Enhancement Points

SQEX's Explanation

Which path enhances which Skill

How do you earn points for character boards?

  • Each new piece of content (Character Event, new Lost Chapter, campaigns, raids, summon events, story chapters) will let you earn a maximum of 5,000 character board points which can be used on any character's board. Old LCs/content do not apply. You can increase the enhancement points you get per event by purchasing Mog Pass (paid subscription).

    • Normal Mog Pass (15,000 points per event - $5 USD)

    • Premium Mog Pass (30,000 points per event - $37 USD)

  • Content will show a blue star icon indicating your progress toward the maximum character board point total for that content

You can rerun easier stages in order to reach the maximum point total, if you struggle with the most difficult stages

What are Enhancement Points used for?

Short Answer: Character Boards and Force Enhancement Passive.

Long Answer:

  • A board per character that provides them with small improvements across their entire kit

  • There are 4 sections of the board; they directly improve Skill 1, Skill 2, EX and LD

  • To fully complete the Skill 1, Skill 2 & LD sections, you are required to have crystal 55 & 60 AND 15cp, 35cp & 90cp weapon passives respectively.

  • To fully complete the EX you also have to fully realize and MLB the EX+ for it's passive.

  • It costs 8,000 Character Board Points to fully complete / master a character's board.

    • You may choose to spend 3K or less by focusing on the LD branch (straight down) as a budget option.

    • Getting up to the LDCA is 1030 Points.

    • Getting up to the LD extension is 1340 Points.

  • With the addition of Force Weapons, they will need another 15K Enhancement Points (and some Force Shards/Stones) to get all Force Enhancements.

    • You can stop at Force Enhancement 23 (FE 23) as a budget option for your most-used damaging units

    • Getting up to FE 23 costs 11,200 Points.

  • For a more in-depth look at Enhancement Points & You, check out Sinewave's Reddit comment here!

Who should be prioritized? (Thank you again Sinewave, あくあく#7888 on Discord)

If you plan to use a unit a lot:

  • FE 23 for chars with dmg skills

  • FE 30 for chars with non dmg skills

Why FE 23 for characters w/ dmg skills:

  • At FE 23 you get the last Force Gauge Charge Rate Up passive

  • Force Gauge Charge Rate Up isn't a personal buff, it's an aura, meaning everything that makes the gauge charge is affected by it (skills, enemy turns, etc.)

    • Think of it as Selphie's Aura for the EX gauge but it's the FR gauge. This stacks, so collectively, your team would have 135% charge rate up at full investment (45% each character).

  • At FE 30 all characters gain the last extension for their skills, damaging or not.

  • For Damaging Skills, the skills get an HP and BRV Damage Limit Up at >80% of the FR gauge (FE 30: 20%, FE 23: 10%), and HP damage Bonus Up after own turn when a skill is used inside FT (FE 30: 8%, FE 23: 2%).

  • The benefits between FE23 and FE30 isn’t a lot. And you can surely get by, it’s still a boost but it’s marginal compared to the opposite.

Why FE 30 for characters w/ non dmg skills:

  • For non damaging skills it charges the gauge outside of Force Time (3% at base x modifiers on the field like Charge Rate Up). Inside of Force Time, it can increase the HP Damage bonus at a whopping 50% at FE 30 (FE 23: 25%).

  • Inside of Force Time, this is a sizable HP damage bonus loss if you don’t fully invest to FE 30. Hope’s FR for example benefits heavily.

  • Compared to the opposite, this is a big gap (this is only the case if they use charge moves inside of FT, if you’re using Braska etc. and swapping them out then FE 23 is fine).

Weird exceptions:

  • Rem and Porom, they gauge charge, but since they have follow ups for their skills they gauge charge 2/3rds less outside FT and 3/5th of the HP damage bonus inside of FT compared to pure charge skills. They would still want FE 30 though.