Pull Strategies

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Gems: Use them when you must have the LD weapon, either because the character's role coverage is important to your specific roster, or because they are a favorite character. Tier lists do not exist in this game for a reason, so do not fully trust generic "Should You Pull" advice unless that person is familiar with your specific roster.

Tickets are your more commonly used, go-to way of acquiring weapons, but they can't guarantee anything, so this is heavily luck based. The more tickets you save to get an LD weapon that you would like, the more gems you can save for your critical needs and favorites. Due to no ticket guarantee, it is important to be be prepared to walk away empty-handed. 

For players that want to manage their resources in a healthy manner, *gems and tickets* should never be mixed on a single banner. This is especially important for players that wish to remain "free-to-play"

IMPORTANT: Duplicate Pulling for beginners for 15/35cp weapons is ENCOURAGED. There is rarely a valid case to pull for new weapons if you can't MLB them. If you lack powerstones - prepare to pull for dupes/golds until you can MLB them. Do NOT worry about EX/LD dupes, since they have low drop rates, plan to use powerstones to max those. 

Note on FRs: While your roster will need FRs, some characters do not need their FR to function so unless it is a favorite unit or a strong FR you wish to use over the course of a long time, you can focus on getting just LDs and EXs still especially if the unit is useful as a call

With the addition of anniversary new player chocoboards new players have access to at least 275 Weapon Tokens, 60 EX power tokens, 10 LD tokens, 300+ power stones, and more* which is enough to build quite a bit of older units that recently passed. If you fall into this new category and have access to these chocoboards, your main goal is to focus a single copy of a current unit's LD (and/or BT if you really want to invest in a character) as that will allow you to pick up another unit's LD with tokens and you have plenty of power stones (12 needed to fully MLB any given weapon without dupes).

*If you just started, as of Dec 2022, there are about 2 MILLION gems and 10,000 tickets that can be acquired for free just from permanent content alone! If you participate on all of the events for the month it usually gives around 75,000 gems and around 200+ tickets on average.

If you went in with tickets, be ready to walk away empty-handed as switching to gems means you should have used gems in the first place and are wasting even more resources.

If you don't have gems to continue to pull to pity, you have wasted them, so consider skipping the banner and saving your gems.

Rules for Healthy Management of Gems & Tickets

For more context & details on these rules, check Jin Lee's How2Manage Resources video

Thanks to Nidre & FFOOtip.com, your resource management is now fully trackable in their planner! See your resource accrual up to current JP timeline and forecast the use of your gems, tickets & other resources! See the reddit post & release details here.

Situation #1: Targeting a new FR

Situation #2: Targeting a new BT