Board Farming

This page will cover the easiest and most efficient ways of farming Ultimate, Divine & Spiritus Summon Boards

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Spiritus Summons

How important is farming Spiritus Events?

The new type of Summon events after Divine Summons are Spiritus Summons; this is where you will get the next wave of 400+ tickets and 40K gems. Unlike previous boards, you will have a mix of 20 permanent missions for rewards instead of just grinding a node for points.

-- Gain 30,000 Points for 3 different Crystal Colors, 3 different Weapon Types and character from 3 different, specific games. Getting points here is similar to how Divine Illusion Boards works in that banner synergy characters glow a different color and will grant you a multiplier for the categories they fulfill. 

You only need to do 10 of these missions to get 10 keys that unlock 10 chests that will grant you the 40K Gems and 400 tickets. However going above and beyond 10 missions will give you 3 tickets for each extra mission (30 total bonus tickets). To reiterate: doing 11 or more missions is completely optional and the missions are permanent!

Along with 10 keys, you will also get more summon material to raise the summon to level 50* which will make the Summon Attack SUPER STRONG with double the BRV hits but 10x the potency of each BRV hit along with 2 HP attacks! This introduces a new strategy in fights where on the last turn of Force Time, you pop your Level 50 Summon for a huge BONK before using up that final multiplier. 

* You do not need your summon at level 40 to participate as the Spiritus event stages will offer nodes to farm older Summon materials.

In battle, when the Summon Gauge is full (taking turns, breaking enemies, launching enemies) you can call forth your summon to do BRV and HP damage which can help in a pinch. With the introduction of level 50 summons, they can do up to 1.8 Million HP damage! (Brother's does more currently for some reason)

Scale this up with Level 50 Summons doing up to 1.8M damage without Force Bonus and you have quite a nice chunk of change! Fun fact: Brother's can deal up to 2.7M damage as his 2nd HP attack seems to store the BRV dealt before the first!

Setting up for Spiritus Chaos Missions & Team Suggestions

There are a couple approaches to farming the 3x3 grid.

You can boost points gained in these categories with:

Diabolos Spiritus Farming:

Farming Brothers Spiritus Chaos Missions: Tifa, Kurasame and Relm

Farming Pandemonium Spiritus Chaos Missions, 2 Teams: Raines, Leila, Porom & Rinoa/CoD, Lulu, Xande

Farming Ramuh Spiritus Chaos Missions, 2 Teams: Ashe, Kimahri, Rem &  Rinoa, Agrias, Raijin

Farming Bahamut Spiritus Board Missions, 2 Teams: Serah, Garnet, Amidatelion & 3 Dagger Units

Farming Shiva Spiritus Board Missions, 2 Teams: Edgar, Wakka, Golbez & 3 Yellow Crystal Units

Farming Ifrit Spiritus Board Missions, 2 Teams:  Ace, Braska, Cloud & 3 Yellow Crystal Units

Farming Leviathan Spiritus Board Missions, 2 Teams:  Ciaran, Lenna, Aerith & 3 Type 0 units

Farming Alexander Spiritus Board Missions, 1 Team:  Kurasame, Strago and Arciela

Farming Diabolos Spiritus Board Missions, 2 Teams:  Cissnei, Serah and Leonora & 3 Type 0 units

Example of Rank 1400 + Mog Pass (Brothers Spiritus)

For Spiritus you ONLY NEED 10 MISSIONS TOTAL which includes just doing the Chaos, Lufenia and Spiritus mission which can easily make up the rest of the 10 missions needed. Any more than 11 missions done will reward you with 3 tickets each so if you really want those 30 tickets get on your farming pants and thinking caps to do Spiritus under tight restrictions c:

Divine (Illusion) Boards

How important are Divine Boards?

Divine Boards are less important than summon boards. They also pay out incredible resources (gems, tickets, nuggets), but their only other benefit is giving you access to a Lv40 summon which is a bit more powerful than a typical Lv30 summon. As they don't boost your character stats, you can generally do them at your leisure.

It is NOT recommended to grind all 30 Divine Boards unless you have no other content in the game to do!

Setting up for Divine Summon Boards

To complete a Divine Board, you will need to do anywhere from 75 runs... to a daunting 900 runs, all with the exact same team. For this reason, the MOST important thing is leveraging multipliers, but 2X EXP does NOT matter for Divine Boards.

Earn Points Faster!

You will want to use as many board point multipliers as possible!

This allows you to master a Divine Board in just 75 runs. At worst, with no Divine Boost, 1000 Rank, & no Moogle Pass it would be a punishing 600 runs. 

For this reason, we do NOT recommend farming Divine Boards until Divine Synergy is available for that board

Leverage Auto+ and use strong friends!

As you are rerunning the same team repeatedly, using Auto+ can make your life significantly easier. Consider if your characters have slow or less impactful moves, to remove them in the character's Equip menu. Auto+ has a priority for selecting which skill to use, ordered:

Sometimes removing S1 or S2 can be very helpful for speeding up your run (depending on the unit)!

Farming Rewards!

After completing all boards, you get: 

43,700 Gems, 105 Blue/Red Nuggets and 467 Tickets!

Illusion Points are farmable from the LV150 (COSMOS) Divine Stage of the appropriate summon (see Graph)

Graph (above) showing amount of runs (Y-axis) needed to get:

Green Lines are 3x Super Synergy and Mog Pass

Blue Lines are 3x Divine Synergy and No Mog Pass

Orange Lines are No Divine Synergy and Mog Pass

Red Lines are No Divine Synergy and No Mog Pass (Pain)

NOTE: Divine Synergy is not returning for the forseeable future so only Orange and Red Lines are the only realistic routes!

Follow this link and change the " x = 1000 " line (black dotted line) to your current rank and click where the lines overlap to see how many runs you'll need ( rank, runs ). On PC you can use your cursor along the line of the graph above to see as well!

(credits to ddrox13#7859 for starting this graph)

Ultimate Summon Boards

How important are Summon Boards?

Summon Boards are best known for providing players with significant rewards (over 450,000 gems & 4,500 tickets from 150+ characters)! They also unlock significant stat boosts and passives for each character as there are 10 Summon Boards available for each character!

The blue numbers represent stat boosts per character.

HP is your Hit Points, drop to 0 and it results in a KO

INT BRV is the amount of BRV that you start the quest with, and is also the limit when your character will recover from a BREAK that they took

MAX BRV is the upper limit of how much BRV your character can hold onto at a time

ATK is the most important statistic in the game, and determines how much damage you can deal

DEF will reduce the amount of damage that your character receives in battle

MAX CP is your max Capacity Points, allowing you to equip more passives to your character. Passives provide additional stats or capabilities in battle, and it's best to have as many as possible equipped. 

Pictured above in the bottom right, summon boards also unlock special passives for your character. Find each character's best passive choices by looking at their infographic web page!

Setting up for Ultimate Summon Boards

To master a single board, you need 6500 summon specific points per character, per board. You will want to master all boards for all your LD characters that you may use in battle for all those important stat boosts!

If you just need more gems & tickets, 1700-2000 points (board depending) is fine. 

There are 3 primary ways to configure a team for grinding summon boards:

2X EXP (most common & efficient)

No 2X multiplier (worst & always available)

Ultimate Boosted (available for 2 weeks after the new BT+ is released following stream)

Earn Points Faster!

You will want to use as many board point multipliers as possible!

This allows you to master a character in just 3 runs. At worst, with 2X EXP, 1000 Rank, & a Tome of Training it would be 5 runs to master.

Consider either:

Leverage Auto+ and use strong friends!

You can check out the fastest summon board farmers on our Auto+ page. Just run them repeatedly alongside two rotating characters! With these characters, you don't even need to bother with a friend!