Entropy 12

Dimensions End: Entropy - Tier 12. This tier has the enemies Resistant to Physical Damage. The enemies have numerous framed buffs and powerful HP Attacks. The recommended roles would be a Dispeller, Strong Healer, Heavy BRV Shaver, and Damage Mitigation. The bosses' total HP is 7,200,000. The turn requirement is 115. The DPT you need is 60K.

  • Wave 1 (Boss Wave)
    Argent Officiant and White Qilin. Both bosses cleanse all of their debuffs after their first turn, so be careful debuffing up front! The Officiant also cleanses its framed debuffs while granting itself framed BRV Regen, BRV DMG Resist, & SPD Up.

    On the Officiant's 2nd turn, it can either BRV Gain > HP Attack or use an extremely hard hitting Magic BRV Attack which will require quick BRV shaving. When it finally uses its HP attack, it will stop floating. On the Qilin's 2nd turn, it will do 2 AoE BRV hits > AoE HP attack. Avoid getting broken as it can wipe your party. Heal back up. Any ALL attacks mean more HP damage coming. HP Silence or damage mitigation can buy you critical time to recover. The Officiant will enrage if you kill the Qilin first, so kill the Officiant immediately. Debuffs Inflicted: ATK/IBRV/DEF/SPD/MAG Resist Down

  • Wave 2 (Final Boss Wave)
    Two Lunatic Weapon Keepers. Their 1st turns are AoE BRV Attacks. This is going to steal a lot of your BRV so be ready to shave. When targeting themselves, they will grant framed ATK, MBRV, and DEF buffs with a massive BRV Gain. Shave them down or their target will die! Alternatively if you're going the HP Silence route, they can be stunlocked here.

    This wave isn't nearly as deadly provided you can keep their BRV down. As they take more damage, they will cycle around again and buff themselves. Later in the battle, they will instead grant themselves framed ATK, MBRV, BRV Damage Reduction and Evasion Up buffs with a massive 90k BRV Gain. HP Silence or tanking will be your savior in case of emergency. Otherwise, shave this at all costs and consider summoning. Debuffs Inflicted: ATK/MBRV/SPD/Max HP Down

Arciela & Vanille act as magic based dispellers to remove the numerous buffs that the bosses apply to themselves. Arciela protects your team via her HP Attack Disable debuff, while Vanille lowers enemy's ATK by 50%, allowing your team to avoid fatalities from powerful enemy attacks. In addition, they are powerful batteries that can help push more damage from your team versus high boss defenses.

Exdeath, Edge, Porom, & Hope provide your party with HP damage mitigation, allowing your team to avoid or tank powerful enemy HP attacks. Exdeath also provides true damage, bypassing enemy defense stats, while Edge can draw enemy attention and dodge. Porom & Hope act as battery/supports providing healing & boosting party stats.

Alphinaud, Aerith, Cloud of Darkness, & Ultimecia give your team the magic based damage needed to destroy the bosses within the turn count. Notably, they all have benefits that are important to the battle in addition to their damage. Alphinaud and Aerith have party healing in addition to their auras. Cloud of Darkness has delay utility to allow your team to prepare for an attack, while Ultimecia provides free turns, gravity, and sap.