Board Farming

This page will cover the easiest and most efficient ways of farming Ultimate Summon Boards & Divine Summon Boards

Enhancement Board (Character Board) points can only be acquired from clearing quests related to current missions, and the attainable amount can be double with a paid Basic Moogle Pass. These points are very limited for new players, and can't be farmed past the 5,000 or 10,000 default limit per new event. We hope that a future game update will address this significant imbalance in point distribution.

Golbez, Vivi, Hope, Shadow, Laguna, & Thancred are Divine Boosted on Alexander from 5/28 - 6/11

It is HIGHLY recommended to take advantage of this opportunity, as after 6/11, the number of runs needed will increase from 75 to 300! (or 150 to 600 if you do not have a Moogle Pass). See below for setup information, and Summon Hub for team suggestions & Alexander info!

Summon Boards

How important are Summon Boards?

Summon Boards are best known for providing players with significant rewards (over 400,000 gems & 4,000 tickets), however they also unlock significant stat boosts and passives for each character, especially as there are 10 Summon Boards available for each character!

The blue numbers represent stat boosts per character.

HP is your Hit Points, drop to 0 and it results in a KO

INT BRV is the amount of BRV that you start the quest with, and is also the limit when your character will recover from a BREAK that they took

MAX BRV is the upper limit of how much BRV your character can hold onto at a time

ATK is the most important statistic in the game, and determines how much damage you can deal

DEF will reduce the amount of damage that your character receives in battle

MAX CP is your max Capacity Points, allowing you to equip more passives to your character. Passives provide additional stats or capabilities in battle, and it's best to have as many as possible equipped.

Pictured above in the bottom right, summon boards also unlock special passives for your character. Find each character's best passive choices by looking at their infographic page!

Setting up for Summon Boards

To master a single board, you need 6500 summon specific points per character, per board. You will want to master all boards for all your LD characters that you may use in battle for all those important stat boosts!

If you just need more gems & tickets, 1700-2000 points (board depending) is fine.

There are 3 primary ways to configure a team for grinding summon boards:

2X EXP (most common & efficient)

  • Run a strong character next to any two 2X EXP characters, regardless of gear.

  • The 2X EXP characters earn 2x board pts

  • Once Terra is mastered, you can switch to another of your geared characters, or just rerun her with two other 2X EXP.

No 2X multiplier (worst & always available)

  • Available all the time!

  • Run a strong character next to anyone

  • All 3 will earn points with no base experience multiplier.

  • See below for other multipliers!

Ultimate Boosted (not currently available)

  • Noted by the pink aura around Porom

  • Porom will earn 2x board points for each of her, Noctis', and Caius' boards!

  • Pink aura should be on all of your teams, don't worry about excess points!

Earn Points Faster!

You will want to use as many board point multipliers as possible!

  1. Pink aura or 2X EXP (2x board points)

  2. Tome (3x board points) or Book (2x board points) of Training Support Item

  3. Moogle Pass (2.5x board points)

  4. Rank +1% boost per 20 ranks (1.5x board points at Rank 1000)

This allows you to master a character in just 3 runs. At worst, with 2X EXP, 1000 Rank, & a Tome of Training it would be 5 runs to master.

Consider either:

  1. Using the 10 available team slots to preload your teams, so that you don't waste time searching

  2. When selecting your party, sort by Points to MasterđŸ”º, so that you can quickly find the next characters

Leverage Auto+ and use strong friends!

You can check out the fastest summon board farmers on our Auto+ page. Just run them repeatedly alongside two rotating characters! With these characters, you don't even need to bother with a friend!

Divine Boards

How important are Divine Boards?

Divine Boards are less important than summon boards. They also pay out incredible resources (gems, tickets, nuggets), but their only other benefit is giving you access to a Lv40 summon which is a bit more powerful than a typical Lv30 summon. As they don't boost your character stats, you can generally do them at your leisure, or preferably, during a period when characters are Divine Boosted.

Setting up for Divine Boards

To complete a Divine Board, you will need to do anywhere from 75 runs... to a daunting 900 runs, all with the exact same team. For this reason, the MOST important thing is leveraging multipliers, but 2X EXP does NOT matter for Divine Boards.

Earn Points Faster!

You will want to use as many board point multipliers as possible!

  1. Blue aura (2-4x board points depending on number of Divine Boosted allies in party)

    1. Use 3x Divine Boosted characters in your party for a 4x multiplier

  2. Moogle Pass (2x board points)

  3. Rank +1% boost per 20 ranks (1.5x board points at Rank 1000)

This allows you to master a Divine Board in just 75 runs. At worst, with no Divine Boost, 1000 Rank, & no Moogle Pass it would be a punishing 600 runs.

For this reason, we do NOT recommend farming Divine Boards until Divine Synergy is available for that board

Leverage Auto+ and use strong friends!

As you are rerunning the same team repeatedly, using Auto+ can make your life significantly easier. Consider if your characters have slow or less impactful moves, to remove them in the character's Equip menu. Auto+ has a priority for selecting which skill to use, ordered:

  1. EX (if charged)

  2. LD

  3. S2

  4. S1 (if S2 was previously used)

Sometimes removing S1 or S2 can be very helpful for speeding up your run!