Transcendence Tier 11

Reminder: Avoid claiming your BT tokens from the Rewards menu, they do NOT expire! Simply wait until there is a BT you want to claim!

For general information on Transcendence, please read our Transcendence FAQ!

You do not need to complete prior Transcendence stages to attempt this stage!

Left Crucible vs Dark Bahamut

and Hope Manakin!

Enemy: 1x Lunatic Dark Bahamut and 1x Hope Manakin

(link to enemy details on Dissidia Compendium)

Orb Timeline:

-1 count per ally action, -2 per enemy turn
  • Up the entire battle (8 start, 15 max, lethal)

Take HP Damage from Enemy/Friendly attack: +5 count

Green Crystal required in party

  • Rinoa, Galuf, Kam'lanaut, Gabranth, Snow, Cinque, Rem, Steiner, etc. Filter by Green and just carry a bronze unit if need be.

Fight Notes (Click to expand)

This fight was brought to you by Hope made a friend!

Fight mechanics:

  • 60T to get through 20M+ HP (Hope has 20M HP too, but he can come back and only Bahamut needs to be defeated)

  • BRV damage is reduced by up to 90% throughout the fight.

  • BRV Gains are reduced by up to 70% throughout the fight.

General Team Themes to counter the stage:

  • Bring strong Single Target damage as defeating Bahamut is the win condition.

  • 20M HP in an era with Force Weapons. Force Time + BT phase or strong summon phase can eat that HP up.

    • Note if using summon, if summon phase doesn't kill, Bahamut will counter heal and counter megaflare.

  • Hope acting can get annoying as he will place Protect and/or Shell to Bahamut which can cause pain.

Right Crucible vs 2x SAM08G

Enemy: 2x Lunatic SAM08G

(link to enemy description on Dissidia Compendium)

Orb Timeline:

-2 count per ally action, no count change per enemy turn
  • Up the entire battle (8 start, 8 max, lethal)

Deal Elemental Weakness DMG: +2 count

  • So many elemental attacks...

  • If you'd like to use non-elemental damage dealers, bring a Party Enchanter! (linked to our Roles page)

Black Crystal required in party

  • Leon, Kain, Palom, Golbez, Ceodore, Sabin, Vivi, Gladio, Machina, Sice, Jegran, etc. Filter by Black Crystal and carry a bronze unit if need be.

Fight Notes (Click to expand)

This fight was brought to you by Green Eggs & HAM08G!

Fight mechanics:

  • 60T fight, 40M HP (2x 40M HP)

    • This orb will kill you upon exploding

  • BRV damage is reduced by up to 70% throughout the fight.

  • BRV gains are reduced by up to 70% throughout the fight.

General Team Themes to counter the stage:

  • If giving the enemies turns, bring dispel as they have some annoying buffs. They also have a chance to paralyze on some attacks so bring debuff evasion or regular evasion.

  • If using a Force Weapon for use in Reckoning, their HP will melt so have fun.

Reckoning vs 2x Armaloë

Lunatic Armaloë

(2x 80M HP, 160M HP Total)

Force Thresholds

(Use a Magic Force Ability & trigger Force Time to nullify the following effects. Absorbed Magic BRV hits will not count for this condition)
  • 0% onward: 10% HP Poison

  • 20%: Triggers Debuffs (ATK Down, DEF Down & BRV DMG taken up 5T, guaranteed hit)

  • 50% onward: Absorb Non-Elemental BRV DMG. (Elemental Weakness Damage needed)

  • 70%: Inflict Debuffs+ (Paralyze 1T, guaranteed hit)

  • 80%: Inflict Debuffs++ (Stop 2T, guaranteed hit)

    • Stop: EX Gauge cannot fill & SPD down -10%

  • 100%: triggers Nectar Burst, BRV Gain (50% mBRV after turns)

    • Nectar Burst: Recovers from Break, AoE Magic BRVs + HP attack. Grants ATK, SPD, BRV DMG & DEF buffs to enemies 5T. 10T Force Time. Odd Force Time turns remaining trigger Needle Shower. (see below)

HP Thresholds

  • Below 80%, 60%, 40%, 20% HP: Triggers Needle Shower (if not in BT or Summon Phase)

    • Also triggered at 9, 7, 5, 3, 1T remaining on their Force Time.

    • Needle Shower: Reduce player party's HP by 80%. Guaranteed hit, cannot be mitigated. Bring Heals.

Boss Breakdown

  • You can prevent their debuff application with Raijin LDCA's debuff which is great if denying them turns in aggressive Force Time approaches. Filling up debuff slots with Framed buffs (Hope, Selphie as examples) can also prevent their debuff application.

  • If taking an aggressive approach, you may push all HP thresholds during Burst and if bosses survive, they will do all their Needle Showers then. A strong burst ability, call or Alexander summon is recommended for closing out the fight if this happens.

  • Have a party enchant/imperil call on standby as they will have points where they absorb Non-Elemental BRV DMG.

    • If you want Brothers Summon to do it's big damage, bring your an Earth Imperil call unless you can nullify/wait out/rush down their 50% Force Gauge effect.

  • If giving them turns, have HP Mitigation, HP Regens or Counters that heal prepared as you don't want to get hit by Needle Shower into an HP attack in quick succession.

  • We recommend bringing a Magic Force user to nullify the enemy FR effects which disables HP poison and Non-Elemental damage absorption to make for comfy damaging during Force Time.

    • Magic Force Users: Rinoa, Terra, CoD, Sherlotta, Iroha, Sabin, Lunafreya and Yuri (at the time it released).

  • NOTE: JP at this time still had CoD FR bug where Garland could help increase the HP DMG Bonus more than intended and has been patched in GL before it's release.

  • NOTE: Their Blue aura mechanic - taking 4 instant turns triggers it; it prevents buff applications/refreshing on your party members - allowed Zell and Freya to auto+ the stage as Freya would spam LDs and AAs to trigger it, jump and have Zell (with ONLY S1 EQUIPPED) spam Punch Rush as it's free use, instant turn and cannot apply his Duel buff that would upgrade the skill and force a passing turn. This led to Zell taking infinite free turns while Freya slowly widdled enemy HP away and kept the HP Requirement in check. HOWEVER, this was patched out a couple weeks later and may not work, but if you see a blue aura pop up and you can't buff (like Cel couldn't trying to use Terra in JP) whip out your hot dog consumer and RatJam to victory.

    • Update 10/13 - They do indeed have their blue aura which allows them to be Zell cheesed, however we expect this to be fixed in a few weeks as well (November Maintenance) and if you attempt this stage after this, it probably will not work. For those who want to try it for yourselves here's our own Cel demonstrating it and if their Force Attack breaks Zell sending him back a turn.

Creative & Unique Runs of the Reckoning stage from JP players

  • We are linking some noteworthy videos that utilize unexpected team comps. We thank these players for their creative efforts :)

    • If you have a run that you believe is noteworthy, please message CellyBell#0314 (discord) or poke #tonberry_chat in the MateriaBot discord!!!

  • If you are looking for creative runs on the GL side of the game, please do check

If you're feeling daring and willing to invest heavily into Rinoa and you have Cater LDCA, you may be eligible for a Rinoa Solo. Off-turn/counter/trap teams also work as long as your units are able to heal off the damage they took before killing the enemies.

Update: Rinoa can solo with Faris LDCA or Seymour LDCA as well but are still very spooky.

No BT run with an FFXV twist by Alphinaud Leveilleur

Spookier run where Enemy FR gauge fills by ぐーり

Rinoa Solo that doesn't need to summon at all by いろはす

Racing the enemy FR Gauge with Shiva by DFFOO究極攻略アルテマ