Team Building Basics


  • Do I need this new character? Are they good?

    • This is a roster focused game. You need Damage Dealers (Attackers), Supports, and other important roles covered. Look in the top left of the character's infographic - see what roles they cover, and check out our Roles page to see if you already have those roles covered.

    • Remember to primarily focus on LD characters only. EX+ only characters are useful though in LV180 content and in Dimension's End: Entropy. Keep in mind that stages continue to get harder, so every so often, you'll need to refresh your role coverage.

  • What does a team usually look like?

    • There's no hard rule, but:

      1. A damage dealer to end the fight within the turn count

      2. A support to keep your team hitting hard, maybe also keep them healthy if needed

        • A support is a unit that boosts the party's important stats such as ATK, mBRV, BRV DMG, HP DMG, etc. They can do so by placing a buff (the blue-green icon) above a unit's head (aka buffer) or by having effects spread to the party from either a buff above their own head, a special effect (unique icon above the buff slots) or from invisible passives (aka aura bots)!

        • On the other side of the coin, units that enfeeble enemies by lowering their defense, BRV DMG taken, HP DMG taken are debuffers or have debuffing auras.

      3. Anyone that can protect you against what is special about that specific boss

        • Consider bringing a Healer, Tank, or someone who can mitigate oncoming BRV or HP damage. For Lufenia fights, prioritize having a unit that handles the orb condition

  • IMPORTANT NOTE ABOUT ROLES*: Units have many tools available to them and roles can and will overlap. Just because 2 units share a tool/role does not mean it is easy to compare their entire kits nor does it mean they are only limited to 1 single role.

    • For example, Garnet is a buffing Support with Water & Thunder Enchant/Imperil who can also deal big AoE Magic Damage.

  • Why doesn't my character deal as much damage as someone else's in co-op

    • Make sure your character is max limit broken across ALL of their available weapons (BT is luxury). Check our Fully Powering section of our beginner guide for more details on summon boards, character boards, high armor, bloom stones, and more.

  • I run out of gas in Lufenia, always at the end of the fight

    • It's best to utilize Calls / Friend Support / BT effects in the last 30-50% of the boss' HP bar when their stats are at their highest.

  • I die before I can even run out of gas...

    • In the hardest stages, the most important thing is negating or mitigating the mechanics of the boss. That's more important than anything. Look at our Lufenia Research page, and see what makes a boss special and how you can counter it.

  • Have more questions? Submit a question to the Tonberry Troupe and we'll get back to you! If it's common enough, we'll add it here!

*With the addition of Shinryu Era, OO provides a list of "Traits" a character has which can be seen as roles they fill. However some of the wording may be weird so we'll translate some of them. Find them on the Roles and Glossary pages! (Disclaimer: not every trait listed in OO has a dedicated role section on this page)

DFFOO Traits Translated!

Enchant All =
Party Enchant

BRV Heal All = BRV Battery

BRV Save All = BRV gain based on BRV/HP Damage

BRV Reprieve = mBRV Floor

Preserve = Can't die/Zombie/HP cannot go below 0

Consecutive Attacks = Self follow-ups

Other Triggered = Party follow-ups (Cissnei, Yang, Noctis, CoD)

Break = Force BREAK

Break Cancel = unBREAK

Knock Back = Launcher

Knock Back Support = Launch Support

Enemy-Turn Manipulation = Delay

Cut in Turn = Warp/Sketch/Tactical Switch/Shelke

Proportional BRV Attack = Gravity BRV Shave

BRV Guard = BRV DMG taken down/BRV DMG Mitigation

HP Guard = HP DMG taken down/HP DMG Mitigation

HP Consumption = HP Drain (Galuf, Vivi, Llyud, Queen, Jack)

Cancel Debuff = Cleanse/Remove Ally Debuffs

Elude = Debuff Evasion

Cancel Buff = Dispel/Remove Enemy Buffs

BRV Gain Interference = Prevent BRV Gains (Kadaj, Arciela, Edgar, Yuffie, Freezes)

How to find a Character's Traits

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