C Spheres

About C Spheres

  • They generally lean toward granting HP gains or BRV battery.

  • Keywords for the abbreviations below are referenced at the bottom

  • What is best?

    • Every character is different, but there are some general rules

    • Giving the party an aura with Selphie is clearly rare, just ensure you can trigger it

    • While Porom & Rosa's spheres are very rare, their effect is very minor. It's best to give it to a non-healer or a healer that is not as reliable at healing, to make them more reliable.

ATK C spheres

Clearly a rare sphere, it is the best sphere possible for an attacker that has HP Regen or burst healing.

ATK +10%

6T self healing

Aura C spheres

These spheres are split. ATK spheres are among the best in the game. If no ATK aura, it's generally better than nothing!

Party ATK & iBRV +5%

3T buffing
3T self healing

Party ATK +5%

6T self healing

Party iBRV +10%

3T self healing

Party iBRV & mBRV +5%

3T self healing

Party mBRV +10%

3T self healing

Healing C spheres

Only edge cases may dictate the use of these spheres. Often used on supports that lack healing, lack adequate healing, or attackers that plan to solo difficult stages for fun.

Party HP Heal 5% of max

broken enemy

Party HP Regen +3%

6T broken
6T after buffing

Heal HP 10% of max

broken enemy

HP Regen +5%

6T take HP DMG HP < 50%

Battery C spheres

Paladin Cecil's sphere or Refined (RF) sphere are the undisputed best for anyone with an Encouragement Keystone passive from their HG armor. Not only is it best, but it is the biggest effect that a sphere can have for a character. The rest of these are filler, occasionally useful for specific characters.

Party BRV Regen

(10% iBRV)
3T broken enemy
3T buffing

Battery Party (20% iBRV)

broken enemy
self healing

Battery Party (5% mBRV)

broken & HP max

BRV gain (30% iBRV)

broken enemy

BRV gain from excess heal (up to 60% iBRV)

HP heal over max
  • Keywords used under character images:

      • broken enemy - when attacking a broken target or breaking them

      • buffing - when granting a buff

      • self healing - when healing your own HP