Spheres Hub

Most spheres act as the most minor improvement to a character you can make, and will have almost no impact on the results of a fight, not even shaving off a single turn from turn count.

Spheres are just to make your favorites look better, though in certain cases, as noted below, can expand role coverage

Role Expansion

C slotHP Regen
C slotHP Regen
E slotDispel
E slotPoison
E slotPoison

All characters want ATK or BRV DMG up, both are very effective, and there are far too many options to recommend specifics as most players won't have access to them.

  • Gladio/Snow if character can Lock

  • Gabranth/Celes if character cannot

  • Paladin Cecil for Encouragement armor holders

  • Garnet for attackers that can heal

  • Alphinaud / Maria otherwise

Any ATK sphere that the can character can trigger is good, no others need to be considered

  • ATK spheres for attackers, Seymour/other

  • Paine if character can hit weakness

  • Quistis for other supports

  • Faris/Fujin for non-debuffers