Entropy 17

Dimensions End: Entropy - Tier 17. This tier has the enemies Resistant to Ranged Damage. The enemies prevent you from having BRV Gain (No BRV Battery, BRV Regen, BRV Refund) and all have 3 enemies per wave. The recommended roles would be Supports with no reliance on Battery, Off-Turn Damage & AoE Damage Dealers. The bosses' total HP is 9,400,000. The turn requirement is 90. The DPT you need is 104.4k.

  • Wave 1 (Boss Wave)
    Commander Beast (1x ) & Worker Beast (2x)

The Commander Beast can buff the Worker Beasts with ATK/DEF/SPD Up and BRV Regen. Look out for "Aid", which will cause Worker Beasts to cover the Commander Beast until they die. They have high turn rates that can catch you off guard with an HP attack. The strategy is to focus on the main boss Commander Beast early on but try to get them all in one go to avoid the Commander Beast from reviving the Worker Beasts.

  • Wave 2 (Boss Wave)
    Swarm Fly (1x) & Small Swarm Fly (2x)

This wave remains to be non-threatening though they will likely to get their high turn rate attacks upon breaking since you cannot battery. They can also heal themselves with an HP Regen buff. This time around, you can completely focus on the main boss Swarm Fly because the Small Swarm Flies die with the main boss. Debuffs Inflicted: Poison, ATK Down, SPD/Turn Rate Down

  • Wave 3 (Final Boss Wave)
    Lamia Queen (1x) Weak to Water, Lyse Manikin (1x) & Lulu Manikin (1x)

Lyse Manikin opens up with a party BRV battery which is high turn rate and follows up with an AoE BRV + AoE HP (Split) Attack while buffing themselves with mBRV & ATK Up. Other than this, nothing else to worry about.
Lamia Queen on the other hand opens with Charm, a debuff that paralyzes you for a turn.. Her priority is to revive any fallen manikins so be careful of this.
Lulu Manikin is the least threatening but she does inflict Fire Resist Down to your team and Fire Enchant to the enemy party enabling them to deal more damage.

Its best to use your BT and summon in this last wave. You can even prevent the enemies from getting a turn.
Debuffs Inflicted: Charm, SPD Down,Fire Resist Down

With all green numbers/BRV gains being prevented, you must opt for Damage Dealers & Supports which are not reliant on BRV battery, generally those with high hit counts and/or utility.

The most important role for this stage is having an AoE damage dealer. With all 3 waves having 3 enemies, those with splash or full damage attacks will swiftly dispose of enemies. Kuja is premium for this, with Eight, Vivi, Strago, & Emperor all being powerful options to trivialize this stage.

The other needed role, is having a support that is more offensively focused (without reliance on battery). Kurasame's HP DMG boosting debuff is perfect for this. Other variants include Relm's free turns after any enemy acts, Shantotto's double poison/paralysis, Desch's paralysis, as well as Kefka's crippling debuffs. Note that all of these characters have strong EX attacks that are great vs multiple enemies.