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Sphere Recommendations:

How-To-Play Notes

New LD Rotations

Check out Destroth's video on a few ways to play to Alisaie from High Longetivity, to AA Centric, to High Burst Damage! Go support him with a subscribe with his other useful, insightful videos!

OLD EX+ era Information

Rotation Helper (from EX+)

Please bear in mind this is a simplified version of the basic possibilities for Alisaie. Her kit is very versatile and allows for a lot of playstyles, but these will get you through everything. (click to expand)

Note: With the addition of her LD and reworks, there is a slight change to her rotation as you need to maintain her LD buff and LD itself allows you to have 2T of Dualcast minimum if you'd like to use AA or extend her longevity by using it on skills instead.

In the Advanced Rotation (last) be advised that BRV+ & Riposte can be swapped (use Riposte First and BRV+ after if needed). Again, be flexible! You don't have to follow these by heart. Try to spice things up with a buff extender and remember to follow some important rules : 

EX+ Rotations in video