Transcendence Tier 5

Reminder: Avoid claiming your BT tokens from the Rewards menu, they do NOT expire! Simply wait until there is a BT you want to claim!

For general information on Transcendence, please read our Transcendence FAQ!

You do not need to complete prior Transcendence stages to attempt this stage!

Left Crucible vs 2x Heavy Gunner

Orb Timeline:

-1 count per ally action, -2 count per enemy turn
  • Appears @ Battle Start (20 count)

Trap Damage: +2 count

Green Crystal required in party

Key Characters Pick One:

Fight Notes

  • This fight was brought to you by the top part of Emerald Weapon

  • 60T fight, 24 million HP total. Orb +2T when boss receives damage from a trap, and orb will be active all fight

  • The bosses are resistant to melee and ranged damage, but weak to magic damage. This is Lufenia, not Lufenia+ style reductions!

Required (all)

  • Green Crystal in party: Tons of options! Ace, Celes, Raines, Aphmau, Rinoa were among the most popular. Keep in mind if you plan to use a different character, like Agrias, Sephiroth, Cinque, you'll need an enchanter with them. Xande might be fine here, but there weren't any videos of him...

  • Trap Damage: Note that counters don't proc the orb (Sorry Beatrix, she's still OK here though)

    • Ace - traps trigger every action so the orb is a non-issue, LD only is fine!

    • Celes - traps trigger every enemy turn, enchants the party to enable physical attackers, tanks to protect the party

    • Leon - traps trigger every enemy turn, enchants all enemy attacks with dark element so that the team won't receive BRV DMG throughout the fight

    • Exdeath also works, but just from his EX debuff. His HP poison ticks alongside your other traps, so he naturally fits well here. Also see next section

Look out for:

  • AoE BRV + HP attacks

  • Many attacks that will delay you only if they break you

  • Green streaks: apply a shield (Exdeath says hi), block all BRV gains, can't be delayed (even from break), debuffed, or launched

    • Remove by letting them take a turn, but make sure they are broken before their turn

  • Blue aura: Break them quickly or they will do an ALL attack that dispels all your teams' buffs

Right Crucible vs 2x Cavalier

Orb Timeline:

-1 count per ally action, -2 count per enemy turn
  • Appears @ 79% HP (8 count)

Deal weakness DMG: +1 count

Deal WIND weakness DMG: +2 count

Yellow Crystal required in party


Fight Notes

  • This gate was brought to you by fearmongering.

  • 65T fight for 20 million total HP. Boss is immune to imperil debuffs... Orb is +1T when target takes elemental weakness BRV dmg. +2T when it's taking WIND weakness BRV dmg. Lufenia stats in effect, no Lufe+ stuff here.

There is no mistaking it... this is a weird fight. Weakness DMG + Imperil immunity basically forces some weird setups

Bartz is the only character in the entire game currently that can imperil all enemies (wind) without the use of a debuff.

Vaan can do this also, but only for his own attacks, which are mostly single target

Bartz needs no weapons, bronze weapon is fine, only crystal levels. Throw him in the party with nothing but 2 strong team members and melt the enemies.

    • You can gain the aura imperil also from his base call also. You can put a Bartz call (again, no weapons) on a SLOW character, who can maintain the 6T call effect. Now you need to ENCHANT the party!

    • You can enchant the party with wind using Fujin's base call (3T), LD call (6T), or Pandemonium's summon window. You can put her in the party, just note that you'll need to compensate for her low damage. The more turns of enchant your team has, the more time you have to deal wind damage and maintain the orb.

    • This will turn the fight into a damage race against your own call effects falling off. You can do this with 0 weapons for Bartz, just crystal levels needed, but note that Bartz LD call does not imperil. Having Fujin LD is nice, as you will have 6 extra turns of enchant.

If you have Bartz BT+, you can try to damage race with him & Fujin as calls only and instead put Bartz BT+ in the punishing Tier 6, but note that no orbs in Tier 6 specifically call or require Bartz at all, he's just a very strong support with his BT+.

Required (all)

  • Yellow crystal in party: Lots of options (just need one)...

    • Bartz (detailed above already), Yang, Y'shtola, Balthier... Layle/Tifa (but they're probably used up). Given the next bullet, any L80 that can hold a call may get the job done on this general Lufenia stage

  • The Heat (as this generally boils down to a damage race)

    • High output damage dealer / Turn Hog: Raines, Tidus, Zidane, Zell, Terra (none of these examples are yellow crystal FYI)

      • (keep in mind T6 has a launch orb that is built around Selphie but Raines can crush it)

    • Follow-up attackers: Yang (also yellow crystal), Cor, CoD BT, Exdeath BT

      • Put Bartz's base call on Yang, Cor, or CoD... and that call will enchant just them, and their follow-ups will maintain the orb even without Fujin or Pandemonium!

Look out for:

  • The orb is the actual boss of this stage. The enemies are just there for the ride, keep them broken.

Reckoning vs Royal Mummy & 2x Small Royal Mummy

Orb Timeline:

-1 count per ally action, -2 count per enemy turn
  • Appears @ Battle Start (5 count)

Enemy BRV < 10k BRV at end turn: +2 count

There really aren't any key characters, but rather key strategies. Damage dealer + support + utility/tank... read the FIGHT NOTES below...

Fight Notes

  • This fight is brought to you by Imhotep.

  • 70T fight. The orb is +2T if the boss BRV is below 10k at the end of the player turn. Orb stays throughout the fight.

    • HP pool is at least 31 million, 443k DMG per turn required (these dumb things are tanky)

WARNING: Adds (Small Royal Mummy) MUST be at/below 49% HP before the main mummy's HP reaches 79%, 49%, and 29% HP. Failure to do this will result in INSTANT KO

    • At 79%, 49% and 29% HP, the boss will sacrifice the adds. Each add will do a BRV + HP attack against a random party member.

      • The boss MAY also do an AoE BRV + guaranteed HP at these thresholds that can KO your team if you're not prepared


    • The adds will be revived immediately

  • BRV dmg and BRV Gain are reduced between 80 and 90%.

  • Watch out for the adds doing a BRV + HP attack that inflicts a 7T Grudge debuff which is a BRV & HP poison effect, which increases as your party member is further attacked

The entire difficulty of this stage can be summarized with 3 aspects:

  1. Drop the smaller mummies HP to 49% or less before bringing the main mummy to 79%, 49%, 29% HP

    • Timing is key, pay attention

  2. 443k Damage per turn is no joke...

    • Attackers like Raines, Zidane, Ace, Zell and others will shine here. Zidane will especially as he can delete just the main boss' turns, essentially never letting it act except at thresholds.

    • Off-turn damage from Exdeath, Ace, and many defensive support options below will also help

    • Careful of the 90% reductions at the end of the fight. You will need some support!

  3. HP Poison debuffs combined with threshold based HP attacks will force you to ensure you have good healing/protection

    • Beatrix, Aphmau, Gladio, Celes will also help with their reductions, traps, and counters

Creative & Unique Runs of the Reckoning stage from JP players

  • We are linking some noteworthy videos that utilize unexpected team comps. We thank these players for their creative efforts :)

    • If you have a run that you believe is noteworthy, please message inkwelder#4907 (discord) or inkwelder_ (reddit) !!!

  • If you are looking for creative runs on the GL side of the game, please do check

にくまきアスパラ using LDs only Raines, Ace, & Setzer with calls to Kurasame, Mog, & Warrior of Light

    • Showcase of no BT in party

We really couldn't find any other notable runs. The orb is not difficult, and this is more about execution than needing specific characters. Rainesmau dominates this tier so much that you might consider using them elsewhere, and BT+ characters available for this month's release are all excellent here.