Auto+ Farming

Auto+ Farming is a quality of life and is not at all required! You can take your eyes off the game, and let your team finish basic quests Lv100 and below! This includes Summon Boards, Cycle Quests, and Artifact farming. You can turn on Auto+ by pausing a battle and choosing Auto+ in the top right, and then turning on Auto+ with the blue button at the bottom to the right of your character's HP/BRV amounts!

General setup is to use as many of these Auto+ Farmers in a team as possible, but MANY characters are not listed but perfectly useful, as long as they have AoE attacks. For harder quests closer to Lv100, try to include at least Tractor in your team. Auto+ Aura bots below are helpful for lowering turn counts by letting the farmer/tractor naturally deal more damage without using a turn.

Summon board farming is special, and has recommendations further below.

Auto+ Farmers

Skills needed are listed. REMOVE THE REST with the Equip buttonTimes have been removes as listed units are within a couple seconds of eachother so we list the fast skill needed instead.
Shiva summon is recommended. Best skills are listed, others should be removed. Limited will be listed next to characters that will struggle vs Kactuars or Hard Story mode, generally due to Split damage or single target or limited BRV hits
LD(Brainless and also a Tractor)
S2Guaranteed Kactuar kills
S1 budget
S2budget(remove LD passives)

Auto+ Tractors

Rules above apply. These characters are relentless and can get through nearly any quest below Lv180 effectively, but at the cost of time!
S2 & LD for safety
LDS1 alt.
LDS1 alt.
LDS2 alt.

Auto+ Ult. Summon Farmer

These characters, with their LD & gear (BT not needed) can carry any 2 ungeared 2x EXP through any Ultimate Summon Lv100 Trial. 2x EXP is not required on the farmer, and is only preferred on those being carried, as they will earn board points 2x faster.
Use a Book or Tome of Training to earn points even faster
Note that point multipliers are not available for Divine Summons outside of Rank & Moogle Pass. If you can't wait to do Divine Farming, you can use 2+ of these farmers, with an aura bot below.
fast as fuq
cute as fuq
ST bosses
ST Bosses (not Alex)

Literally any BT+ unit works for all summons except Shiva or Brothers cuz they're stinky

Auto+ Aura Bots

These characters just stand there and make your other characters betterIt is recommended to remove all of their skills from the Equip buttoniBRV - your team will start the wave with more BRVHP DMG - magnifying the amount of damage enemies takeRegen effects are noted because they slow down runs significantly
BRV Gains and Debuffs
(no gear)mBRV
mBRV -keep S1 equipped
mBRV floor remove SPD passives