Dimension's End: Transcendence

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Dimension's End: Transcendence is end-game content aimed at players that are capable of tackling Lv200+ content

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What are the pre-requisites of Dimension's End Transcendence?

  2. What is different about Transcendence?

    • Transcendence has a banner alongside a general event with a Co-op, COSMOS, CHAOS stage. The main event though...

    • Transcendence tiers release in blocks of 3 stages, a Left Crucible, a Right Crucible, and a Final Reckoning Stage

    • You can do Transcendence stages out of order, for example, doing Transcendence 2 first, then Transcendence 1.

    • Each stage has Lufenia orbs that must be considered before tackling the stage.

    • The Left & Right Crucibles require you to use at least ONE ally of the crystal color shown below the image of the stage.

      • You may not use the same allies for the left and right crucibles. Calls & Summons are okay to be repeated.

    • The Final Reckoning stage is Lv220-300and requires that you compose a party using only your allies used for the Left & the Right crucibles.

  3. How does synergy work for Transcendence?

    • Having a character in your party with a BT weapon will provide your entire party synergy stats. This means if you want synergy for both of your parties for the left & right gates, you would need two BT weapons, one for each party.

      • Important: BTs are not required for every Transcendence stage, there is video proof of LD only clears. That said, BTs make it significantly more tolerable! HOWEVER, Tier 10 is the first tier after Force Weapons and Shinryu Difficulty were introduced and from then onward, you are expected to have at least 1 Force Weapon.

  4. What are the rewards for Transcendence?

    • Gems: 3900 gems + 500 gems for each stage you complete (5400 gems total)

    • Tickets: 43 + 6 for each stage you complete + 10 additional if you complete all 3 gates (71 tickets total)

    • Burst Tokens: 1 for the synergy (CHAOS) challenge, + 3 for each Tier you Perfect (4 tokens total)

    • HA Pages: Tier 3 onwards, Left and Right Crucibles give you 10 pages each (20 total)

    • Burst Pages: Tier 5 onwards, Left and Right Crucibles give you 10 pages each (20 total)

    • Burst Nuggets: Tier 5 onwards, Perfecting Reckoning (middle) will give you 10 nuggets; After perfecting 4 Tiers, each following Perfect tier will give you 10 more nuggets (5+ perfects)

      • Important: You can wait as long as you like to claim your BT Tokens. It is best practice to store your BT tokens in the Rewards until you decide on a BT that you want to claim and need them. They will not expire.

    • The rest: 10 pages & 5 nuggets for general completion of the COSMOS & CHAOS stages

    • Force Stone Fragments: Tier 10 onwards, perfecting Left & Right Crucibles along with Reckoning will grant 60 Force Stone Fragments which is enough to Force Enhance Level 30 a single unit!

    • Note: Gated rewards are permanent, but the bulk of the Gems & Tickets, as well as Pages/Nuggets are time-limited to the co-op, & Lv150/180.

  5. Time to jump into the first Transcendence! (You can do them in any order)