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Character Notes & Recommendations

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Artifact Note:

  • Note that Arciela's crystal 54 passive is behaving oddly. Normally it should grant 20% ATK & 40% mBRV to the party, but in a full 3 ally party, it is granting 60% ATK & 120% mBRV. The infographic reflects this and more details can be found on Rem's Reddit post.

Summon Board Passive selections:

  • Odin choose 4 / 6 / 7

  • Bahamut choose 3 / 4 / 6

  • Usuals:

    • Ifrit, Shiva, Ramuh, Brothers 4 / 5 / 7

    • Leviathan, Pandemonium, Alexander 4 / 5 / 6

    • Diabolos 4 / 6 / 7

  • For more details and help with summons, check Summon Hub!

7★ HG Armor: Support

  • Party ATK +5%, Held BRV +5% (104998)

Supplementary Notes to the Infographic Analysis:

The infographic covers the key critical points and should be reviewed prior to delving into the in-depth notes

Gameplay Notes

  • Arciela’s kit is wide, and each skill is a tool in her box

  • Ascension is her go-to burst heal and also buff dispel, and is her more battery heavy stance, especially thanks to her Fast Cast buff. Use as needed!

  • Descension is her strong utility skill, slowing down enemies, and inflicting HP Attack Disable. You’ll want to maintain her mBRV/SPD debuff active at all times, and HP Attack Disable is very useful for either locking down an enemy for the entire fight if timed properly, or just buying time to allow her to heal the party.

  • Naakual’s Vengeance is a great burst heal & battery, and charges after just 1 skill use (because Arciela tends to be a bit slower). With this EX charge speed, Arciela can spam skills for a whopping 40 of her turns (~120 turn quest) - but note that sometimes you might need to BRV+ to avoid a critical break if her EX is not up (since it will battery her after the attack).

  • Unceasing Dread is her tool to stop BRV gains, while also boosting her own damage. Maintain this on enemies as much as possible to fuel her damage!

  • Ability Recovery is her AA, don’t forget about it, since it recharges both of her skills.

Team Synergy Notes

  • Arciela’s LD call debuff does not boost the caller’s HP damage, it just stops BRV gains

  • Arciela is a very flexible support debuffer hybrid that can round out any balanced party

  • Note that her AA is amazing alongside an Onion Knight friend! His granting of free skill uses can be used on her AA, recharging both of her skills for free.

Sphere Recommendations

  • A sphere - BRV DMG is best (even a refined Kuja sphere is fine), but ATK is also great. Tons of options are open for this slot.

  • C sphere - Focus on ATK or battery spheres. Her own or Sherlotta is fine for her, but certainly Alphinaud or Maria is best.

  • E sphere - Focus on relevant spheres… Best choices are Amidatelion or Fujin. While Kefka or Seymour are premium for her, those belong on primary damage dealers. Avoid “Debuff Inflicting Spheres” (like Ultimecia or Vincent) at all costs, as the generic debuff is a waste of space and in certain team comps may disrupt her HP Attack Disable.

Removable Passives

(to remove if you run out of CP space)
  • Chain Bonus (garbage & never relevant)

  • Mighty BRV Attack+ (Descension)

  • BRV Attack+ (Ascension) Up

  • DEF passives

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