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Updated for the entire December calendar!

  • Staple Role: Always good, always relevant. A core competency for any team which is applicable to nearly any fight! Due to the large list of these, and these essentially becoming more evergreen in Lufenia+, these now only show calls (which implies it is part of their kit)

  • Specialty Role: Excellent, but only when relevant. These roles can be the difference between a complete & a failure, but they won't always be needed, nor even effective in certain fights

Note that all images below are ordered by their last update. This is NOT A TIER LIST. Keep in mind that characters with more recent updates may (but not always) be more tuned for handling upcoming content vs older characters. Keep your roles updated & balanced, and for more information on team building, check out our Team Building Basics page!

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Staple Roles

Dealing damage & supporting your party are always good, always relevant - these are the most important roles for all players as they can serve their function in nearly any fight. With the advent of BT+, these lists are getting excessively large & more common, so we're only going to link to other database/compendium like sources!

BRV Gain Up

As enemies continue to reduce BRV gains and lower the value of our battery effects and BRV gains between attacks, BRV gain up auras become extremely powerful to counteract this. BRV gain up allows characters to counteract this entire boss mechanicNote: There is also self BRV Gains Up which boosts the BRV battery the unit creates, this is slightly different from BRV Gains up which is an effect that boosts the BRV battery the unit recieves regardless of source.

All effects & calls found on DissidiaDb

HP Damage Up

As BRV DMG reduction increases, it becomes more important to continue to deal high damage. HP Damage up buffs, debuffs, & effects ensure that your damage per turn is premium. It also helps to breathe life into older kits that have low hit counts, allowing their damage ceiling to increase!

All effects & calls found on DissidiaDb

BRV Damage Up

As enemies raise their resistance to general BRV DMG, you need a way to counteract that reduction directly. BRV DMG up directly counteracts these effects so that your team can continue to shave BRV efficiently. Critical damage boosts are similar but only affect critical hits, generally when an enemy is broken or an effect guarantees criticals.Magic = Magic BRV DMG

All effects & calls found on DissidiaDb

Regen Healer

Healing is a requirement of any party, unless you are employing an alternative strategy, such as heavy enemy delay.Regen healers are great in counteracting frequent attacks, but might fall behind if their regen effect isn't strong enough and the party is under pressure.

All effects & calls found on DissidiaDb

Burst Healer

Healing is a requirement of any party, unless you are employing an alternative strategy, such as heavy enemy delay.Burst healers are great in counteracting large enemy attacks, but you need to ensure that they have enough uses of their healing & that it is timely enough to compensate for your healing needs.

Calls found on DissidiaDb

Both Burst & Regen Healing

Healing is a requirement of any party, unless you are employing an alternative strategy, such as heavy enemy delay.Burst healers are great in counteracting large enemy attacksRegen healers are great in counteracting frequent attacksThese characters can do BOTH

Calls found on DissidiaDb

Specialty Roles

When relevant, these characters can be the best on your team, providing unparalleled protection or disruption. Their downside is, their role will not always be helpful or important in all fights. The #1 rule of tackling CHAOS & Lufenia is to counter the boss.

These specialties are all nuanced and each character is different. Before you skip a character because you already have their specialty covered, consider what team compositions you can form that cover all of the potential ally's roles, not just the speciality. If you can't form a team, you likely need to augment your role coverage and further balance your roster by pulling.

Defensive / Support Roles


Tanks take pressure off your team and can help trivialize boss mechanics. A tank's efficiency depends greatly per battle. See notes below
  • Many tanks may struggle against protecting vs AoE unless specified
  • Lock indicates that they draw attention onto themselves, but these tanks are reliant on the debuff
  • Cover indicates they don't rely on a debuff and will jump in front of your allies to protect them

Lock calls found on DissidiaDb

Lock Mitigate
2T Lock Evade
Lock AoE Shield
Lock AoE HP Sponge
Lock Mitigate
LD Lock Evade
1T Lock Evade
Lock Mitigate
1T Lock AoE Evade

Party Enchant & Imperil

These characters enable your entire team to hit weakness damage on all of their non-elemental hits. This boosts BRV DMG by 50%, and we note additional boosts under the element (weakness damage up). The biggest advantage of Enchant/Imperil is that you can ignore melee/magic/ranged resistances that bosses have!

Calls found on DissidiaDb

Note that some calls listed only enchant or imperil. Check call for details
water & thunder
windBT+ effect
holy & thunder+30%
holyAA only
iceAA needed

Nullify Party HP Damage

They protect your entire party by nullifying HP damage or massively reducing it, which is a constant theme of difficult content. They operate in a lot of content but note that their mitigation may not always be active, or may not be enough for the boss you are facing.

HP Reduction Calls found on DissidiaDb

EX blind1T 100%
EX HP buff1T 100%
EX debuff 1T 100%
3T debuffBRVFreeze
LD debuff1T 100%
LD effect
LD buff once 100%
AoE HP redirect
EX buffevasion

Nullify Party BRV DMG

Stopping stolen BRV is relevant at countering very specific bosses. They can turn a difficult fight into a cake walk, essentially preventing the boss from having any BRV to HP attack you with, but not all fights can be approached this way.

BRV Reduction calls found on DissidiaDb

absorb NE BRV
LD debuff1T 100%
Cover allies
shield & AA 20%
stops stolen
Cover allies
shield & -40% BRV

Reduce BRV gains

Reducing BRV gains is similar at at countering very specific bosses, and can mitigate a significant amount of threat from a boss, but it's heavily dependent on the boss doing BRV gains, which is not as common as bosses doing normal attacks to steal BRV.

Calls found on DissidiaDb

BT effect freeze BRV
steals 30%
stops gains
freeze BRV
3T BT effect
BRV gain -30%
stops gains
steals 50%
stops all*1/3 chance
stops gains
absorb NE BRV

Debuff Evasion

Most enemies inflict debuffs, and this is the easiest way to counter it, and prevent the debuffs from pushing your precious buffs off! Note that some enemies have guaranteed debuffs and this won't stop those!

Calls found on DissidiaDb

1T debuff

Esuna / Debuff Cleansing

This role is only truly useful vs bosses with guaranteed debuffs, which is quite rare. Rare or not, sometimes you just need this effect, and very few characters have access to this! Some Lufenia orbs need this as well!

Calls found on DissidiaDb

EX only
1 at a time
S1 & LD
2 at a time
LD only for party
LD only
LD only
EX when HP>80%
LD only


Launching can provide huge damage amplification and is one of the most common ways to "cheese" a fight, by ignoring boss mechanics.How does it work? When a launch occurs, 10% HP DMG will be added to the attack. For every ally that participates in the launch, 5% more HP DMG will be added, for a total of 20% boost. Pairing this with Pandemonium summon is another 25% HP DMG, which stacks to +45% HP DMG!
EX only
LD & LD debuff
relentless launches
EX only
relentless launches
EX only
EX only
8 w/ pande
EX only
EX only

Has Last Stand to Prevent KO

Always relevant but rarely required. Last Stand affords you more flexibility in battle as you don't need to worry about them dying as long as Last Stand is active. All thresholds are HP > 50% unless specified otherwise
1 time
Prevent KO w/ LD buff
1 time w/ exoplates
HP > 20%

Boss Disruption

Instant Break & 100% Gravity

Lufenia difficulty will more frequently have huge BRV DMG taken down effects, sometimes even as high as 999% reduction. More enemies will have auras that require them to be broken to dispel the aura. This makes 100% gravity specifically and instant break characters extremely valuable!

Calls found on DissidiaDb

EX Debuff enables party
50% chance (Odin)

The Gravity Units

Chase BRV+
After enemy turn
Before enemy turn


Dispelling can be useful in niche fights, removing boss buffs, which sometimes can be the difference between ease & impossibility. This is less frequent in Lufenia, only being critical in a couple of fights, as bosses tend to have invisible auras that cannot be dispelled with an ability.

Calls found on DissidiaDb

steals buffs
only stops buffs
steals buffs

Stun Effects

Paralysis, Silence, & Confuse are always relevant, giving you time to delay a big enemy attack, and giving you more turns than the enemy overall. Many Lufenia fights have conditions that require Paralysis/Silence/Confuse, and can often temporarily negate boss mechanics like counter attacks or other triggered abilities.

Calls found on DissidiaDb

Faded Moly (Confuse),Silence & Paralyze
HP Silence
25% chance Confuse
Sleep 5T
25% chance Paralyze
30% chance Confuse
Paralysis and Confuse prevent the target from acting. Silence, HP Silence & Terror are conditional stuns. Silence stops enemies if they wanted to use Magic BRV Attakcs, HP Silence stops enemies if they wanted to do an HP attack and Terror stops enemies from attacking if they target the person who applied Terror on them. Sleep is a stun that ticks down on enemy turns as usual, but also when the target is hit.
33% chance Confuse
HP Silence
Paralyze after Trap
Paralyze*(on + S1)
Ruin's Curse (Paralyze)
Paralyze*(needs 3T)
Low% Paralyze

Trap Effects

Traps that trigger after an enemy turn are most notable for helping with "off-turn damage". This means dealing damage outside of their turn. This is especially effective in Boss Rush content, but is also helpful at controlling bosses.

Calls found on DissidiaDb

no DMG, instant break
EX debuff
start of turn*
after LD use only

Counter Attacks

Counter attacks are similar to traps above, but generally only trigger in specific conditions, where as traps trigger always after the enemy turn is taken. Counter attacks also a slightly more common Lufenia orb condition. "HP" indicates that they deal HP damage on their counter attack.
HP ignore DEF
HP on take HP dmg
HP, Battery
HP, Battery
HP from S2+ & LD
HP attack after hit
BRV on evade
BRV on take BRV dmg
HP, Battery, Heal
2x HP on evade
HP on evade
HP on evade
debuffs on take dmg

Turn Delay

Turn delay is the most used tactic to countering all forms of bosses, and giving them less turns to take. Stacking up on turn delay can trivialize bosses and afford more varied team compositions. Be warned enemies in Lufenia will sometimes punish you severely for delaying or be immune to it entirely.

Calls found on DissidiaDb

all skills delay
S2 1TS2+ 3TEX 1T
all skillsbypasses resistance 1T or 3T
+skills/EX 1T
S1 1T
S2 1T
S2+ 2T
all skills delay
S2 1T
S1 2T,
trap/HP+ 1T w/ EX debuff
EX 1 or 2T
S1 debuff 2T after PHY ATK
S2 2T

Poison / Sap

One of the more common Lufenia orb triggers, inflicting poison or sap can be very useful for tackling boss fights. Additionally, this can act as a pre-turn trap of sort, helping to shave enemy BRV, which can affect boss AI (avoiding an HP attack by lowering their BRV to 0), etc.

Calls found on DissidiaDb

Too many to upkeep & list, use the DissidiaDb link to find allies which poison/sap!

If you just need it for an orb, Thancred and Faris spheres are easy answers!

Yda & Exdeath are the only characters with HP Poison!

Specific Values

Want the values of effects broken down?

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