Wondering what the new FR icon means? It stands for FORCE Weapon; check out more on our FR Guide!

Character Notes & Recommendations

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Summon Board Passive selections:

Numbers listed below refer to the 7 passives to select for each Ultimate Summon Board for the character. Top is 1, bottom is 7.
  • Ramuh choose 3 / 4 / 5

  • Odin choose 3 / 6 / 7

  • Bahamut choose 3 / 4 / 6

  • Usuals:

    • Ifrit, Shiva, Brothers 4 / 5 / 7

    • Leviathan, Pandemonium, Diabolos, Alexander 4 / 5 / 6

  • For more details and help with summons, check Summon Hub!

Sphere Recommendations

NOTE: The sphere letters below are hyperlinked to our Sphere Hub which lists all available spheres sorted by effect!
  • A Sphere - Focus on BRV DMG & ATK, plenty of choices, and Desch is very capable at hitting weakness triggers. Avoid Magic/Melee ATK spheres since he is mixed kit.

  • D Sphere - Focus on any ATK sphere except Wakka. They’re all great for him.

  • E Sphere - Focus on boosting his own damage or opt for one of the aura E spheres. Paine is best, Quistis is ok for the aura choices. Seymour & Emperor are good choices but perhaps belong on an attacker. Avoid Magic/Melee ATK spheres since he is mixed kit.

How-To-Play Notes

  • Desch essentially has 2 stances via his 2 different buffs. Either he is protecting your team from Magic BRV DMG or Melee/Ranged BRV DMG. Never both. For this reason, it’s best to view the Enemies tab before you select a Friend support, and look to see if the enemy attacks lean more toward one type of attack, so that you know what you need to protect against.

  • Blitz Shear is to protect against magic attacks from enemies. It AoE BRV shaves and heals the party. It also maintains his thunder imperil on enemies.

  • Plasma Stroke is to protect against physical (melee/ranged) attacks from enemies. It similarly AoE BRV shaves, imperils, and heals the party. Note that a difference is that this has 1 instance of splash and will probably be less damge compared to Blitz Shear.

  • Ancient Thunderclap recharges in 2 skill uses, and drops his varying mBRV framed debuff along with thunder resist down.

  • Electric Floor is the source of his huge weakness boost and his RNG DEF debuff or Paralyze debuff. Maintain this buff 100% of the time!

  • HP Heal Advance All is a burst heal for the party if you need it, and boosts overflow for the party, which is useful before using a burst, or when the team has a strong source of battery.

Extra Notes

  • Desch is a strong defensive utility unit mitigating BRV damage and enabling party with his thunder enchant/imperil. He doesn't really boost damage besides gaining a new BRV battery for the acting unit after their HP attacks.

  • His Paralyze can be useful if you're lucky enough to get it multiple times in a row for his Force condition or if you run another consistent stunner. Because of this, his own FR can be unreliable.