Beginner's Guide

Character Acquisition (Start Here!)

DISSIDIA FINAL FANTASY OPERA OMNIA is gacha-based game. This means that there is a luck factor involved with acquiring things in game, and in DFFOO's case, those are weapons. You have to manage a limited number of in game resources to acquire these weapons, but don't worry, this game is *extremely* free-to-play friendly, possibly the best game out there for that. More on this later!

As it is a fan-service game, luckily every character in the game can be acquired for free! There are three places to recruit characters.

Story (Permanent)
A significant amount of characters (53+) in the game can be recruited by going through the story.

Character Event (Limited-Time)
This is the standard way of new characters being introduced into the game. Character events last for 14 days. After the event ends, they won’t come back for a while until their...

Lost Chapter (Permanent)
After approximately 8 months, event characters will return in their Lost Chapter. This content is permanent and they can now be recruited at your leisure in any order.

Looking for where to find a specific character? Don't see a lost chapter for them? You can check the DissidiaDb timeline to see which chapter to recruit them!

Note that you may also buy a character's weapon from any of the Weapon Shops to recruit any character at any time. As buying weapons requires rare items, this is generally not recommended, but read our guide fully before taking this step!

Basic Character Strengthening

Now that you know where to acquire your favorite characters, it’s time to learn how to make them stronger!

Character Levels

Just like any RPG, raising your character levels bumps their stats. The current maximum character level is 80. Take your characters to battle to level them up or use Chocobo Feathers (pictured below) if you don't want to grind.

Chocobo Feathers can be found while griding Cycle Quests for Crystals or Gil. Cycle Quests are found in the Events Tab near the bottom (pictured above).

Characters will only be able to level to 50 when you recruit them. To raise them to their maximum potential, you will need to raise their Crystal Strength; the next section awaits!

Crystal Strength

All of the characters in this game have affinity to 1 of the 6 crystal colors.

Raising their Crystal Strength unlocks passives that gives stat bumps, unlocks extra abilities (cs20, cs65, cs 75), then further improves those abilities (the further improvements are called Extensions).

You’ll need 6 types of crystals to upgrade your character to the maximum character level of 80. Some characters need a 7th tier for Crystal Level 90.

Tiers 1-3 are above and can be farmed in Events > Cycle Quests Lv 10 or Lv 50 stage. These will help raise your crystal level to 50.

Tiers 4-6 crystals (above) are earned through now farmable from Cycle Quests Lv 50 stage! These get all units to crystal level 80.

Tier 7 crystals (above) are earned partially through Timed Events & Co-op Shops. If you can obtain all those from farming and do LUFENIA (Lv 200) mission, you can earn enough crystals to *always* raise the featured new awakened characters to Level 90!


Summons are companions that you can bring in battle that give passive benefits for your team. They have their own unique Blessing that they grant as long as you fulfill the conditions for it.

Another massive benefit of Summons is calling them for help in battle once their charge is up. While the summon is active, your team's MAX BRV is increased, they enchant your character's attacks with their element, and it gives your team consecutive turns to pummel your enemies!

You can find all of them in World of Illusions - Trials of Summons. Start collecting the materials needed to level them to get the most out of their benefits.

The materials above are needed to get your summon to level 12. If you find yourself short, you can rerun Part 3 of the corresponding trial for more drops.

The materials above are needed to raise your summon from Level 12 to Level 20. Similarly, if you are short, you can rerun Part 6 of the corresponding trial for more drops.

To level Summons up to Level 30, you will need to get materials from the Lv100 stage in that summon's Ultimate Trial (unlocked once you level them to 20). Grind the Level 100 stage for materials, but check out our Summon Hub when you're ready section later in the guide!

We highly recommend tackling Mog's Gym (find it in the Events menu). It is beginner-focused content that teaches you about many game mechanics not covered in this guide! As a reward for getting through it, you are rewarded with enough crystals of all 5 tiers to max one character's crystal level to 70 for each crystal color!

For tips on Ultimate and Divine board farming see our Board Farming page!

While Farming Levels, Crystals, Story/Lost Chapters for Gems or Summons for other goodies

quicken up the process by making an Auto Farm team!

Weapons and Armor

The bread and butter of what makes your character perform at their best. Most of your resource management in this game will be centered around acquiring weapons for your characters.

As mentioned in the Crystal Strength section, unlocking a skills' Extension upgrades its capabilities. The other important way to upgrade your skills is by equipping specific weapons. Characters have access to many weapons, and they are all important for improving your character. The only exception is the black background BT weapon, which should be looked at as luxury and not all characters have one. Let's get into these various weapons though!

Equipping a characters' 515cp weapon improves their first ability

Equipping a characters' 535cp weapon improves their second ability

But your character can only equip one weapon at a time! Does that mean you have to choose which skill to improve? Not quite. This is where limit breaking your weapons come in. Below you will see some items underlined which link to our glossary page which explains a lot of basic concepts & items!

Carousel imageCarousel imageCarousel imageCarousel imageCarousel image

Limit breaking is the process of fusing copies of the same weapon and maxing its weapon level with orbs (or bronze items) to unlock its weapon passive. 1 duplicate = 1 limit break. A weapon is considered max limit broken (MLB) at 3 limit breaks and max weapon level (indicated by the blue background and the check mark at the bottom right).

Now you can equip the weapon passive for 20CP (Capacity Points, discussed in next section) instead of the weapon itself to gain the improvements.

Not enough copies to limit break? You have the option to use Power Stones instead. 4 Power Stones = 1 limit break.

When a weapon is fully limit broken, you can sell the weapon for 4 Power Stones if you have a stronger weapon to equip on the character. Selling non limit broken weapons only gives you 1 Power Stone, NOT 4 so make sure you know what you're doing before selling it.

Armors are the second equipment you can wield. Their main purpose besides bolstering your defenses, is increasing your CP (Capacity Points), allowing you to equip more passives, which gives additional stats & capabilities to your character.

There are 3 tiers of armor for every character.

  1. The first tier can be obtained from their Character Event, their Lost Chapter, or purchased in the Armor Shop using Armor Tokens

  2. The second tier of armor is only available in the Armor Shop and you need to MLB the first tier for it to be purchasable.

  3. The third tier of armor is only available in High Grade Armor Shop, and requires beating difficult content (don't rush!), more on that later!

Limit breaking your armor follows the same process as weapons except there is no Power Stone equivalent for it so you need to purchase multiple copies. Don't forget that Lost Chapters and Time-limited Character Events (only) will give you two copies of the first armor for free! Fully limit breaking the 2nd tier of armor unlocks a character's third sphere slot (more on that later).

Carousel imageCarousel image

EX Weapon

The EX Weapon is a special 5weapon that unlocks your EX Skill. This is the weapon you want to be wielding as it has significantly higher stats than the other two abilities that you have. You also want to fully limit break this weapon to maximize its power.

Unlike your other 2 basic abilities, your EX skill doesn't have a limited number of uses! It has a recast gauge instead that allows you to unleash its powerful ability every time the bar is fully charged!

Realization (EX+)

Now that you have your 515cp and 35cp weapon passives for your character, and they have their 5EX weapon equipped, it is time to raise the power capabilities of the EX ability. Once your EX weapon is Max Limit Broken (MLB), and has a blue background, you will be able to "realize" the weapon to its EX+ version using a Book of Destruction via the Enhancements > Enhance/Realize button. Use our infographic to learn about the items for EX realization and how you use them.

Trying to find the materials? Check our glossary, directly linked to these items!

Using your realization materials

Use Enhancements > Refine menu to convert your pages/fragments and nuggets to their upgraded, usable equivalents (books & ingots)

Important! You do not need to max limit break all of your EX+ weapons on characters you don't plan to use often! You will not have enough materials to do so, as these are difficult to come by as you start using up the materials. Early on, you may leave many of your weapons at EX+ 0/3 Limit Break, just to get a free red ingot.

Once you have three red ingots saved, you can max limit break one of your EX+ weapons. It is generally recommended that most EX+ should be either 0/3 for an ingot on another character or 3/3 for heavily used characters, and rarely stop with only one or two ingots. Partial investment is not advised! Most characters can operate in a limited capacity for a single battle if you compensate around their weaknesses, but you'll want a full investment if you plan to use them repeatedly. Ask on Discord for help!

C90 note: With the addition of Crystal Awakening 90, to equip the C85 passive that enhances the EX skill even further, a character MUST have their EX+ 3/3 passive!

LD/BT FAQ is pictured to the left!

Limited (LD) Weapons

LD weapons introduce a brand new, 5th skill for a character. It generally has 3-4 uses and provides the character potentially a long lasting buff & stats.

Their effects can be very powerful, sometimes on the power level of a character rework, oftentimes adding new HP+ variants or buffs that may change the character's playstyle. With only 3-4 uses, you must carefully manage them as they also cannot be used for free even when you have free skill use effects. Use them when their buff or effect is about to expire, or at a critical juncture of the battle!

Limit break them via Power Stones/Duplicates & Orbs. The weapon passive that you get from limit breaking them costs 0 CP to equip. LD weapons are the most important

Burst (BT) Weapons

BT weapons introduce a new mechanic which allows the equipped character to enter Burst Mode for 6 consecutive turns. In those turns, you can use each skill once for free, including your fully charged EX. Your buffs/debuffs/effect also won't decrease while in Burst Mode. Note that only 1 hero & villain will get a BT per FF game! All characters will have an LD.

On your last turn in Burst Mode, your character will have a special Finishing Burst skill which exceeds BRV & HP damage limits! And if that's not enough, you'll also get a unique Burst Effect after you exit Burst Mode that empowers you or your allies even further for a series of turns. Timing is important to maximize the use of such effects, so you generally don't want to finish a boss with your Burst as you would lose the power of that effect.

Although you can bring multiple BT weapons in a fight, you can only use one Burst per battle. So if you do so, choose carefully which ones you pick. Note that friend usage of BT is not included.

While you can now realize a BT weapon to BT+ (similar to EX+), the materials for these weapons are the rarest in the game and should be saved until you know what you are doing with endgame content (Lv250)!

Burst+ (BT+) Weapons

While you can now realize a BT weapon to BT+ (similar to EX+), the materials for these weapons are the rarest in the game and should be saved until you know what you are doing with endgame content (Lv250)!

The rule of 1 party BT phase is still in place so when Realizing and Limit Breaking, the rule of thumb is book BTs on unit's you'll use but don't need the BT effect from all the time and BT +3/3 units you plan to use a lot and will use their BT Effect and finisher a lot!

With all these weapons available to you, you might be wondering which one to equip on your character. The next section should help answer that question!

What to Equip

As you start Max Limit Breaking (MLB) and leveling weapons for passives, you'll get copies in the future with the red checkmark. These weapons are safe to sell for 15CP, 35CP and LD (90CP) weaopns.

EX weapons are a little trickier to know when to sell as they have to go through realization to obtain all it's passives and unlock the respective Character Board path and C90 passives to enhance EX abilities even more! Once you get your EX+ 3/3 fully maxed, it turns purple.

  • If the character has a BT and you own it, you can safely sell the EX+.

  • If the character has C90 and you own their Ultima Weapon (UW) DO NOT SELL THE EX+ RIGHT AWAY! Ultima weapons may need to change hands or you may need 2 characters that use the same weapon type in parties so sell if you're comfortable with the risk of not having it on hand.

Stats wise, you want to equip:

UW > BT+ 3/3 > BT > EX+ 3/3

Your character will be significantly weaker if you do not have all of their Equipment Passives from their 15cp, 35cp, and LD weapons

In the next section, we're going to show you where to pull the best weapons for your characters...



Take a look at the character Infographics we provide a long with their webpage to see when they were last updated and if you need the tools they provide for your roster! (Expand for a detailed explanation of the Infographics)

At the end of the day, DFFOO is still a gacha game so we still need to spend resources in game and play the odds in order to acquire weapons. The game is generous enough to allow us to play our favorite FF characters for free but in order to enjoy them fully at their max strength, we need their weapons. You acquire them by pulling on the banners that are currently active. If you manage your resources well, DFFOO is possibly the most friendly free-to-play gacha game in the market if you choose that route. We have a page dedicated for smart pull strategies, but we recommend first reviewing how banners are setup in DFFOO, and we will link pull strategies again at the end of this section!

All banners have 4 featured characters per banner. Triple EX+ with generally a single LD & BT. Banners may only have a character BT or BT/LD and no EX on it. The featured hero/villain with the BT will be featured on generally 4 banners consecutively. The last banner will have their BT only, so if you pull the BT there, note that you still have some time to pull their LD from their initial BT banner! These banners appear with the game events that relate to them in some way.

For example, when a new character is introduced or they return in their lost chapter, a banner with their 5weapons is featured.

Weapons for the characters in the banner have a higher acquisition chance so this is the best time to get them.

Your main goal here is to acquire the 5★ LD & EX weapon of the character you're aiming for either by using gems or tickets.

"But you said that the other weapons are just as important as the strongest weapon, why not aim for all of them?"

True, but the other weapons have a higher chance of dropping compared to the LD & EX so chances are you get multiple copies of them along the way. Click the Draw Info button in the top right to make sure the weapons you want are actually available on the banner!

Also, there's a Power Token Exchange where you can purchase the 15cp and 35cp weapons (to improve your first & second skill) using Power Tokens, and an EX Power Token Exchange where you can purchase EX weapons using EX Power Tokens. There is also the excessively rare Burst Power Token Exchange, which requires Burst Power Tokens.

As a beginner, you are presented with the Start-Dash Banner, featuring Cloud, Squall, & Lightning, with ALL of their weapons. You have access to this banner for 7 days, and you even get a free Multi-Pull on it. These characters are all good, but note that they are all different variations of damage dealers, and you will need other roles like a support, healer, tank, etc in order to beat more difficult content.

Carousel imageCarousel image


It costs 5000 gems to do a 10+1 pull. The +1 is a guaranteed 5 weapon with a bumped up rate. Note that gems are the commodity in DFFOO that have a monetary value (more on that below).

Every time you do a Multi Draw on a banner, you acquire 20 G Tokens. These tokens can be spent on the banner's corresponding shop in the Item Exchange in order pity (guarantee) a weapon or item, ignoring the odds/drop rate.

100 G Tokens (25k Gems) = 1 Power Stone

200 G Tokens (50k Gems) = 1 Book of Ruin's Mysteries

300 G Tokens (75k Gems) = EX or LD weapon of your choice

400 G Tokens (100k Gems) = BT Book

500 G Tokens (125k Gems) = BT weapon

G Tokens are one of the greatest blessings in the gacha world. This means that as long as you save enough gems, you WILL get the weapons you desire! A Book of Destruction is great, but only if you already acquired all the weapons you need!


Tickets are used for single pulls. This is the more unreliable way to get the weapons you desire as there's no guarantee to get any 5weapons! The rate up +1 on the multi-pull and G tokens are not applicable to ticket pulls.

Note that despite the odds, most players will say that many of their weapons were actually acquired via lucky ticket pulls!

So, where do you acquire these resources as a beginner? Luckily for us DFFOO is one of the most extremely generous games in the gacha world when it comes to free-to-play players.

If you just started, as of Jan 2021, there are over 820,000 gems and more than 2000 tickets that can be acquired for free just from permanent content alone! If you participate on all of the events for the month it usually gives around 75,000 gems and around 200+ tickets as well.

Most importantly, these 5weapons are all rare! Remember to press the Lock button on them so you don't accidentally sell them or use them power up another weapon! You're now ready to review Pull Strategies for efficiently using your resources!

Fully Powering up Characters!

As you begin to tackle the most difficult content you want every advantage you can get. This is where Training Boards, artifacts, bloom stones, and spheres come in. We would also like to note that farming is required to get many of these, so it might not be for everyone! Under each category, we indicate the relative importance to your character in completing end-game content!


Take a look at the character Infographics we provide a long with their webpage to see when they were last updated and if you need the tools they provide for your roster! (Expand for a detailed explanation of the Infographics)

This is what you are driving toward!

  1. Equip your best weapon:

    • BT if you have it (they aren't required and make sure to EX+ 3/3 for the passive) OR

    • EX+ weapon if no BT

  2. Armor gives minor stat boosts, but is really about increasing your max CP (#5) so that you can equip all of your passives

  3. Character Boards! They make your skills hit harder! More below

  4. Summon Boards! Huge stat boosts! More below

  5. Make sure to equip all of your passives! If you don't have space, check our infographic page and scroll down to Bad Passives. If you still don't have enough space, upgrade your Armor

  6. Spheres! Tiny boosts for your favorites, more below

Carousel imageCarousel imageCarousel image

Summon Boards (under Training Boards)

Importance: High | Ease of Attaining: Easy | Cost of Attaining: Time-consuming

Once a summon reaches LVL 20, their Ultimate version can be unlocked which upgrades their level, blessings and abilities. Furthermore, our characters gain access to Summon Boards. If you are trying to get your summon to Level 20, farm their "Trials of" Pt3 for Level 1-13 materials, and Pt 6 for higher level ones.

Summon boards are stat and passive grids that can be unlocked by spending Summon Points. Summon points are farmed in World of Illusions - Ultimate Summons, particularity the LVL 100 fight.

Each Summon has their own board that gives permanent stat enhancements and equip-able passives even if the particular summon is not on your team. We currently have all 10 boards available right now, and it is important to complete the stat grid for all 10 for characters that you plan to use in difficult content. It's generally best to start with Ifrit > Odin > Bahamut > Brothers > Ramuh, if you need an order.

A large amount of farming is required to max out your character's summon boards but it also gives significant rewards from treasure nodes (gems, tickets and armor tokens). We advise everyone to only max the boards of characters you have gear for and get the treasures for everyone else.

For a more in depth look, check out our Summon Hub

Carousel imageCarousel image

Character Boards (under Training Boards)

Importance: High | Ease of Attaining: Easy but Limited | Cost of Attaining: Low

All characters now have access to a character board for themselves. This board provides them medium improvements across their Skill 1, Skill 2, and EX skill, and generally very strong improvements for their LD.

Each board has 4 sections, one for each skill, and your character will be required to have their crystal level and all weapon passives to complete the board. The last 1/3 of the EX branch will be locked unless you have their EX+ at 3/3. This is not a reason to 3/3 an EX+!

The cost to complete a character board is 8,000 points (5,000 for S1/S2/EX & 3,000 for LD).

Only current events offer up to 5,000 points (10,000 with basic Moogle Pass), so each month you can earn around 30,000 total points, enough to fully gear 3 characters.

Due to the limited nature of these points, it's recommended to max your main attackers boards entirely, while Support & Utility characters can usually get by with just their LD board.

For more details, check our page on Character Boards

Carousel imageCarousel imageCarousel imageCarousel imageCarousel image

Artifact Passives

Importance: Medium | Ease of Attaining: Easy | Cost of Attaining: Random

One of the rewards you get for doing events are High Eidojas (gold items pictured). These items, when raised to their max level grant you Artifact Passives that can be equipped on your characters 3 at a time at the cost of CP. These Artifact Passives grant additional stat boosts to your characters. The recommended artifacts for a character are listed at the bottom of every infographic we publish!

Since the introduction of High Eidojas, regular Eidojas, Eidogas and Eidoras (silver & bronze) are merely used for fodder to level High Eidojas since the chances of getting red passives (which you want) are significantly increased for High Eidojas. If you have the Basic or Premium Moogle Pass, you are guaranteed to always roll double red passives for artifacts! This is a paid item, and by no means required, but it can save you significant amounts of time in real life if you usually farm for double perfect rolls. We recommend getting 3x of the character's primary statistic (usually ATK or cs50 Boost, character dependent) and moving on! You do not need double perfect artifacts for any character (generally).

Carousel imageCarousel imageCarousel image

Additional Ability & Bloom Stones

Importance: Medium | Ease of Attaining: Easy | Cost of Attaining: Low

Additonal Ability (AA) is unlocked at Crystal Strength 65. Like the other basic abilities, this can be improved by it's Extension (c70) and Bloom Stones

Bloom Stones can be purchased in the Bloom Token Exchange. You buy the Bloom Stone for the character and like weapons, you limit break it using Bloom Fragments to unlock the passive.

Bloom Stones and Bloom Fragments can be acquired from Raid Events, Chocoboards and Heretic Events

With Crystal Level 90 Awakenings, AAs are upgraded yet again and become very potent!


Importance: Very Low | Ease of Attaining: Easy | Cost of Attaining: Very High

After fully realizing an EX weapon, you are rewarded a Sphere. These are one time use items that grant an always-on passive. The sphere gets destroyed if it's overwritten / replaced. You can safely remove a sphere with a Reset Stone. We get 3 for free, but further stones are included in the paid ingot bundle in the Gem Shop. Twice a month, whenever a new BT comes out, we get a co-op which drops materials to get Refined Spheres. These can be farmed easily but have 40% of the stats of a normal Sphere (which is fine since you can farm them!)

Character spheres are categorized by 5 letters. A sphere for one character can be used on a different character with that category letter.

Each character has 2 different sphere slots and their letters may vary. A third sphere slot can be unlocked by fully limit breaking your tier-2 armor.

Their importance is listed as Very Low for a reason. There is not a single piece of content in the game that will ever require you to have spheres equipped. They are simply a fun way to further power your favorite character.

For more details and recommendation on Spheres, check our page on Spheres

Carousel imageCarousel imageCarousel imageCarousel image

High Guard Armor (Lufenia Armor) & HA+

Importance: Low | Ease of Attaining: Difficult | Cost of Attaining: Medium

High Guard Armor (HG Armor) can be purchased from the High Guard Token Exchange (in the Item Exchange menu) for the price of 20 High Guard Tokens. These tokens are acquired for completing any Lv200 difficulty LUFENIA stage. As this is one of the strictest content in the game, these tokens can be difficult to attain. Earlier Lufenia fights can be manageable with enough damage to ignore orbs, however some fights have mechanics that will push back against this approach. Try some yourself and if you hit a wall, feel free to ask us or the community for help!

You may only purchase an armor if you have the character's 2nd level armor already maxed out, realized, and fully ingoted. If you do not, the button for the armor will say Requirement. Once you purchase a High Guard Armor, that's it! You only need one copy. Simply max level the armor in the Enhancements menu to acquire the new strong passive, which is named after a type of Keystone.

These new Keystone passives are more than just basic stat boosts & CP space! Here are all 5 types, parentheses indicate the new upper limit

  1. Attack: BRV DMG Limit +15% (11498), Held BRV +15% (114998)

  2. Tactics: Held BRV +15% (114998) & Enemies iBRV, mBRV, ATK -10%, DEF -20%

  3. Unity: Self Held BRV +10% (109998), Party BRV DMG Limit +5% (10498)

  4. Support: Party ATK +5%, Held BRV +5% (104998)

  5. Encouragement: BRV granted +30%, Held BRV +10% (109998)

Held BRV is only relevant if a character has a skill that can deal 99k to an enemy (battery often helps you get to 99k provided you have overflow). If less than 99k, a boost to Held BRV would have no effect.

The same is true for BRV DMG Limit. If BRV hits cannot reach 9999 then this also would have no effect.

Common question: Which armor is best? While Tactics and Attack are considered the most powerful, the best armor is for any character that you often use or that you set as friend support! These armors are not required, but if you plan to use a character for more than 3 difficult quests, or they are your favorite, then we recommend getting it!

Want to find out more about High Armor+ (blue armor)? Check our FAQ!

... Now what? PRIORITIES!

Revisit our Beginner Priorities (basically a part 2 or tl;dr) for a clear list of what to focus on. There is SO much in this game, it will help answer common questions and establish best practices!

We can't recommend Discord enough, but if you are too shy - our contact info can be found on Our Team page. You are welcome to email us or message us on Reddit!

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