Entropy 5

Dimensions End: Entropy - Tier 5. This tier has enemies Resistance to Magic Damage. There are multiple bosses each wave. They also have strong framed buffs and are very fast that can one-shot one of your characters. The last wave, the Locke manikin has an AoE BRV+HP Attack that can also wipe your team. The recommended roles are Physical Dispeller & AoE DPT. The bosses' total HP is 6,120,000. The turn requirement is 130. The DPT you need is 45K.

  • Wave 1 (Boss Wave)
    Three Lunatic Manikins - Cait Sith, Seifer and Cid. First and foremost, you want to dispel the HP regen buff that Cait Sith will cast on the entire party as it will render your DPT ineffective and lose turns overall. Once you've dealt with that, you want to watch out for Cid as he can one shot your character. Keep him broken at all times and you should be good.

  • Wave 2 (Boss Wave)
    Two Lunatic Manikins - Kain and Yang. You want to burst down Yang as after he uses Focus, he'll use Kick+ which can deal HP attack to you.

  • Wave 3 (Boss Wave)
    Three Lunatic Manikins - Onion Knight, Lightning and Agrias. These three pack a punch. OK & Lightning has high turn rate skills and can take consecutive turns when he breaks you can can kill you. Agrias has Knight's Pride that grants HP regen to the party and has Judgement Blade that can paralyze you. Dispel Agrias' buff and everyone else's. If you rob them of their buffs, they become less threatening. Keep them broken and keep yourself unbroken.

  • Wave 4 (Boss Wave)
    Two Lunatic Manikins - Ramza and Balthier. Ramza will keep on buffing the team then attack. Watch out as he may get consecutive turns with his high turn rate skills. Balthier can steal your buff too.

  • Wave 5 (Final Boss Wave)
    Three Lunatic Manikins - Locke, Sephiroth, Auron. This is the nastiest wave of them all. Sephiroth will start of with Octaslash which is a BRV+HP Attack so make sure you mitigate that by breaking or debuffing him, or any form of shield/cover/evasion. After sometime, Locke will use Phoenix ray (you'll see "ALL" on his icon) and this is an AoE BRV AoE HP Attack that restores their HP as well. Mitigate this as well with the same methods above. Auron uses Banishing Blade which is a BRV+HP Attack that inflicts iBRV & mBRV Down. All in all, any of them can wipe your team so at this point, dispelling them is not enough but som sort of damage mitigation. When you do survive their HP attacks, you will be likely to pummel through their HP pools. Needless to say, its best to reserve your summon here and burst them down.

Most Used Units. Balthier is the most used unit for this primarily because of his dispelling capabilities and high AoE DPT. Agrias and Squall with their AoE DPT as well. Faris is another dispeller you can bring in. Cait Sith for healing, Lilisette for debuffs. Cloud with his WOI weapon can also dispel. Locke with his DPT and healing, Tidus with his debuffs and AoE DPT. Leon with his gimmick can help cheese this fight. Special mention is Galuf as his mechanics make this tier almost non-threatening at all.

EX Only Units. Leon with his base EX cheeses this fight. Sherlotta with her HP healing helps.

Summons Used. Shiva is the most used summon. As you would receive constant HP Attacks, not losing the Attack aura helps on top of the speed aura to keep up with the speedy enemies.

Top Unit. Balthier is the top unit for this tier. Its as if this was built and designed for him. With his skills dispelling all the time, you are stripping away the enemies' buffs every single time. His 100% Full AoE EX is wonderful. Another dispeller you could bring is Faris. Additional damage dealers are welcome such as Squall, Agrias and Locke. Supports like Lilisette and Sherlotta are great.

Dimension's End: Entropy GL team comps