Enhancement Points

LD Boards and the Budget Route

FR Boards and the Budget Route

How do you earn points for character boards?

You can rerun easier stages in order to reach the maximum point total, if you struggle with the most difficult stages

What are Enhancement Points used for?

Short Answer: Character Boards and Force Enhancement Passive. You need 16,800 Enhancement Points to max out a new unit to FE28 and get their LD & FR extensions. This is 2-3 events or less if you spend Dailies tokens on Enhancement Points.

Long Answer: 

Who should be prioritized? (Thank you again Sinewave, あくあく#7888 on Discord)

If you plan to use a unit a lot:

Why FE 23 for characters w/ dmg skills:

Why FE 28 instead of FE 23?

Why FE 30 for characters w/ non dmg skills:

Why FE 50 anyone else besides the favorite unit?

Weird exceptions: