Our Team

The Tonberry Troupe

is a group of dedicated & passionate players. We strive to provide the DFFOO global community with useful and knowledgeable resources to better enjoy the game. Our primary resources are Character Infographics, & the Guides & Beginner sections of this website.

 Each of us handles different parts of the process, ensuring that our finished products are accurate & reliable. We are human, and can make mistakes, so please never hesitate to reach out to us on Discord, Reddit, Patreon, Facebook, or by email (TonberryTroupe at gmail.com)


Infographic Research & Beginner Guide Creator


Infographic Creation, Design & Website/Social Media Management 


Lufenia Research Guides & Infographic Quality Assurance


Founder & Consultant/Queso Support

Recent Changes to Tonberry Troupe (Dec. 2021):

Our Process


Teleute creates a research document for every character update. He then grabs ability data from Dissidia Compendium and other sources, like MateriaBot & DissidiaDb. He uses Famitsu (translated automatically) to figure out buff, debuff, & aura values when needed, and reaches out to knowledgeable JP players when a value can't be determined easily. All of this gets cleanly placed into a document with a specific format. Character board and other additions are commented on to ease the future Quality Assurance process. This document is then shared with the rest of the Troupe, as well as with our King Patrons who have early access. Teleute tends to be about 2 months ahead in research.

CellyBell uses the research document to create the base graphic with Photoshop, using a template that Dreamy made over the course of many months, collaborating with the team and with partners around the community, to determine the best format for displaying character kits for the LD / BT era. Over a hundred layers are filled with information, formatted for logical readability, and the background art is selected. Shading and contrast layers are applied to make the information readable, color-blindness compatibility is checked, and some easter eggs are hidden within the graphic for the community to find (usually a tonberry sticker).

Cel also covers Inkwelder's previous work, using their JP experience and community contacts to write the Notes section of the infographic. 

Anomander is the last piece of the puzzle (of sorts), reviewing the drafted infographic for correctness and appearance, aiming to validate every number and name on the graphic, as well as the sensibility of the analysis. Cel makes the necessary updates & adjustments, now often sharing graphics ahead of time with Tonberry Troupe patrons to give them a sneak peak or get their honest feedback.

Infographic Release Process

As Dreamy & Inkwelder used to handle releases, that now falls all to CellyBell. Reddit, Twitter, and Discord announcement posts need to be created, but first updates to the website must be made. MateriaBot $ig commands are updated for the character, and a Discord message is sent to all Discord servers that follow Quetzalma's server where we hang out!

Most important: At this phase, our team is on standby. Yes, we have a rigorous process, but mistakes happen. If a mistake is noticed or reported, we aim to get the information corrected as soon as possible on the graphic and/or the website, so as to never mislead the community. We always appreciate everyone's patience, and we strive to be correct the first time through!

Lufenia/Shinryu Research Process

Anomander kicks off this process, by sequentially working through upcoming Lufenia. He combs YouTube, Reddit, & Discord for runs of one upcoming Lufenia fight at a time. He records all of the runs in a consistently formatted spreadsheet (which is shared with our patrons) with the party used, the level of their gear, the calls used, friend used, and a link to the run. He then runs macros to analyze who the most used characters were among the collected videos. He watches video after video, analyzing the boss mechanics, while simultaneously studying how the characters in party are tackling those specific mechanics. He works with our collaborators that played JP to ask any questions that came up during research, and get them addressed.

Anomander drafts notes on the critical boss mechanics, the Lufenia orb, and hp thresholds when battle changes occur.

CellyBell uses the patron spreadsheet (which has over 7000+ runs that Anomander has analyzed) to update the website's Lufenia+ Research/Shinryu Studies page with fight notes, and the updates are published alongside the next infographic.

Previous Members

Vayne Novus is retired in the role of QA on both the data collection and drafted infographic. He also led work on all of the Entropy infographics and co-managed our massive Facebook page. Vayne leaves our Troupe in good spirits, focusing on his life & career! Sep 2019 - Feb 2021

Dreamy is retired after 2 years of intensive graphic design for the Troupe. Dreamy is responsible for the incredible professionalism that the Troupe now has, using a template for graphics which took months to prepare and tweak. He created hundreds of graphics, integrating in beautiful art from around the FF community. If you appreciate the Troupe's aesthetics on the website or the graphics, you absolutely must thank Dreamy. A wonderful and talented person, we wish him well on his real life endeavors! Aug 2019ish - October 2021

Inkwelder is retired after 2.5 years of... well keeping things together. Ink started the Troupe back in May 2019, doing a graphic for Quistis EX+, aiming to bypass community opinion, and do objective research on the character. This started a small operation with some other players, namely Blindeye, Teleute, PGChris, & Geoffers. Ink created the graphics in Snappa, and received support from his server members. Ink carried the mantle as the Tonberry King throughout his time, working on around 300 infographics, all of them on time, and constantly tweaked for accuracy. Teleute took on a larger role to help him with data collection, and Dreamy moved the graphics to a professional level with Photoshop. Ink started TonberryTroupe.com, an effort that took months to set up, as a way of providing a one-stop shop for new and veteran players alike to find useful information about the game. The website is still used by over 30,000 players a month. Inkwelder thanks the community for their respect, time, and support that they gave him starting out, of which the Troupe work would not have continued without. May 2019 - December 2021

Collaborators & Content Creators

Sometimes confused with our group, these fantastic community members have their own content streams and collaborate with us to make the overall contribution to the community that much better. Thank YOU!