Entropy 18

Dimensions End: Entropy - Tier 18. This tier has the enemies Resistant to Magic Damage. The enemies have 1-turn powerups and strong AoE HP Attacks. The recommended roles would be Turn Manipulation, HP Damage Mitigation and Gravity/Instant Break Characters. The bosses' total HP is 9,400,000. The turn requirement is 90. The DPT you need is 104.4k.

  • Wave 1 (Boss Wave)

Flutter Jelly (2x)

Flutter Jelly performs both Magic & Melee Attacks. They can delay you and even moreso when they inflict a break.

When one starts concentrating, it gains a red aura, delays itself and switches its target to ALL. If you don't stun it after concentrating, it will perform Spinning Blades, which cleanses generic debuffs, into an AoE BRV+HP attack.

Stunning it gets rid of the red aura and goes back to targeting one unit. They will concentrate a few times during the fight so you can take advantage of this pattern.

Tanking the AoE BRV+HP Damage is also possible with HP Damage Reduction/Mitigation or ATK Down Debuffs.

It will perform a move that increases its BRV DMG for just 1 turn. You can stun it to remove this effect, which is the theme of this tier. Apart from those mentioned above, none of their other attacks are threatening.

Debuffs Inflicted: Poison, SPD Down, Turn Rate Down

  • Wave 2 (Final Boss Wave)

Ferrum Scorpion (1x)

Affect (1x) Resistant to Dark

Ferrum Scorpion buffs itself with ATK & DEF Up. When it is targeting itself, it will do a BRV Gain followed by an instant turn rate HP Attack. There is no way to stop this so you must mitigate the incoming HP damage or shave off the BRV Gain in an off-turn trap/counter/attack. It also gains high turn rate when breaking or attacking a broken target. Ferrum Scorpion enrages if the Affect is killed, so kill the Scorpion first.

Bring down Affect last. Occasionally, it will turn blue with Aqua Power with special 1 Turn Effects. It will gain a massive amount of BRV, limit the BRV Damage it will receive to 1, and increase its HP Damage Dealt. You have to break Affect to remove this effect; alternatively, you can tank the HP Attack with Damage Mitigation or Dodge.

Debuffs Inflicted: Poison, SPD Down, DEF Down

Typical team comps for this tier are structured with a Damage Dealer, a Healer/Tank, and a Utility character. In terms of utility, look for characters that cover specialties such as Paralysis, Gravity, or Instant Break.

Damage dealers are fairly common, so just ensure that they do not have magic based attacks.

Gladio, Reno, Warrior of Light, Nine all provide BRV & HP DMG mitigation to protect against the strong one-turn attacks in this tier. Rude provides some BRV mitigation, with strong healing, that can also fit this role.

Gabranth & Trey provide some form of instant break, while Penelo has single-target 100% gravity on her EX. Kam'lanaut & Raijin provide paralysis to counter the 1 turn effects of the enemy. Gabranth & Kam'lanaut also have debuffs to reduce enemy ATK should you choose to tank attacks.