations:

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How-To-Play Notes:

BRV+++ Analysis & Sample Scenario (click to expand)

Kam has access to virtually 23 skill uses, including the free skills from his LD. This allows him to spam skills for 30T (~90 turn quest).

Peerless Hero now has 12T duration, with 4 LD uses lasts 48T total, but if you don’t want your aura to fall off, it drops to 44T, since you will use LD again with 1T remaining. If it falls off, it is fine, it’s up to you.

TLDR: Kam can use 9 BRV+++ throughout a quest to guarantee all 13 paralyzes, and still have 5T remaining on his LD effect. This expects you are using your LD when 1T is left, and that using the LD will not fully charge your EX (since you’ll want to use the free paralyze afterward).

Sample Scenario:

1st LD use cycle

2nd LD use cycle

3rd LD use cycle

What does this mean?

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