Transcendence Tier 15

Reminder: Avoid claiming your BT tokens from the Rewards menu, they do NOT expire! Simply wait until there is a BT you want to claim!

For general information on Transcendence, please read our Transcendence FAQ!

You DO need to complete ALL prior Transcendence stages to attempt this stage!

Only Shinryu Awaits...

Dimension's End Transcendence Final Stage

Force Thresholds (Wave 1)

Force Weakness: Ranged BRV DMG.

Dimension's End Transcendence Final Wave 2

Shinryu (Link)

(306M HP total)-90M HP - Life 1-81M HP - Life 2-72M HP - Life 3-63M HP - Final Life

Force Thresholds (Wave 2)

Force Weakness: Magic BRV DMG and grant the party a buff.

Fight Breakdown (Wave 1)

Fight Breakdown (Wave 2)

Misc Notes

More Fight Infographics

Cheatsheet by ScottOng