Our Team

The Tonberry Troupe

is a group of four dedicated & passionate players. We strive to provide the DFFOO global community with useful and knowledgeable resources to better enjoy the game. Our primary resources are Character Infographics, & the Guides & Beginner sections of this website.

Each of us handles different parts of the process, ensuring that our finished products are accurate & reliable. We are human, and can make mistakes, so please never hesitate to reach out to us on Discord, Reddit, Patreon, Facebook, or by email (TonberryTroupe at gmail.com)


Infographic Analyses & Website Management


Infographic Research & Beginner Guide Creator


Infographic Creation, Design & Website Asset Management


Lufenia Research Guides & Infographic Quality Assurance

Our Process


Teleute creates a research document for every character update. He then grabs ability data from Dissidia Compendium and other sources, like MateriaBot & DissidiaDb. He uses Famitsu (translated automatically) to figure out buff, debuff, & aura values when needed, and reaches out to knowledgeable JP players when a value can't be determined easily. All of this gets cleanly placed into a document with a specific format. Character board and other additions are commented on to ease the future Quality Assurance process. This document is then shared with the rest of the Troupe, as well as with our King Patrons who have early access. Teleute tends to be about 2 months ahead in research.

Inkwelder uses the research documents to analyze the character's kit. An initial pass at QA is done, validating ability uses, hit counts, naming, buff values, etc. Strengths, Concerns, & Battle Advice is added to the research document. This draft is then shared with 2+ JP players that invested in the character and used them in fights. These JP players are incredibly kind to lend their time, answering various questions about a character and how they play in battle. The JP players point out anything misleading or missing from the draft. These conversation notes are then used to write the How-To-Play/Gameplay notes for the website, which are held in the research document for now. Inkwelder used to be about 1-2 graphics ahead, but now maintains 1-2 months ahead in analysis thanks to the strength of the team.

Dreamy uses the research document to create the base graphic with Photoshop. This tends to happen a few days before release, because of the amount of time taken to craft each of these. Dreamy uses a template that he made over the course of many months, collaborating with the team and with partners around the community, to determine the best format for displaying character kits for the LD / BT era. Over a hundred layers are filled with information, formatted for logical readability, and the background art is selected. Shading and contrast layers are applied to make the information readable, color-blindness compatibility is checked, and sometimes easter eggs are hidden within the graphic for the community to find.

Anomander is the last piece of the puzzle (of sorts), reviewing the drafted infographic for correctness and appearance, aiming to validate every number and name on the graphic, as well as the sensibility of the analysis. QA is reported to Dreamy for revisions before the team begins the release process.

Infographic Release Process

Our team is very diligent on consistent release, generally aiming around 5PM UTC, 9 hours before the banner drops. While Anomander is performing QA, and Dreamy is updating the draft graphic. Inkwelder readies the website, updating around 8 different pages with new, relevant information. Dreamy adds the finished graphic to the website. While the website is being published, Dreamy publishes posts to Reddit & Twitter, while Teleute manages the Facebook post. The team updates MateriaBot with the latest graphic, which if your Discord server is following our list-of-infographics channel, the new infographic will be pushed immediately to your discord server!

Most important: At this phase, our team is on standby. Yes, we have a rigorous process, but mistakes happen. If a mistake is noticed or reported, we aim to get the information corrected as soon as possible on the graphic and/or the website, so as to never mislead the community. We always appreciate everyone's patience, and we strive to be correct the first time through!

Lufenia Research Process

Anomander kicks off this process, by sequentially working through upcoming Lufenia. He combs YouTube, Reddit, & Discord for runs of one upcoming Lufenia fight at a time. He records all of the runs in a consistently formatted spreadsheet with the party used, the level of their gear, the calls used, friend used, and a link to the run. He then runs macros to analyze who the most used characters were among the collected videos. He watches video after video, analyzing the boss mechanics, while simultaneously studying how the characters in party are tackling those specific mechanics. He works with our collaborators that played JP to ask any questions that came up during research, and get them addressed.

Anomander drafts 2 sections, 1) notes on the critical boss mechanics, the Lufenia orb, hp thresholds when battle changes occur, and 2) key characters that were difference makers in the fight. These are not just the 6 most popular, these are 6 that are key to winning, and are the difference between a complete and a fail.

Inkwelder takes the spreadsheet, and integrates with the Patrons-only spreadsheet. This spreadsheet has 2000+ runs that Anomander has analyzed, allowing our Patrons to research fights at their leisure, and have a quick reference for how a team comp performed. Inkwelder then updates the website's Lufenia Research page with the Boss Notes & the Key Characters, and the updates are published alongside the next infographic.

Previous Members

Vayne Novus is retired with honors from the Troupe. He handled QA on both the data collection and drafted infographic. He also led work on all of the Entropy infographics and co-managed our massive Facebook page. Vayne leaves our Troupe in good spirits, focusing on his life & career!

Collaborator - Content Creators

Sometimes confused with our group, these fantastic community members have their own content streams and collaborate with us to make the overall contribution to the community that much better. Thank YOU!

  • Quetzalma: Creator and manager of MateriaBot, an information-based discord bot which is deployed on hundreds of servers across the community, silently helping everyone. If the Troupe were a train, Quetz would be the tracks. He connected Ink & Dreamy, he connected Tonberry Troupe to Rem from DissidiaDb. He has cut hours off of our process via his development activities, and it's safe to say that if Quetz wasn't part of the community, the Tonberry Troupe would not exist.

  • Black Cloud/Nero: Player of both GL & JP, he helps provide context and information for all of our content for our Entropy guides. Check him out on his YouTube page, or find him on the main discord or TCC Podcast discord.

  • DissidiaDb & Dissidia.dev: Created and maintained by Rem, and is a long-standing and reliable backbone for the entire DFFOO community. We rely on his amazing site for every infographic that we make!

  • Dissidia Compendium: A newcomer to the DFFOO content creator group which has quickly made a name for themselves for having very helpful data on character abilities, enemies, and more

  • DissidiaInfo: Created and maintained by Macnol, consolidating information for many extremely useful resources, most notably the Call to Arms. This acts as a hub for the GL community to submit video runs, and connect the community with those runs for the purpose of helping the

  • TCC Podcast: Ink is a mod on their discord for a reason. They are insightful and entertaining players that present multiple angles of analysis on every character and every event. Their podcast is probably one of the most useful sources of information for the community due to their range of perspectives vs singular creators.

  • JP Community: They are the backbone of the refined information in our infographics. While we can still pump out a graphic like Aranea or Cor without their help, they make our infographics infinitely more helpful and insightful for the community, and we have endless thanks for their patience & willingness to help our work product.