Character Notes & Recommendations

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Summon Board Passive selections:

  • Ifrit choose 3 / 4 / 7

  • Ramuh choose 3 / 4 / 5

  • Odin choose 3 / 6 / 7

  • Bahamut choose 4 / 5 / 6

  • Usuals:

    • Shiva, Brothers 4 / 5 / 7

    • Leviathan, Pandemonium, Alexander 4 / 5 / 6

    • Diabolos 4 / 6 / 7

  • For more details and help with summons, check Summon Hub!

Supplementary Notes to the Infographic Analysis:

The infographic covers the key critical points and should be reviewed prior to delving into the in-depth notes

Gameplay Notes

  • Deadly Beast Flare is your Fire imperil and is also the source of VIncent's massive iBRV -90% debuff. This can be maintained for the entire battle, helping to reduce significant risk in battle.

    • Stacking this with framed debuffs can lead to 0 enemy iBRV, which forces the enemy to recover from break every other turn, forcing a strong delay strategy.

  • Livewire Shot is your Thunder imperil, as well as a massive ATK -80% debuff. The duration is short, so if you forecast specific windows of strong attacks from enemies, ensure you have enough uses for those specific points in battle.

  • Debuff Act Longer is perfect to add an extra turn of duration to his powerful debuffs

  • Because of his high turn rates and low skill uses (and none free), don't be afraid to use HP++ with a battery which will also trigger his follow-up.

  • More notes to come as we discover the character in details!

Team Synergy Notes

  • At first glance, Vincent will get the biggest impact from HP DMG up effects, as well as BRV regen from his supports.

  • Pairing him with strong DEF buffs can help protect your team, examples are Ciaran, Beatrix, & Paladin Cecil.

  • More notes to come as we discover the character in details!


  • A sphere - ATK & BRV DMG are his key stats, and keep in mind that spheres that trigger based on weakness damage are reliable choices for him!

  • E spheres - Paine sphere is insane for him, to further raise his ATK debuff to 90%. Also excellent spheres are Seymour, Irvine, Yuffie, Emperor! Do not give him nor anyone his own sphere as it will generally waste a precious debuff slot!

Removable passives

(if you lack enough CP to equip important passives)
  • Turk of Turks

  • Break Speed Up

  • DEF passives

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