Entropy 10

Dimensions End: Entropy - Tier 10. This tier No Resistances. The enemies have deadly ST & AoE Attacks, several self buffs, and debuffs including ATK, DEF, IBRV, SPD, Fire, Ice & Wind Resist Down. The recommended roles are Delay, Damage Mitigation, Debuffers, and Strong Healers. The bosses' total HP is 6,300,000. The turn requirement is 110. The DPT you need is 54K.

  • Wave 1 (Trash Wave)
    Three Mini Dragons. One always starts with a BRV Gain + AoE BRV+HP. Kill them closely and asap as they begin to revive one another if left alone too long (you'll see the enemy targeting themselves).

  • Wave 2 (Boss Wave)
    Two Hill Wyverns (Fire Resist and Wind Weak). Their debuffs are nothing concerning but watch out for your generics buffs getting pushed off. Eventually they target themselves and enrage, boosting their stats. Be sure to break them in this state or you will eat a nasty BRV+HP Attack. They don't enrage when one dies so feel free to focus one at a time. Debuffs Inflicted: ATK, DEF, IBRV, SPD Down

  • Wave 3 (Boss Wave)
    Holy Dragon (Dark Weak) and Skull Dragon Soul (Ice and Holy Weak). Consider summoning here when in a pinch. Both enemies have several self buffs that can push off your debuffs. Also Holy Dragon can cleanse all debuffs including framed ones. They have strong magical & physical attacks that can completely break you and wipe your team. A strong debuffer/dispeller helps. It is recommended to take down the Holy Dragon first as it poses a greater threat. Debuffs Inflicted: SPD Down

  • Wave 4 (Boss Wave)
    Osteoaevis. Opens with n-Ball, a hard hitting AoE BRV+HP, but note that unlike Kimahri's CHAOS, it does not inflict any debuffs. It has various attacks that inflicts various debuffs as well. Spirit Pulse becomes high turn rate when it breaks you. Using the delay strategy, it's possible to prevent this boss from getting a turn. The other strategy is damage mitigation, don't get broken and heal quickly.

  • Wave 5 (Final Boss Wave)
    Dark Bahamut. Opens with AoE BRV+HP Megaflare - don't get broken or you'll likely die. Delay strategy is to prevent this boss from getting as many turns as possible. At certain HP thresholds it will apply many buffs to itself. Following any summon, it counters with Megaflare. So either summon on another wave or make sure you kill it within the summon window. Debuffs Inflicted: SPD Down

Most Used Units. Hope is the most used unit for this tier. His Physical & Magical BRV DMG Reduction immensely helps you survive this tier. Leo, Vayne, and Lightning all with their delays and high DPT follow. Caius and Shadow with their high DPT as well. Penelo with her great support. Snow as your tank that can dish out great damage. And Porom with her HP DMG Mitigation.

EX Only Units. Hope & Porom can function serving their DMG mitigation function on base EX. Noel with his DPT is also enough. WoL as a tank and Penelo supporting all works in base EX.

Summons Used. Brothers is the most used summon. Paired with units that batteries, you can capitalize on the mBRV boost Brothers provide.

Top DPT Unit. Leo is the top DPT for this tier. Delay being the most popular strategy, his delay combined with healing, battery and auras make him a great all around unit for this tier. Other high DPT & Turn manipulation units are Aranea, Vayne, Lightning and Jack.

Top Support Unit. Hope is the top support unit for this tier. With his BRV & HP DMG Mitigation, on top of the fast charge EX that deals 100% AoE, he will prove to be very valuable for this tier. Other damage mitigation units are Snow and Porom. Debuffers good for the tier are Caius & Fran.