Lufenia Research

Update (6/6): Kurasame LC Lufenia research and earlier is done!

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DISCLAIMER - The information below is not a list of meta characters or must pulls. Characters listed are "keys" to solving the puzzle of the Lufenia stage, and you should review our Roles page for alternatives if you lack them! Review the boss notes & character notes to understand the puzzle. You still need a balanced roster of damage dealers & supports work with your key characters to complete the stage. We have done our best to give you information to make your transition to Lufenia difficulty more smooth, but this research is not necessary holistic and is intended to be easily understood and actionable.

Special Thanks (dropdown)

We are but a team of four Tonberries, and we would be remiss to not have a special section to thank:

  • Rem#4900 (boss data & entire backbone of project) - his new Lufenia page is wonderful !

  • Veradux#9441 (translations of boss data) - Vera has also done extensive fact checking of the boss data to ensure accuracy

  • ShinriXLittleSunshine#7421 (extensive boss notes & strategies from JP side),

  • Fay Aneefas YouTube (aka Safeena) - her detailed videos go into great detail on bosses which helped further with boss notes & strategy

  • Black Nero YouTube (aka Black Cloud) - his monthly retrospectives and commentated JP runs have helped to add more depth and color to the notes below

  • Anomander#5270 (research & video repository) - combing YouTube across all events, helping to provide numbers behind key characters, and providing additional data points on why characters were used. We do have the repository available to our patrons as a quality of life library to easily find these YouTube videos.

  • Eons#3609 (boss videos of orbs expiring, boss information) - constant & thorough testing of permanent JP lufenia content checking for buff dispel, debuff cleanse, etc

  • Mino Spelgud#5048 (boss translations, website review & QA) - translations of testing information & helped refine website layout for clarity!

Thank you for your incredible contributions and time spent to help us develop this page for the GL community. We have an amazing community across the entire DFFOO landscape, and we're glad that we get to work such kind & fantastic people. This just wouldn't be possible without all of you.

Lufenia Basics (dropdown)

What is Lufenia? Lufenia is a new difficulty (Lv200 content), and is exceptionally difficult. Some battles do happen to be easier than others, while some are punishingly hard even with all the best characters. It is truly challenging content which rewards you with 20 High Armor Tokens which lets you buy upgraded armor for your characters giving them excellent improvements such as breaking BRV & HP damage limits for all of their attacks.

Why is Lufenia so difficult? Lufenia introduces the concept of the Lufenia orb (pictured above/left). This orb appears next to the buffs/debuffs of the boss along with a countdown. 99% of the time, the orb count goes down 1 every party member action, and down 2 on their boss turn (we will note when this isn't true). When the countdown expires, something generally terrible happens. Early on, it is a massive AoE attack that will kill you if you're not prepared for it. If you are prepared, it will set you back many turns to recover buffs/debuffs etc. Later on, it will cause instant death. For this reason, the name of the game in Lufenia is you must respect the orb. Orbs can sometimes have their countdowns increased or frozen when certain conditions are met, giving you time to complete the quest. If you cannot counter the orb, a complete on the stage should not be assumed.

Is Lufenia pay-to-win? Does it force me to pull every banner? Assuredly no - synergy is not required, BT weapons are not required - as long as you have a balanced roster covering various niches, you'll be fine. Yes, you still need to pull to keep your roster updated, this is a gacha after all. Further below, you will see some key characters for every Lufenia, but note these characters are not required! This page will be constantly updated as new Lufenias are released in JP, and as we continue to research more of these fights.

Table of Contents for your convenience, or just click the first link to jump right to them!

Please if you see anything you feel is in error or confusing, reach out to us so we can fix it for everyone!

Transcendence (all stages)

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Permanent Boss Fights from Older Content

Act 2 Finale, Pt. 2 vs Shinryu

  • Immune to HP Attack Disable & mBRV Down debuffs

  • Orb expiration attack: Cleanse debuffs, Dispel all buffs (can be dodged) + AoE BRV + HP that will kill you if it doesn't miss or you don't have HP DMG reduction. Grants 5T BRV & HP Regen buffs.

  • Wave 1 does not have an orb and is a single target. Its recast will give a red aura that will block HP healing for a number of turns.

  • Wave 2, Shinryu's orb will appear (5T) after recast, disappear after the next recast, and continue to alternate. While the orb is there, Shinryu has a huge DEF boost. Keep Shinryu under 25% of its mBRV to freeze the orb tick.

    • The recast is an AoE BRV+HP attack, so either don't let it take turns (note the yellow aura prevents delay), or prepare to tank/mitigate the damage

  • After it uses its recast, your summon will be locked out until Shinryu has 2 more turns (paralysis doesn't impact this)

  • Shinryu has different-colored auras that will change at certain HP thresholds or as he acts.

    • Yellow: Stat boost & denies all forms of delay (including from break), cannot be launched

      • This aura will appear at 85% HP & 69% HP (and after various attacks) and will inflict ATK, SPD, iBRV, & mBRV Down on all allies

    • Purple: Your party will be denied of gaining HP and BRV. BRV attacks work fine, though.

    • Green: All of Shinryu's attacks will be guaranteed and he will heal HP based on BRV damage dealt.

    • Blue: Shinryu won't receive BRV damage/all BRV damage is nullified to 0

๐Ÿ“• Complete Boss Guide available on

Eight LC (The Power of Tranquility) Lufenia vs 2x White Clac

  • Immune to ATK Down debuff

  • Orb expiration attack: Target party, cleanse debuffs, AoE magic BRV + HP (can be dodged, terrored, tanked) but grants itself a framed buff that boosts iBRV & SPD

  • Triple is enabled at 80% & 50% HP, and when it leaves this mode, the orb will appear (10T)

    • The orb will disappear when the bosses use Triple again

  • Triple allows 3 consecutive attacks in a single turn, which makes taunt important vs these bosses. If you don't shield the attack or have a tank, the 3 consecutive attacks will kill most characters.

  • Galuf with no weapons at all, just crystal level 60, can cover your allies and dodge all attacks. He will allow your other 2 allies to attack without fear of the Orb expiration attack nor the dangerous attacks below.

๐Ÿ“• Complete Boss Guide available on

Ultimate Bahamut Lufenia vs Neo Bahamut

  • Weak to Holy

  • Heavy Resistance to Melee & Ranged

  • Consistent holy damage is nearly required - even if you deal holy damage, that will only boost the orb by +1, but then end of turn will tick it -1, resulting in no change. And remember that enemy turns are 2 ticks!

    • You can race the orb a bit as it will disappear at 79% HP, and reappear at 49% HP (20T), just be ready with holy damage to buy some more time

  • Orb expiration attack: Cleanse debuffs, Dispel all buffs (can be dodged) + BRV gain + AoE BRV + HP that will kill you if it doesn't miss. BRV gains based on BRV DMG dealt.

  • Bahamut will summon 2 crystal adds after using recast attack and at 79%, 49%, & 29% HP thresholds.

  • When these crystals are up, neither Bahamut nor the crystals can be delayed in any form (delay skills or BREAK does not work), and they will sap BRV from the ally with the current turn

  • When the crystals move once, their next attack is usually an ALL that will dispel ALL buffs and deal heavy HP damage that will KO all allies (not a guaranteed hit)

  • Bahamut will inflict Lock on all allies (not guaranteed) so they can only target him. Thus, AOE damage is heavily required to deal with the crystals.

  • When Bahamut drops under 50% HP, the summoned crystals are much tankier. They will receive less HP damage from attacks. Getting Bahamut under 50% while the crystals are still summoned bypasses this.

  • Bahamut will inflict a framed HP poison debuff after certain HP thresholds (not guaranteed)

๐Ÿ“• Complete Boss Guide available on

Gau LC (Wild Child of the Veldt) Lufenia vs 1x/2x/3x Ancestor

  • Weak to Earth & Holy

  • Heavy resistance to Ranged

  • Immune to ATK, DEF, SPD Down debuffs

  • Orb expiration attack: Cleanse all debuffs, dispel all buffs (can be dodged) + AoE BRV + HP that will kill you if it doesn't miss

  • 3 waves of enemies. First wave doesn't have an orb, but its ALL attack will dispel buffs and deal a really powerful attack that will KO the party once it's in red status.

    • Wave 2 & 3 have orbs appearing at 49% HP (15T), boost the orb +1 with counter damage, and +2 with earth damage

  • Cleanses debuffs in all waves at 79% & 49% HP, as well as before their AoE BRV + HP attack

  • In Wave 2, at 49% HP, they will do a BRV gain both to ~70k and grant themselves resistance to physical & magic attacks that need enchanters with imperil to bypass

    • In Wave 3, they do this individually at 49% HP

  • The HP damage in this stage can be relentless, so be prepared with a strong healer or HP DMG mitigator

๐Ÿ“• Complete Boss Guide available on

Kam'lanaut LC (Ambition for Provenance) Lufenia vs 2x Protean

  • Weak to Thunder & Ice

  • Heavy Resistance to Ranged

  • Immune to DEF Down debuff

  • When the enemyโ€™s turn is denied (debuffs that stop movement like HP silence, Paralysis, Sleep, Terror) the counter increases by 15 (where the max counter is 20). It appears at 79% HP.

  • The enemy must attempt to move in their turn, so heavy delaying is a no-no, unless you have some form of party evasion (like Edge EX+)

  • When the enemy gains a yellow aura, you must use debuffs that deny movement for the enemy to get rid of it in its turn, otherwise, one ally will take heavy damage after buffs are dispelled.

๐Ÿ“• Complete Boss Guide available on

Ciaran LC (Caravan of Hope) Lufenia vs 2x Wild Shearer

  • Neutral to Thunder & Holy, absorbs all other elements

  • Heavy resistance to Ranged

  • Immune to Poison Wound debuff

  • First wave has 3 foes which will gradually buff. Upon reaching level 6 (VI), the next ALL attack (Lightning Bolt+) will dispel all buffs and deal a powerful HP attack that will KO allies.

    • If a party member has low HP (under 50% HP), the next ALL attack that an enemy sets while your HP is less than 50% will be Lightning Bolt+, regardless of level VI or not (if an enemy is already targeting ALL when your ally drops below 50%, that ALL will not be a + version because it has already been queued up to be Lightning Bolt, the next set ALL would be Lightning Bolt+ unless you heal them up). Keep your party healthy!

  • The orb in Wave 2 (appears at wave start 25T, disappears at 79% HP, appears at 49% 15T, disappears at 29%) canโ€™t be increased or frozen in any form. You must reach the mentioned thresholds to force them to disappear before they drop to 0T.

    • In red health (under 29% HP), if they do Spear Shot+, they will gain a 10T orb. Kill them.

  • The enemies will both gain a red aura along with 64,000 BRV and delay themselves at ~79%, 59%, 29% HP. While these auras are up, BRV damage is reduced to 1 no matter what. Prepare instant break or 100% gravity.

  • The enemies must be broken at least once to prevent their next attack from dispelling all buffs and KOโ€™ing an ally. You can avoid this with debuff based (since buffs are wiped) HP DMG reduction. Enemies must be allowed their turn (without debuffs to deny their movement) for the aura to go away.

๐Ÿ“• Complete Boss Guide available on

Beatrix LC (Roses of May) Lufenia vs 2x Maralith Gloria

  • Heavy Resistance to Dark

  • Immune to HP Attack Disable debuff

  • When one enemy reaches 69% HP (orb will appear here 15T), 49% HP, & 29% HP, the enemies will cleanse all debuffs and grant themselves 6 framed buffs. They will not do this again when the second enemy reaches that threshold.

  • Ideally, you want to dispel only one buff at a time to have more possibilities to increase the orb counter (+10 per dispel). However, if you use full-dispelling attacks, make sure to allow the enemies to act (don't delay/delete) so they can buff again.

  • The charged attack is very lethal, make sure your debuffs and buffs are properly set for it.

๐Ÿ“• Complete Boss Guide available on

Exdeath LC (Tree for the Void) Lufenia vs 2x Dwellers

  • Immune to Blind debuff

  • The orb count appears at 79% HP (15T) and is raised +10T whenever an enemy receives BRV damage from Sap/Poison (this counts spheres too, along with auras that may cause BRV damage upon the enemyโ€™s turn like Alphinaudโ€™s)

  • You can bypass the orb entirely by paralyzing them and delaying their turns. The orb will never appear

  • If you break the enemies while they have a yellow aura up, they will dispel your buffs and deal a dangerous Single Target counter-attack that may KO the ally that broke them (not a guaranteed hit)

    • Counters or traps breaking wonโ€™t trigger their counter-attack

    • Counter Break (yellow) aura swaps between bosses 3 times whenever they take a turn before disappearing, with each swap the next-receiving boss self-delays which is a dirty trick for triggering the orb. Use turn deletion/manipulation to make sure the boss with low orb count and no aura goes first

  • They will gain a White aura after certain HP thresholds which will increase BRV damage reduction further and gain large BRV. The enemies must act for the auras to disappear.

  • One enemy may have the two auras at the same time.

๐Ÿ“• Complete Boss Guide available on

Divine Diabolos Lufenia vs Diabolos

  • The orb appears at battle start 12T, and is boosted 15T if you grant 6 buffs in a turn. Tou can grant 2 buffs to each party member in one skill to trigger the orb count to raise

    • The orb disappears at 79% HP, and reappears at 49% HP (10T)

  • When Diabolos gains a dark aura at certain HP thresholds, he will delay himself, cleanse all debuffs and become debuff-immune, on top of absorbing all elements.

  • Next turn, Diabolos will do a ST BRV + HP that will dispel buffs and KO you. To stop this: You will have to deal 200,000 or more HP damage in a launch + chase to prevent it.

  • If you want Diabolos to stop absorbing all elements, you will have to give him a turn to act (no sleep, paralysis, turn denial) in order for his absorb aura to drop

  • After using the recast attack, Diabolos will gain an aura (will be displayed as voids by his side) that increases HP damage received by Diabolos and he will gain further BRV damage reduction (this aura will last for 2 turns, whether Diabolos is allowed to move during his turns or not).

๐Ÿ“• Complete Boss Guide available on

Caius LC (Keeper of the Farseer) Lufenia vs 2x Metal Drum

  • High Resistance to Ranged & Magic

  • Immune to Poison & Sap debuffs

  • The orb appears at the start of battle (15T), disappears at 79% HP, finally reappearing at 49% HP.

    • You can inflict 4+ debuffs on one enemy in a single turn OR 2 debuffs to both enemies at once to trigger the orb raise condition (+4)

  • The bosses now have a recast bar. After the turn previous to the bar filling, they will gain a blue aura.

  • If an enemy attacks while the blue aura is up, they will dispel all buffs and KO the targeted ally.

  • To get rid of this aura, you must deal 100,000 HP damage in a chase.

๐Ÿ“• Complete Boss Guide available on

Jack LC (The Power of Ignorance) Lufenia vs 2x Flutter Jelly

  • Absorbs Thunder

  • Immune to Paralyze & SPD Down debuffs

  • The orb appears at 79% HP (15T), disappears at 49%, and reappears at 39% (8T).

    • You must deal melee damage to freeze the orb, and it will stay frozen until the enemy's next turn.

  • When the bosses are Concentrating, you must take about 4-6 turns for their concentration to break.

    • They cannot be delayed while concentrating

    • They will do a stronger AoE HP attack if you do not break their concentration. Bring a reliable healer/tank to counteract this.

  • The bosses will gain BRV shields in certain HP thresholds (cant be broken with instabreak, needs BRV damage)

  • When the shield is up, you cant deal BRV damage to the enemies to freeze the orb, so you need to take the shields down first

๐Ÿ“• Complete Boss Guide available on

Story Act 3, Chapter 1, Part 1 Lufenia vs 2x Medusa

  • Weak to Ice & Earth

  • Immune to DEF Down, Elemental Resist Down

  • The orb will appears (15T) at 49% HP, you need Ice element BRV DMG to boost the orb by 5

  • After recast is used, they swap their aura between:

    • Yellow: DEF boost, Magic weak

    • Purple: SPD boost, Melee/Ranged weak

  • BRV gain effects are lowered by 30% the entire battle, but 80% whenever their recast bar is fully charged

  • All debuffs are cleansed from enemies at 79% & 49% HP

  • At 69% & 29% HP, they will BRV gain & apply a 150k shield. Their shield gives them an HP DMG up effect as well that you will want to break asap. They also gain a 1T effect:

    • Immune to delay/delete, and all debuffs.

  • Keep them broken to avoid Flamethrower++, the + version recovers them from break and is a more manageable AoE HP attack

  • Recast is a nasty AoE BRV + HP guaranteed hit, ignores reduction effects. Do NOT let it break you. If it breaks you it will wipe all your buffs and inflict [Petrify]. You need a lot of BRV on your party to avoid break, so wasting turns to BRV attack is worth it, since battery is tough.

๐Ÿ“• Complete Boss Guide available on

Arciela LC (Swordmaiden) Lufenia vs 2x Erode Mantis

  • Immune to Paralyze, Lock, Fluke debuffs

  • The orbs appear at 79% HP (20T), and you must dispel a buff to add 10T to the counter

  • The bosses do not constantly buff themselves, so be very careful doing a full dispel of their buffs with Arciela Ascension or Beatrix LD

  • When the enemy gets a grey aura (message pops up that they are starving) - they will follow up with Gluttony Sickle, a guaranteed AoE BRV + HP attack that will dispel all of your buffs. The grey aura only lasts one turn, so using HP Attack Disable will make them lose the aura.

  • Gluttony Sickle will also inflict a framed debuff Fluke that hurts multiple stats

  • At 79% & 49%, they will get a large BRV gain to 70k+

  • When you kill one, the other will heal 550,000 HP and gain buffs to mBRV, iBRV, DEF, so try to the kill them simultaneously

๐Ÿ“• Complete Boss Guide available on

Story Act 3, Chapter 1, Part 2 vs 2x Tunneler

  • Weak to Ice & Holy

  • Absorbs Thunder & Earth

  • Immune to Paralyze, HP Attack Disable, Toxin, Agonizing Poison debuffs

  • Orb appears at the start (20T), disappears at 79%, and reappears at 49% HP

    • You must remove a debuff from a member of your party to boost the orb count +20

  • Recast ignores HP DMG reduction effects, dispels your leftmost buff per ally, and inflicts [Toxin]

  • Both BRV gain at 79% HP & 49% HP and queue up ALL attacks which are BRV gains into a double HP AoE attack

    • Until their next turn, they raise their resistance to all weapon types (melee/ranged/magic)... bring an Enchanter

๐Ÿ“• Complete Boss Guide available on

Keiss LC (Reliable Partner) Lufenia vs 2x Biosoul

  • Weak to Holy

  • Absorbs Dark

  • High Resistance to Magic

  • Immune to Poison, Sap, Terror, Sleep, SPD, Turn Rate Down debuffs

  • Orb appears at start of battle (20T), disappears at 79%, and appears again at 49% (15T)

  • The enemy may attack with Sylvan Union, a BRV only attack that moves the enemy's turn behind its friend. One enemy will target the other enemy, while the other enemy will target a member of your party. Their attack will be a ST BRV + HP that hits hard.

    • Launching the enemy will break the union, or you can use traps to BRV shave the enemies after their turns, or you can use a tank

  • Enemies will gain a green aura at 69% HP, which gives them HP Regen (110k HP per turn)

    • Launching the enemy + chase for 200k total damage will remove the green aura

Divine Ramuh Lufenia vs Ramuh

  • Weak to Ice

  • Absorbs Thunder & Earth

  • Immune to Paralyze, HP Attack Disable, Terror, ATK, DEF Down debuffs

  • Orb appears at 79% HP (20T) - you must delay Ramuh to add +5 to the orb

  • Can't be launched when adds are present. Adds are summoned after recast or his AoE attack and have a million HP each.

  • After the adds take a turn, they will summon Ramuh to take an immediate turn afterward.

  • Has 90% BRV DMG reduction for non-elemental attacks

  • On recast, grants himself numerous framed buffs for ATK, BRV gain, HP DMG, & Recast will ignore reduction effects and potentially kill you if you don't overload him with framed debuffs (or you can just delay him nonstop)

๐Ÿ“• Complete Boss Guide available on

Eald'narche LC (Ghosts of the Past) Lufenia vs Aloof Horn, 2x Killer Bee

  • Absorbs Holy & Dark

  • Immune to Paralyze debuff

  • Orb appears around 87% HP, after the message "Target lock released", for 15T. The orb disappears forever at 49% HP

    • Keep the enemy's BRV under 10k to add +1 to the orb (which basically is a boss race, since you get -1 after your turn)

  • Immune to delay when both adds are present, main boss can frame his own turn to prevent turn deletion

  • Adds are resummoned every 10 player turns or on recast (or just full healed if they aren't dead)

  • The adds will move the boss turn up right after their turn

  • At 49% HP, boss will grant buffs for a 150k shield & and 999% BRV DMG reduction buffs that you'll need to deal with... either heavy debuffing, dispel, or prevent buffs

  • You can summon Ramuh to inflict Ramuh's paralysis effect which the boss is is not immune to. This will prevent resummoning of the adds and allow you to utilize a delay strategy.

๐Ÿ“• Complete Boss Guide available on

Trey LC (The Power of Knowledge) Lufenia vs 2x Evil Gaze

  • Absorbs Wind & Holy

  • Immune to Sap, ATK, DEF Down debuffs

  • The orb appears at the start of the battle (15T), and disappears at 29% HP

  • Red aura gives them instant break guaranteed attacks

    • Most attacks will turn delay you

  • If they have BRV and are unbroken on their turn, they may do Ram, a double BRV+HP attack which ignores HP DMG reduction and will kill an ally. Keep them BRV shaved! (which is hard because they are very fast)

  • Cleanses generic debuffs often

  • Yellow aura is after red, they will gain a large amount of BRV and reduce all BRV DMG to 1.

  • Blue aura is low threat, lowering their ATK & SPD

  • Once under 29% HP, any ALL attack they have queued will basically kill you. Kill them before they do this.

  • When one is killed, the other will give itself 100% BRV DMG reduction & 50% BRV gain reduction

Story Act 3, Chapter 2, Part 1 Lufenia vs 2x Humbaba

  • Absorbs Thunder

  • High Resistance to Ranged

  • Weak to Poison debuff, Immune to Paralyze, HP Attack Disable, ATK, DEF, SPD, mBRV, iBRV Down debuffs

  • The orb appears at 79% HP (20T) - you will need non-elemental Magic BRV DMG to add +4 to the orb

  • At 79%, 49%, 29% HP, the enemy will gain a red aura, debuff cleanse (except at 29%), BRV gain & shield (~30k), along with lowering DEF for magic attacks.

    • With the red aura, enemy is immune to Delay/Delete (even BREAK delay)

    • Cancel the red aura by going 8 turns without giving the boss a turn

    • If you do not cancel it, enemy will Needle Shot++, a single target BRV+HP that dispels your buffs (you can survive this, but it'll slow you down a bit to reapply buffs. You can't survive 2 of these back to back...)

  • From 49% HP and below, enemy counters elemental attacks with BRV+HP attacks with a 5T delay BRV+HP attack, removing all your buffs and cleansing debuffs.

    • Dropping Ramuh paralyze after 49% will prevent any counters from going off, provided you give them no turns

Abyss Perfectum Stratum 4 Lufenia vs Dullahan

  • Weak to Fire & Water

  • Absorbs Ice

  • Cannot be launched or delayed (also break delay immune)

  • You need a Spear character, a black crystal character in party.

  • Orb appears at start of the battle, disappears at 79%, and finally reappears at 49% HP

    • You must deal Water element BRV DMG to boost the orb +7

    • If you don't have a water attacker, you can leverage a Rydia base call to apply a water enchant buff to your party. Just make sure a character can extend their buffs with a skill (like Squall EX for example), or that you race the Lufenia orb

  • Turn 0, does recast which cleanses debuffs, dispels 1 ally buff, guaranteed hit AoE BRV + HP which inflicts a framed debuff with 30% HP poison on all party members

  • Most of its attacks ignore BRV DMG reduction

  • Has an ice attack that freezes your party members until the boss gets another turn

  • Can inflict a debuff for 3T that can delay you after every action

  • Counters melee BRV only attacks with buff wipe + BRV + HP & paralysis (DO NOT USE MELEE BRV+ OR LIGHTNING AA)

Amidatelion LC Lufenia vs 2x Bag Slug

  • Absorbs Earth & Holy

  • High Resistance to Ranged

  • The orb appears (12T) at the start of the battle, and stays until 29% HP. Any regen healing will add +3 to the count.

  • When boss first targets itself, it will apply Mucus Space, which will delay your team members one turn after each action they take. You can delay/delete this enemy, but at 79% HP, it will be applied no matter what.

  • Bosses don't have any AoE HP attacks - a tank with Lock goes a long way in protecting your team.

  • Encase is done after (1) they target themselves (2) BRV only ALL attack and (3) after a certain number of player turns. This is a massive BRV gain, gaining DEF & huge physical BRV DMG reduction (up to 80% reduction).

    • Cancel Encase by breaking them

    • As they don't delay themselves, you will need to counter with great magic BRV shavers/gravity or instant break characters.

  • Bosses will apply Mucus Space+ if you kill one of them first, which will delay your character by 2T after any of their turns.

Story Act 3, Chapter 2, Part 2 Lufenia vs Dullahan

  • Weak to Fire & Water

  • Absorbs Ice

  • Cannot be launched or delayed

  • Turn 0, does recast which cleanses debuffs, dispels 1 ally buff, guaranteed hit AoE BRV + HP which inflicts a framed debuff with 30% HP poison on all party members

  • This Lufenia's mechanics can be mostly bypassed utilizing Yuffie with no gear. She can use her skill 2, I don't need this on her first turn to throw the debuff back. With gear, you just need to survive 4 turns, so a tank or strong healer is recommended. Without gear on Yuffie, you'll need to deal with the last 9% of HP, bring a strong consecutive turn attacker to burn through it.

  • If you choose to battle this normally for some reason, the orb appears 20T at the start of the battle, and you need to deal Water damage to add 7T to the orb. It disappears at 79% HP, and reappears for good at 49% HP.

  • Most of its attacks ignore BRV DMG reduction

  • Has an ice attack that freezes your party members until the boss gets another turn

  • Can inflict a debuff for 3T that can delay you after every action

  • Countetd melee BRV only attacks with buff wipe + BRV + HP & paralysis (DO NOT USE MELEE BRV+ OR LIGHTNING AA)

Abyss Perfectum Stratum 5 Lufenia vs 2x Flutter Jelly

  • Immune to Paralyze & SPD Down debuffs

  • Yellow crystal, Red crystal, and Sword characters are required in party

  • The orb appears at 79% HP (15T), disappears at 49%, and reappears at 39% (8T).

    • You must deal melee damage to freeze the orb, and it will stay frozen until the enemy's next turn.

  • When the bosses are Concentrating, you must take about 4-6 turns for their concentration to break.

    • They cannot be delayed while concentrating

    • They will do a stronger AoE HP attack if you do not break their concentration. Bring a reliable healer/tank to counteract this.

  • The bosses will gain BRV shields in certain HP thresholds (cant be broken with instabreak, needs BRV damage)

  • When the shield is up, you cant deal BRV damage to the enemies to freeze the orb, so you need to take the shields down first

Desch LC Lufenia vs 2x Flumen Draco

  • Weak to Thunder

  • Absorbs Water

  • Orb appears at battle start (15T), and disappears at 49% HP. Dealing AoE HP Damage will boost the orb +2.

  • Magia state reduces the amount of BRV gain that you get significantly, and enemies take reduced BRV damage unless it is elemental damage hitting for weakness. BRING AN ENCHANTER!

  • The enemies will get very tanky when they drop to 49% (when they lose their orb)

  • The enemies will cleanse debuffs when entering Magia State and upon losing their orb at the 49% HP threshold.

  • At 49% HP and below, enemies will be HP attacking all the time.

    • Their ST attacks in this threshold will be ST BRV + split AOE HP attack.

    • Even if these ST attacks miss the attacked ally, the other allies will take split HP damage.

    • Their AOE attacks in this threshold will deal double HP damage.

    • They only switch states (Magia <> Physia) when they actually get a turn, so careful delaying/denying turns unless you want to keep them there.

    • A tank or defensive support will go a very long way to protecting you!

Golbez BT vs Divine Alexander

Orb Timeline:

-1 count per ally action, -2 count per enemy turn
  • Appears @ 79% HP (20 count)

Dark DMG: +5 count

Key Character Examples

Boss Notes

  • Absorbs Holy

  • Weak to Dark

  • Immune Lock, Freeze, DEF Down, Capacity Break, Status Reels

  • Immune to Delay

  • Whenever the entire party's BRV is at Max BRV, Alexander will counter by setting all allies's BRV to 0.

  • At 79%, 49%, & 29% HP, Alexander will gain a Blue aura that is a Sap aura on your party for 49k. Alex also gains 50% BRV DMG reduction, unless dealing elemental damage

    • You must break Alexander to get rid of it. Otherwise it will dispel your buffs and likely KO you

  • If you take 8 turns in a row, Alex gain a Gold aura which reduces BRV DMG to 1 and HP DMG to 0 until Alex takes a turn.

    • This aura will active *after* your burst phase or summon phase is done if you ended up taking 8+ turns in a row

  • Once Alexander's recast gauge is filled, it gains a White aura and gains 99k BRV. Upon breaking, Alex will gain another 99k BRV, and continue to do so until it is broken 3 times. Guaranteed breaks do not work, you must shave or use 100% gravity.

  • After the recast attack, Alexander will unleash an AoE BRV attack that will delay all allies 3 turns if their HP is not max. This attack, if it breaks/hits broken allies, will inflict guaranteed Blind and Confuse.

Key Character Notes

There are 3 ways to tackle this fight, all with varying levels of difficulty:

  1. Use Golbez to maintain the orb and to shave Alexander's ridiculous BRV gains

    1. Note: you can use Relm, spamming her Sketch Summon once the orb gets low, using Diabolos summon, with a Golbez friend - but it requires very strong single target damage to pull off *cough* Lightning *cough*

  2. Use Xande to enchant the party, and use Terra, Garland, or another strong attacker to shave the BRV gains.

    1. Careful with Terra not to spam LD and take more than 8 turns in a row, after 8 turns, Alexander will reduce BRV DMG to 1 & HP DMG to 0 until it gets another turn.

For options 1 & 2, expect to have a balanced team that is defensively oriented in 2/3 of the party. Basch is hugely popular to protect against the AoE HP attacks. Aerith is an excellent healer in addition to her support capabilities. Hope fills a similar niche as Aerith, but is better at BRV DMG reduction for the party.

  1. Use Gladio or Gladio friend with a specific setup to cheese the fight. Here is the sequence of events:

    1. Alexander attacks the party automatically whenever your party is all at their MAX BRV or more

    2. Alexander lowers your party BRV to 0

    3. This triggers Gladio's counter from his LD

    4. Gladio batteries the party based on 20% of HP DMG dealt

    5. If Gladio can battery the party back to MAX BRV or higher, repeat again

      • In order for Gladio to max the party's BRV with his counter, you will need a number of things:

      • Gladio setup: equip all weapons, Encouragement Keystone from HA, remove all 330s from artifacts. Remove the following passives:

        1. Buff Boost Up, Buff Boost Speed Up, Buff Attack Boost All, all mBRV passives, Ramuh, Brothers, & Bahamut passives

      • Your goal is to stack as much HP DMG up effects, alongside BRV DMG up for your party, or DEF down on Ramuh. There are many sources:

        1. HP DMG up in party: Paladin Cecil LD, Seven LD, Serah LD, Squall BT, Kurasame LD, Aerith LD, Dark Knight Cecil LD, Deuce LD, Sherlotta EX+

        2. HP DMG up via call: Ignis LD, Gabranth EX+

        3. BRV DMG up: Seven LD, Serah LD, Jack LD call, Hope LD call, Krile LD call

      • Equip your other 2 (or 3 if using Gladio friend) with a bronze weapon, but equip their weapon passives for EX+ and for LD/BT

      • You will need Gladio to counter after Alexander's first attack (for this case he must be targeted). Get all yours buffs, debuffs, calls, etc up... If the counter doesn't max your battery, review your setup and try to get more buffs/debuffs applied.

      • Use Call to Arms to find specific setups for you if you are struggling!

Nine/Fujin LD vs ESP Doll & 2x Mini ESP Doll

Orb Timeline:

-1 count per ally action, -2 count per enemy turn

Mini ESP Doll Orb (ESP Doll has no orb)

  • Appears on both @ either 79% HP (10 count)

Weakness DMG: +2 count

Key Character Examples

Boss Notes

  • All enemies weak to Wind & Dark.

  • Heavy Resists Magic

  • All enemies immune to Lock, HP Attack Disable, Terror, & Paralyze debuffs

  • Using any other element besides Wind/Dark will cause a counter that cleanses debuffs & dispels all of your buffs. This counter also occurs if you try to sleep the enemy with Edward, silence with Agrias, or confuse with Mog or Porom.

  • The ESP Doll has 20% HP DMG reduction when both Mini Dolls are alive. It's just 20% so you can damage rush through it, or kill one mini doll - just note that when both dolls are killed, the boss will enrage.

  • The ESP Doll has double AoE HP attack on its recast including a BRV gain before the attack. It will warp the other Mini Dolls's turns right after it when the attack is over.

  • Careful of their 1 turn Freeze debuff which will stop your EX from charging further for a turn.

  • The Mini ESP Dolls will gain a greenish aura that will grant them small HP regen, which can be removed via launching them

Key Character Notes

To tackle this fight through boss mechanics can be punishing. Here are some of the top strategies:

  • Fujin LD allows you to maintain the orbs on the adds with no problem, enchanting the team with wind, one of the two allowed elements. Nine helps to protect against the hard hitting recast ability, while also providing healing, strong auras, shields, on top of high damage thanks to his kit shining vs 3 enemies.

  • 0 Boss Turns

    • Golbez can boss rush the adds alongside a friend Golbez to help manage the tight orb. These strategies tended to have Garland and/or Aranea to delay the boss once the adds were gone. The boss enrages once the adds are gone, but Golbez being synergy and hitting weakness goes a long way.

    • Dark Knight Cecil piloting SQEX airlines with Cloud & Keiss in tow. Cecil maintains the orb, with Cloud delaying, and Keiss enabling high launch damage. Note that many players tried this strategy and were unable to execute it - it is not simple/straightforward.

    • Leverage Fujin call only, even just her base call. You will need high damage BT level characters such as Terra, Garland, & Golbez to pull this off. Yang is a great choice for this strategy, even just a friend Yang with LD.

      • These strategies typically involved using calls to delay/delete turns up front, and using a slow character to use Fujin's call, such as Garland or Ramza. Then burst with them, and then use Terra LD to rush the main boss down as fast as possible.

Kadaj LD vs 2x Oros Camilla

Orb Timeline:

-1 count per ally action, -2 count per enemy turn
  • Appears @ Battle Start (20 count)

  • Disappears @ 79% HP

  • Appears @ 29% HP

Maintain 1 debuff on enemy: +2 count

Key Character Examples

Boss Notes

  • Weak to Dark

  • Immune to Paralyze, HP Attack Disable, Confuse, Terror, Sleep debuffs

  • Enemies are immune to delay (breaks excluded) and turn delete

  • The enemies will constantly BRV gain + BRV + HP attack and gain BRV after their attacks.

  • They will be cleansing all debuffs every 10% of HP lost.

  • When their recast bar is full, if they aren't debuffed, they will inflict Stone to the target.

  • At 79%, 49% and 29% HP thresholds, the enemies will gain a large amount of BRV and gain a 999% BRV reduction (where your characters will deal 1 BRV damage) until you break them (gravity/instant break required)

The below note only applies to the original implementation in JP. The GL has a version of the bosses which is correctly working (instant break or 100% gravity required!~)

  • If both enemies reach the mentioned HP thresholds at the same time, they won't gain BRV or the reduction effect.

Key Character Notes

Fairly straightforward fight, with some annoying mechanics that need attention. Try to avoid characters that have special LD debuffs as the cleansing of debuffs every 10% HP will mean that their LD will be extremely taxed and likely not active very often.

Kadaj is easily the best choice, as his debuffs reduce enemy BRV gains and his debuffs can't be removed, so the orb is a non-issue. His EX having 100% BRV reduction means that if you accidentally activate their BRV DMG reduction, he will single handedly take care of it. Serah is expected to be excellent for this fight, as she can easily apply debuffs relentlessly, though she may have trouble maintaining 6 debuffs on enemies for added auras.

Golbez & Terra are the prime choices for damage dealing in this stage, just make sure that you lower the enemies' HP to 79%, 49%, & 29% AT THE SAME TIME. If you don't you will need instant break capabilities.

There is relentless HP damage in this fight, and characters like Paladin Cecil & Nine help to protect your team. Gladio also works well here, as does Desch (for his BRV DMG mitigation & burst healing).

Bartz BT vs 2x Wild Shearer

Orb Timeline:

-1 count per ally action, -2 count per enemy turn
  • Appears @ Battle Start (20 count)

  • Disappears @ 29% HP

Wind DMG: +10 count

Key Character Examples

Boss Notes

  • Immune to Poison Wound, Elemental Resist Down, Puncture debuffs

  • Cannot be launched or delayed

  • Enemies will cleanse debuffs at 79%, 59%, 49% and 29% HP thresholds, delay themselves,

    • At all of these thresholds EXCEPT 49%, enemies gain 65k+ BRV, and an aura which reduces all their BRV DMG taken to 1 until they are broken.

  • At 49% HP threshold, they will gain ~40k BRV after each turn they take for the rest of the fight

Key Character Notes

  1. You will need access to 3 AoE (or 6 ST) instant break or 100% gravity effects for this fight.

    • Bartz easily provides this via his LD and 1 use HP++.

    • Kadaj has 100% gravity on his EX which can be recharged in 2 skill uses.

    • Penelo can shave a single enemy at a time with her EX.

    • Useful calls! Amidatelion LD, Caius LD, Jack LD also provide pocket instant breaks!

  2. You will need wind damage to maintain the orb.

    • Bartz does this by himself

    • Fujin's calls are preferred for the party (most opted not to use her in the main party, but she does work fine).

  3. You may need to protect your team against frequent HP damage from enemy attacks AND from debuffs

    • Aerith can prevent your team from even getting debuffs and is very popular here as she can also keep the team healthy.

    • Penelo can cleanse debuffs on the party, gravity shave with her EX, and heal your party as well, she has excellent role coverage for the fight.

    • Paladin Cecil overheals your party and keeps them safe.

    • Galuf & Gladio provide excellent tanking and protection for your team BUT

  • Galuf can only dodge some of the enemy attacks. Many of the HP attacks will go through, which is why you should try to keep his LD buff active all the time. Galuf CAN solo this Lufenia, but it takes specific setup, notably Fujin LD call.

  • Gladio can maintain his LD buff for a good portion of the fight thanks to enemies delaying him, but note that you STILL need to BRV shave enemies as their attacks after their BRV gain ignore BRV/HP damage reduction and will dispel his buffs, deactivating his last stand.

Terra is listed because of her incredible capability to deal burst damage, even in the face of the 1 BRV DMG aura (thanks to Meltdown+). Whether you have Yang or not, she can rush down this Lufenia and cover 0 Boss Turns, but note that you will still need instant break capabilities, and still have to respect the ability to do wind damage to manage the orb (Fujin base call is enough for some team comps).

Edward/Palom LD vs 2x Roc Raptor

Orb Timeline:

-1 count per ally action, -2 count per enemy turn
  • Appears @ Battle Start (12 count)

  • Disappears @ 79% HP

  • Appears @ 49% HP (15 count)

Ice DMG: +8 count

Key Character Examples

Boss Notes

  • Immune to Paralyze, HP Attack Disable, Confuse

  • If you ever see a white fog around the enemy, they will get 2 turns back to back, unless an aura below is active, this fog attack can be dodged

  • Enemy gains a red aura at 79% HP and delays themselves for 2T. Red aura is dispelled at 59% HP

    • If they get a turn during their red aura, it is a single target guaranteed KO

    • Red aura reappears 49% HP (along with Lufenia orb @ 12 count)

    • Red aura replaced with Green streaks at 29% HP

    • Green aura will be a single target attack where they look like they summon a spirit version of themselves. They gain white fog around themselves, it's subtle - but their next attack will be an ALL attack which KOs your party.

Key Character Notes

This fight is *hard* - but it has alternate strategies to make it more reasonable. Here are the things to deal with:

  1. Ice Damage (pick one)

    • Celes, Onion Knight, Palom, Kurasame are all great options to help with orb maintenance.

    • Calls! Cater, Celes, Onion Knight can all be used to buy some time. Cater gives a self enchant, while Celes drops an ice trap

    • Forget ice, I want to boss rush this awful fight. I'll bring Shiva and rush them down!

  2. Boss Rush sections

    • At 79% & 49% HP, you must lower their HP by 20% without giving them a turn. This leads itself toward a boss rush format.

    • Terra, Garland, Yang, Emperor, Squall, Ultimecia are all great examples of characters that can pour out high damage in short periods of time. Garland can delay enemies, Emperor can delay one at a time, Ulti with BT can delete their next 3 turns. Terra can take many consecutive turns with high damage alongside. Kurasame helps during these sections considerably.

    • SQEX Airlines has direct flights available, Cloud BT, Dark Knight Cecil, & Keiss can rush down the boss with Pandemonium summon.

  3. Protection / Mitigation

    • Celes & Galuf are excellent choices for off turn damage while protecting your party from their various attacks, especially the foggy white aura. Note they cannot tank the Red aura.

    • Eald'narche can completely lock them down for the entire fight. Edward can sleep them in a pinch to buy some time.

Tifa LD, Boss Rush #4 vs Charge Bison, 2x Flutter Jelly, 2x Soulcage, 2x Biosoul

Orb Timeline:

-1 count per ally action, -2 count per enemy turn

Wave 1

  • Appears @ Battle Start (15 count)

  • Disappears @ 79% HP

  • Appears @ 59% HP

  • Disappears @ 39% HP

  • Appears @ 29% HP

Crit DMG: +4 count

Characters that make it easier


Wave 2

  • Appears @ 79% HP (10 count)

  • Disappears @ 49% HP

  • Appears @ 29% HP (8 count)

BRV DMG: +2 count

Wave 3

  • Appears @ Battle Start (10 count)

  • Disappears @ 49% HP

Magic BRV DMG: +2 count

Wave 4

  • Appears @ 79% HP (15 count)

Wind DMG: +10 count

Boss Rush Battle Mechanics

  • Multiple teams can be constructed for the battle, each team gets 50 actions before they must be swapped to another team

    • Any BRV/HP/skill/AA/Call will count toward your 50 count

    • Burst & Summon do not count toward your 50 count

    • Fewer teams used = more rewards

  • Green Synergy - Bring any boosted character (Tifa, Paine, Snow, Bartz, Edward, Palom) and your entire party will receive synergy stats!

  • Allies on a team cannot be used on later teams, however calls can be used across multiple teams

  • Summons must be unique to each team

  • Debuffs are cleared after swapping team

  • Lufenia orb count & Boss recast gauge remain the same after swapping team

  • You must clear with 1 fewer party than the number of waves for max rewards! (4 waves = 3 PT complete for all rewards)

  • For a video overview of Boss Rush mechanics, we recommend VL's overview and/or Broadway Saiyan & Black Nero's overview

Boss Notes

  • Wave 1 (Thunder absorb, Debuff Immune)

    • Orb is Crit DMG

    • Frequently delays its target's next turn

    • Cleanses all debuffs after using Charge and applies an HP shield

      • Can't be delayed/deleted/debuffed/instant-broken until its next turn

      • Next turn will be a BRV+HP guaranteed attack. If you did not break the HP shield, the attack will also dispel all of your buffs

  • Wave 2 (Immune to Paralysis & SPD Down)

    • Orb is BRV DMG

    • At 79% HP & 29% HP, applies a 100k BRV Shield (this is dangerous as the orb is to deal BRV DMG, so the shield must go down asap)

    • After your first action, one goes into a Concentrating state, and cannot be delayed.

      • Enemy will queue up an ALL attack, AoE BRV + HP attack

    • Concentration state is dispelled if you take 5 turns before that enemy goes.

      • If concentration is not broken before the ALL attack, will do a stronger version of the AoE attack that may kill members of the party

  • Wave 3 (Ice/Holy weak, Thunder/Dark Heavy Resist)

  • Orb is Magic BRV DMG

  • At 79% HP, 49% HP - will cleanse all debuffs and light itself on fire. This can be removed with Ice element damage.

  • Enemy removes all debuffs when using recast ability. Recast is an AoE BRV + HP which inflicts numerous debuffs. If on fire, the recast is a much stronger version with more potent debuffs.

  • At 29% HP, gains a red aura and gains 60k BRV. All BRV DMG taken is reduced to 1 until broken.

  • Wave 4 (Magic Heavy Resist, Immune to Element Imperil, Poison, Sap, Max HP, SPD, Turn Rate Down)

    • Orb is Wind DMG

    • When one drops below 49% HP, both will gain 90k BRV (less if you debuff mBRV)

    • They will use a BRV attack called Sylvan Union, it will jump its turn behind the other enemy, who is now targeting its friend. You can launch to remove the union, otherwise one enemy will BRV gain the other and they'll try to kill you.

Key Character Notes

In Wave 1, we highly recommend one of Tifa, Terra, or Garland. The fight can go long and these 3 will make it much more tolerable.

For the remaining waves, synergy is recommended. Bartz & Edward are the best choices, as Bartz can quickly BRV shave enemies in the 3rd & 4th waves, while also covering the required wind damage for the last orb. If you don't have Bartz, no problem - base Fujin/Bartz call with a strong damage setup will be fine.

Celes was extremely popular and needed mention. Her wide ranged kit protects your team while also supporting them. Her ice enchant does put the fire out in Wave 3, but that isn't a required activity.

Build 3 balanced teams, and be ready with instant break/gravity for the end of wave 3, and some wind damage for wave 4 if you aren't rushing them down. Staples of Boss Rush fights are:

  • Off Turn Damage: Galuf, Gladio, Firion, Trey

  • HP Damage Up: Paladin Cecil, Serah, Aerith, Balthier

  • Add Synergy to each team for a smoother run: Tifa, Bartz, Edward, Palom, and even 3/3 Snow or Paine!

Eald'narche BT, Story Act 3, Chapter 3, Part 1 vs Chaos Bahamut & Eald'narche Manikin

Orb Timeline:

-1 count per ally action, -2 count per enemy turn

Chaos Bahamut

  • Appears @ Battle Start (15 count)

  • Disappears @ 49% HP

Inflict Break: +7 count

Key Character Examples

Boss Notes

  • All enemies are heavily resist Magic & are immune to Elemental Resist Down

  • Eald manikin will target himself, applying a 30k+ shield. The ALL attack is an AoE HP attack split attack.

  • When Chaos Bahamut reaches 49% HP, it will cancel the Lufenia orb, and shift to Gestalt mode with 100% HP

    • In this mode, all magic attacks will be countered UNLESS enemy is confused/paralyzed. The counter can also be dodged. Special Thank You to Eons for testing these cases.

  • Before Gestalt Bahamut's recast is fully charged, recast effect changes based on the number of turns you denied Gestalt Bahamut:

    • If never denied : AoE BRV + HP executed thrice, ignores DMG reduction, instant turn rate

    • If denied once since last recast : AoE BRV + HP, ignores DMG reduction, instant turn rate

    • If denied twice+ : recast bar decreases a level

Key Character Notes

You have 2 main strategies that can be applied here. The magic resistance & imperil immunity locks out many characters.

  1. Eald'narche is easily the best choice, locking Chaos Bahamut down, and removing all threat from the entire fight.

  2. Boss Rush the second phase with strong physical damage dealers & break delayers.

    • Tifa is most popular due to her high damage ceiling for single target fights.

    • Lightning, Aranea, Noel can all be used (sometimes together) to similar effect, preventing boss turns.

    • Galuf makes the first phase safe and has great off turn damage. Just plan to use a call below, alongside a strong damage dealer to rush down the boss.

    • You can plan to use Arciela or Edward call to pocket prevent an action or two and tank a single recast. Magic calls are NOT countered.

Note: Magic characters CAN be used here but it requires specific setup

  • Bartz in party (Wind imperil aura), with access in party to Fujin's call (Wind party enchant aura)

  • Cloud, Mog, or another turn denier, with their turn denial active

  • Your magic character can only attack while Chaos Bahamut is confused/paralyzed, unless they have 100% evasion from Edge call, or Edge in party. You can use Ramuh summon, but that is only a one time paralyze proc.

Strago/Ashe LD vs 2x Prototype, 2x Fierce

Orb Timeline:

-1 count per ally action, -2 count per enemy turn

Wave 1 (no orb)

Wave 2

  • Appears @ Battle Start (15 count)

  • Disappears @ 79% HP

  • Appears @ 49% HP

Thunder DMG or Holy DMG: +1 count (+2 if both)

Key Character Examples

Boss Notes

  • Wave 1 Prototypes are weak to Thunder

  • Wave 2 Fireces are immune to Lock debuff they do not enrage if you kill one ahead of the other

    • While on 4 legs: Look out for a fire attack (Blaze Wave might be the name) - it's a BRV only AoE ALL attack, but the enemy will gain a blue aura

      • Strong resistance to Ice/Thunder/Earth/Holy & Magic BRV DMG

      • Absorbs Physical damage regardless of enchant, absorbs Fire/Wind/Water/Dark

    • Once under 80% HP, and after they take a turn, they will stand on 2 legs and cleanse generic debuffs

    • While on 2 legs: Look out for a single target BRV attack (Seraphorce naming?) - they gain a white aura, gain 60k+ BRV and Sap your team of BRV each turn until you break them

    • Watch out for an ALL attack while on 2 legs - multi BRV + AoE HP attack that will also cleanse all debuffs, including framed

    • Once under 50% HP, while standing, if they do a single target fire BRV attack - they will go back to 4 legs

    • The boss will gain yellow streaks as an aura if you take 20 consecutive turns without the bosses acting. This includes summon. BRV DMG is reduced to 1 and HP DMG is reduced to 0 until they take a turn.

Key Character Notes

Battle Requirements!

  1. Thunder and/or Holy Damage

    • Ashe is the best choice as her enchant is simple to maintain and will allow your party to boost the orb by +2, enchanting both elements. You can also use her LD call to enchant the team, putting the call on a slow character and blowing them up with your other allies.

    • Paladin Cecil is great, enchanting holy, but note that holy only attacks will boost the orb +1, but after the turn is -1, essentially turning it into a boss rush.

    • Krile, Desch, & Raijin can cover Thunder enchant as well, but you will need to compensate for their lower damage output. Krile call does incredible work here.

    • Combine Paladin Cecil & a thunder enchanter, alongside a non-elemental damage dealer to build your own Ashe LD :) the two can enchant each element, allowing the damage dealer to boost the orb by +2 on each attack.

  2. Instant Break / Strong Gravity effects

    • Strago has access to numerous instant break effects, as does Bartz, Noel, Gabranth, & Trey (thanks to his EX debuff). Someone even used Yuri!

  3. Protection or Boss Rush

    • Depending on your team strategy, you may need protection against their massive BRV gains & BRV absorbs. Galuf is an absolute monster in this stage, and his counters will boost the orb after the enemy's turn, provided you are enchanting him. Just be careful in their blue aura, his counters will be absorbed, though he should be able to dodge their next single target attack!

    • Tifa is absurdly popular for this stage, especially as a friend. Her LD alone takes off 8% of the enemy's HP bar. Her damage allows you to run team comps with only a single element enchanter like Paladin Cecil, Krile, etc and race the Lufenia orb. You also can opt to use a Krile call and Ashe call.

    • SQEX Airlines (Dark Knight Cecil, Cloud, Keiss) does make an appearance, but note that enchant calls from Ashe & Krile were used! They are just capable of so much damage in a short time.

Iroha LD, Story Act 3, Chapter 3, Part 2 vs 2x Whale Zombie

Orb Timeline:

-1 count per ally action, -2 count per enemy turn
  • Appears @ Battle Start (15 count)

  • Disappears @ 79% HP

  • Appears @ 49% HP

Party BRV > 15k after turn: +2 count

Key Character Examples

Boss Notes

  • Heavy Resistance to Melee DMG


    • If you leave them unbroken for 3 turns in a row, their next attack will cleanse their debuffs and inflict guaranteed break

    • If you leave them unbroken for 5 turns, their next attack will do all of the above, but also dispel all buffs on your party, and deal an AoE HP attack

  • At 79% HP, they will gain a red aura, and a 100k Shield value. Their next attack will be AoE HP attack and dispel all of your buffs.

    • Break them to get rid of the aura. If you instant break them, they will still hold their shield until you deplete it.

  • At 49% HP, they will gain the red aura, and also a purple aura, alongside a 200k Shield value, and they will lock their turns (but can be break delayed).

    • The red aura goes

    • The purple aura will never go away. After each turn they take, they will gain 49k BRV

  • Finally, at 29% HP, they will gain another 200k Shield, with no other aura outside of the purple aura that is still there.

Key Character Notes

Most important keys for this fight:

  • Stay batteried up to handle the orb - Iroha, Bartz, Aerith, Paladin Cecil, Y'shtola ... there are so many great options

  • Strong AoE BRV shavers or instant breakers... this is why Iroha and Bartz shine, covering multiple roles needed for the fight. Strago & Terra also help with the AoE shaving in a big way.

  • Friend Tifa can easily take down shields, while Golbez can freeze their BRV with his BT effect in the 2nd part of the fight.

There are plenty of alternative strategies as well, using characters like:

  • Eald'narche - keep the bosses completely locked down once they queue their ALL attack

  • Galuf, Guy, Celes, Gladio - keep you completely safe and their counters/traps help control enemy BRV (same with Emperor)

    • Enchanters are VERY useful to help get your melee attackers through (like Tifa, Galuf, Yang, etc)

  • Faris or her call are great for the last 50% of the fight, as she will negate their constant BRV gains

  • Ashe was insanely popular, but she's not a key to the fight. Her enchant is helpful, but more notably, her synergy with Iroha is ridiculous, as she instant charges Iroha's slow EX, enabling her to spam the powerful skill.

Layle BT 6 Ally Party Event vs 2x Ram Requin

Orb Timeline:

-1 count per ally action, -2 count per enemy turn
  • Appears @ Battle Start (20 count)

  • Disappears @ 49% HP

Launch enemy: +10 count

Key Character Examples

Boss Notes

  • At 79%, they turn red permanently. They gain 99% HP DMG reduction until they are launched. They also will have 75%+ BRV DMG reduction for the rest of the fight.

    • This reduction occurs again at 49% HP and 29% HP.

    • Note there was a bug in JP at this event launch which did not actually enforce the HP DMG reduction, meaning you never needed a launcher

  • These guys don't have too many threatening attacks, but note that they may start ignoring BRV/HP DMG reductions that your allies have *if you get broken* by one of their single target attacks. Their ALL attack is BRV only.

  • Enemies do not enrage

Key Character Notes

The only key to this fight is to bring a launcher. Seriously, any will do, and you can also just use pocket launches like Cloud, Keiss, Ramza LD, Layle LD, Dark Knight Cecil for on demand AoE launches if needed.

Build a balanced team comp, and load up on either:

  • Battery effects to maximize your launch damage

  • BRV DMG up effects if you are not planning to have access to many launches

Yes, this fight is that straightforward.

Kurasame/Seifer LD vs 2x Devil Hornet

Orb Timeline:

-1 count per ally action, -2 count per enemy turn
  • Appears @ Battle Start (8 count)

  • Disappears @ 79% HP

  • Appears @ 49% HP

Delay enemy: +4 count

Key Character Examples

Boss Notes

  • There are no enemy thresholds to worry about outside of the stat boosting phases at 79% HP and 49% HP

  • Enemies will target themselves and gain a yellow aura, gaining a 50% HP DMG reduction until their next turn. They also get increased HP DMG dealt. Note that launches ignore the damage reduction effect.

    • As the orb is asking you to do, you can delay them, give them 0 turns, and not worry about any boss mechanics

  • Their ALL attack inside of the 50% of the fight is a BRV + HP that has a BRV gain afterward.

  • Enemies have a punishing ALL attack after 49% HP. It is a double AoE BRV + HP that ignores HP damage reduction effects. Best not to let this happen!

Key Character Notes

In a fight where the orb is to delay the enemy, your best strategy is to delay them and burn them down.

The 6 listed above all are strong delayers, though Garland & Seifer are the most consistent across the board. Layle delays with his Energy Gain, Tifa & Keiss delay with their EX, Cloud delays with his limited use LD. Other great delayers not shown above include Aranea, Lightning, Ramza, and more. Check the full list on our Roles page.

Some useful pocket calls that delay include Seifer LD, Cloud LD, Emperor LD, Ramza LD, Layle base, & Y'shtola base.

If you are worried about giving them turns, plan to bring launchers and burn them down, especially since launch will ignore their HP DMG reduction during their yellow aura. Just make sure they don't kill you with their ALL attack under 49% HP! Kill them before this!