Spheres Hub

Remnants of the CHAOS era when their boosts were more relevant, most spheres act as a very minor improvement to a character which makes your character feel more special for you to use.

Spheres are just to make your favorites look better, though in certain cases, as noted below, can expand role coverage

Role Expansion

...which can be helpful to meet a Lufenia orb condition or just slightly expand your character to shore up something you wanted your team to minimally have
C slotHP Regen
C slotHP Regen
C slotHP Burst
E slotDispel
E slotPoison
E slotPoison

Note on ATK vs Physical/Magic/Melee/Ranged ATK vs BRV DMG:

Raw ATK boosts effect battery and HP Poison DMG while other listed stats will not.

All characters want ATK or BRV DMG up, both are very effective, other stats are not relevant

  • BRV DMG if they commonly ignore enemy defense

  • ATK is best if enemies have a high defense stat or if you plan to run them with enchanters & supports. It really depends on the enemy, so a mix of ATK/BRV DMG is universally ok.

  • Gladio/Snow if character can Lock

  • Gabranth/Celes if character cannot

  • Paladin Cecil for Encouragement armor holders

  • Garnet for attackers that can heal

  • Alphinaud / Maria otherwise

Any ATK sphere that the character can trigger is good, no others need to be considered

  • ATK spheres for all attackers

    • Seymour is best always

    • Auron for melee attacking debuffers

    • Irvine for ranged attacking debuffers

    • Kefka for magic attacking debuffers

  • Paine if character can hit weakness

  • Quistis for other supports

  • Faris/Fujin for non-debuffers