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How-To-Play Notes

BT attack: 5 * 290K is 14.5M damage per enemy

Fatal Dance: 7 * 190K is 13.3M damage per enemy + 200k damage from 2 allies joining in launch (assuming they lack HA and UW which they probably won't) + 20% wall damage (1.5M) totals to 15.0M damage to main target. Adding ally HA, UW and outside HP DMG Limit effects increases the gap further with how many more HP attacks this combo has over the BT finisher's flat 5 attacks. 

(Note: Penelo needs 60% extra HP DMG Limit - in addition to HA 3/3, UW 5/5 & her own BT effect - for Fatal Dance to match her BT finisher and any more has Fatal dance pulling away. 60% extra HP DMG Limit can be found from 2 BT effects and/or with supporting allies with HA+)

In conclusion, in Single Target fights, fights with a main boss and a side minion or fights with 2 equal enemies with a launchable target, Fatal Dance is the superior move to use so entering Penelo's Burst Phase with 6T left in Force Time is ideal. You can also opt for BT finisher -> next turn FR + 2 S1/S2 and enter BT phase with 8T left for a big summon hit (this can also be useful later for units with FR echo to take advantage of on the last turn of FR time as well).  Just don't get too carried away with Supercharging before BT phase as it may require a bit more setup like Lunafreya LDCA/in party before FR time  to ensure her BT effect lasts long enough for the entire BT phase. If you enter BT phase with 7T left of Force Time that's also probably fine if she's paired with linked attackers to melt enemy HP.

Side note: Unless you're Tidus, Cloud, Zidane, Yuna, or another unit with many HP attacks with high HP DMG limit on their BT finisher, you most likely want to enter Burst Phase with 6T left on Force Time as damage from regular buttons is surpassing the finisher from a mix of more HP attacks and increasing HP DMG Limit effects from more access to BT effects with it and Force Time effects providing it.

Setting Up Force Time with Penelo

Theologica created a great video on how to utilize Penelo to setup ANY damage dealers Force Time that also covers future mechanics!

Penelo as a Damage Dealer

Destroth tested Penelo's personal Damage in a controlled environment that he tested other units with for a comparison, go be impressed by the big numbers!

Penelo FR Synergy Infographic thanks to Cross!