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Infographic as of May 2020, Notes below last updated May 2020

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Summon Board Passive selections:

  • Odin choose 3 / 6 / 7

  • Bahamut choose 4 / 5 / 6 (note that while she enables non-targets to be launched, we still prefer 5 over 7 for her. She has a BRV Regen based on her mBRV specifically, so 2% is probably better than the rare 5% chase boost, but up to you!)

  • For any summons not shown here, please use our Board Passives Cheat Sheet located on Summon Hub!

Gameplay Notes:

  • Cinque can spam Homerun Swing+ when against multiple bosses. The + version will only dispel [Stun] against her single target, leaving the stacks on the other enemy(ies). As long as the other enemies still have a total of 5 or more stacks, Homerun Swing+ & Earthquake+ will still be active.

  • Earthquake+ will dispel [Stun] on all targets, so it is best to be used before she uses her EX (as that will inflict [Stun V] and refresh all targets the next turn) OR if AoE shaving is required.

Team Synergy Notes:

  • Pairs well with speed debuffers, check them out on our roles page!

  • Support her with Rem, Selphie, and others, she's not too picky!

    • Note that Penelo's SPD up buff interacts negatively with Cinque's EX recharge

Listen to Episode 103 of the TCC Podcast as the crew discusses Cinque!

How-To & Featured Run by Dreamy

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