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EX Recharge Changes with Selphie on Team

This analysis is all thanks to Quetzalma from MateriaBot. If you are appreciative of this type of work, please consider supporting his patreon

IMPORTANT: Below are *approximations* - using high turn rate skills or allies that have speed boosts in party may disrupt the quicker recharge as high turn rate, speed up will move the character's turn up sooner than expected and before their EX is recharged.

3 skill recharge reduced to 2 skill recharge:

Agrias, Amidatelion, Ardyn, Caius, Dark Knight Cecil, Cinque, Cyan, Eald'narche, Exdeath, Gladio, Golbez, Prishe, Rinoa, Sabin*, Vayne, Xande

Future: Cissnei, Lluyd

*- validated does not work if using 2 Aura Cannons due to high turn rate

2 skill recharge reduced to 1 skill recharge:

Alisaie, Balthier, Cait Sith, Cater, Paladin Cecil, Ceodore, Ciaran, Cloud of Darkness, Deuce, Edgar, Edward, Eight, Fang, Fran, Freya, Gilgamesh, Jecht, Kefka, Krile Laguna, Leo, Leon, Lilisette, Machina, Noel, Rydia, Selphie lol, Seven, Shadow, Sherlotta, Snow, Squall, Terra, Vaan, Vivi, Wakka, WoL, Yang, Zack, Zell, Zidane, 

Future: Jegran, Ursula

*note that characters like Cloud & Raijin also technically recharge faster, but their slow speed actually already gives them the Selphie effect inadvertently, so Selphie doesn't help them further*