Entropy 11

Dimensions End: Entropy - Tier 11. This tier has the enemies Resistant to Magic Damage. The enemies have deadly ST Attacks and inflicts various debuffs. The recommended roles are Tanks & Debuff Evasion. The bosses' total HP is 6,700,000. The turn requirement is 105. The DPT you need is 60K. The debuffs in the stage are manageable, but stopping them will be in your favor. Waves alternate between 2 and 1 boss. Bringing a healer and a tank is the safest way to play the stage.

  • Wave 1 (Boss Wave)
    Two Lunatic Beelzebub (Fire Resist & No Enrage). Largely ST attacks, that become AoE as the monsters lose HP. They have the ability to dispel generic buffs and inflict confuse. As they lose HP, they will get more aggressive, doing all of the former attacks AoE. They also use an AoE BRV+HP attack so be wary. Having a tank and a healer largely removes the threat from this wave. Debuff Inflicted: Confuse

  • Wave 2 (Boss Wave)
    Lunatic Rafflesia (Stone Resist). This wave is the least threatening of the bunch. Its only HP attack is only ST. Getting broken by its Tentacle Knock gives it high turn rate, but it should not be an issue if you run a tank. Its AoE BRV Attacks inflict either Confuse, or Poison + Sap + Venom (HP Poison). Later on, it also increases its ATK, DEF, SPD, iBRV, and mBRV stats.

  • Wave 3 (Boss Wave)
    Two Lunatic Deathgaze (Fire/Holy Weak,Thunder Resist & No Enrage). The most difficult to navigate. You may summon here if you get in a bind. Attacks are all ST except Poison Nails which is an AoE BRV that inflicts Poison and mBRV Down. They can remove generic debuffs, inflict instant break and trigger a follow-up HP attack if their current BRV is at least 50% mBRV - so getting broken can be a death sentence. Lastly, be careful of its hard hitting BRV+HP attack. Similar to the previous waves, having a tank largely removes the threat from this fight. Debuffs Inflicted: Poison, mBRV Down

  • Wave 4 (Final Boss Wave)
    Lunatic Atlas. Avoid getting broken as some of its punches have high turn rate and can get you killed. At the same time, when it is targeting ALL, do not get broken too because: 1) It can either inflict debuffs which will make it more difficult to break Atlas. 2) Its AoE BRV+HP attack can be devastating. Tanking again, helps alleviate most concerns here, just be sure to heal up after taking damage as Atlas can catch you off guard. Debuffs Inflicted: ATK/mBRV/iBRV Down

Most Used Units. Lenna is the most used unit for this tier. Ignis is another widely used support. While he deals little to no BRV damage, he has stellar battery and takes up no buffs on the team. Excellent burst heals and solid HP regen. WoL's shields, if properly buffed by other iBRV boosters, can serve as a workable tank and battery for this stage -just be careful as he does not have last stand.

EX Only Units. Not shown, Leon is a fantastic choice for your tank needs, just maintain his EX buff. Filippo Renner#6374 (on Discord if you have questions) ran Leon in a comfy run with Ramza & Penelo! Selphie and Porom can very well work with their base EX weapon. While Selphie's Wall is not a complete guarantee of debuff avoidance, she can boost your party in ways that no others can. Great battery and heals to get you through the stage.

Summons Used. Brothers is the most used summon. Paired with units that batteries, you can capitalize on the mBRV boost Brothers provide.

Top Tank Unit. Snow is the top tank for this tier. He has secondary party heals, takes no BRV damage, and also allows the party to take less HP damage in the last wave. He can battery the party on demand in a pinch and has insane DPT output. Meanwhile, Galuf completely negates the ST physical attacks and takes the heat off your party members. While he offers less against AoE attacks, he's still a great second choice.

Top Support Unit. Lenna is the top support unit for this tier. Her main buffs are framed will not get dispelled or pushed off by debuffs. Her healing and battery is top notch, now with decent damage to boot. On the other hand, with Porom, anything threatening in this stage, is no longer so. Her auras and defense debuff will keep your party hitting hard. As with Penelo, her abundance of generic buffs can help shove off the generic debuffs, and her healing and battery is also excellent.